Getting Old Sucks, But Not Enough To Be On People of Walmart

Getting Old Sucks

 Getting Old Sucks, But Not Enough To Be On People of Walmart

Getting old sucks and I just can’t keep up! After the craziness that was Thanksgiving followed by Black Friday followed by today, which is not only Monday but Cyber Monday too boot… I’m tired! And, I still have so much to do I’m going back to bed. I caught a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror after squeezing in a quick 30 seconds to at least brush me teeth today and was all like, “Oh my God, Ronni, you’re dressed like an 80 year old crazy cat lady.”  (jammies, again, of ‘course, but with the added un-brushed hair and fuzzy slippers because my toes are chilly) Then I remembered that I’m 40 and dressed 1/2 appropriately for my age. And now, I’m sad. And tired. Getting old sucks.

What kept you busy on Black Friday? Any good deals? I scooped up the new Samsung Galaxy Note tablet and for real, I’m in love! Now I can lay on the couch in my jammies (and fuzzy slippers) with my not brushed hair (but sparkly clean brushed teeth) and keep up with the internet (also known as my life) at lightening fast speed. Down side… I discovered a new game (thanks Kathy) called SongPop… I’m addicted. Have you played it? Hit me up!! I’ll totally take you down!

I can not believe that people already have all their Christmas lights up! For real you guys, chill the hell out. You still have left over turkey! We have a huge ass box of tangled lights in the garage, waiting. But damn. They’ll be fine for another week (or 2) We still have 1/2 a sink full of unwashed pans from Thanksgiving to do (maybe, Ok, not really but still) Maybe because getting old sucks, I’m just becoming all ‘Grinch’ like but… no. No, we will not be all festive quite yet.

I did manage to get all caught up on my favorite serial killer Dexter (super hot for the weird kid who kills people, yes?) and The Walking Dead. Poor Rick, he kinda lost it there for a few. Although, I think I would have long before that. Like probably even before they had to practice a C-section on that skinny zombie chick. ‘Cuz… Eewww…

And, is it just me or has the whole ‘People of Walmart‘ thing just become way too real? Like, normal even? I totally am cool with wandering around your house in those get up’s. I think pants are bullshit and stay in jammies (and fuzzy slippers ‘cuz my toes are cold, un-brushed hair but sparkly clean teeth- getting old sucks)  but for the love of Jose Quervo, why do you go out like that? If I’m not allowed to wear my jammies to the bus stop (Ethan’s embarrassed, imagine that) than there’s a law saying you can’t go out of your house like this:

Getting Old Sucks

I am so sorry you had to see that so early on a Monday. But, let’s just heed the warning found here shall we? Getting old sucks because

  • A) You end up on People of Walmart
  • 3) Even thought you put on suspenders, you still forget to pull up your pants (which, are bullshit anyways, but..)
  • H) People either think you’re a crazy cat lady or whatever this guy is called (Chester?)
  • 7) Just… no.

Here… I’ll make it up to you. This is a perfectly acceptable way to leave the house. Walmart shopping or otherwise:

Getting Old Sucks But Not for Him

Better? Forgive me now?



  1. LMAO! Too funny. I think the pants are too small for Chester. Hence the suspenders. I hope his junk isn’t hanging out the front. 😉

  2. I can not believe that guy with his behind sticking out! It was not pretty! I am sorry to say that I already have my house already decorated for Christmas. I too went to Black Friday sales, and it was a mad house! I was tired from shopping for two days! I am glad that you got a nice present that you like!

    • Grandma Juice says

      I simply don’t have the energy to be all ‘decorator’ type of festive yet. Next week!! Maybe… 😉

  3. I’m glad you erased that crack in my mind cuz dang, that was foul. You know I was thinking the other day…we refer to these people as the “People of Walmart”, but if we’re in there taking pics of these people, then gosh darnitall, we’re the people of Walmart too. Sad reality.

    • Grandma Juice says

      SSSHHH… let’s pretend you never said that. It won’t be true then. ‘Cuz it totally is!

  4. Hahaha, I love the people of Walmart, though sometimes I think I need therapy after seeing some of the pictures. 😉

    • Grandma Juice says

      I keep waiting for me to pop up in my jammies and fuzzy slippers, with un-brushed hair but sparkly clean teeth…

  5. I’m not old and I prefer to stay in my jammies and slippers ALL.DAY.LONG.

  6. im one of those Early CRAZY xmas people..I had mine up BEFORE turkey day!! There is just something about gorging on thanksgiving dinner while basking in the twinkling of xmas lights!!! 🙂

  7. Haha .. ok I forgive you 🙂 Geez why wear suspenders, they are not working! Our Thanksgiving (Canada) has been over for a while so lights are placed but not on. House decorated but no tree yet.
    (Huguette E.)

    • Grandma Juice says

      That’s totally acceptable!! Canada gets a pass for having T Day early!! We’re still good here. 😉

  8. Velvet Hubler says

    That was to funny thankyou for putting a smile on my face

  9. Oh my. Thank you for posting the second picture so I could get the first out of my head.

  10. Kathy.... yeah me :) says

    Since you mentioned me nicely, I won’t call out your fabrication:) I bet that suspender cracked guy was from Oklahoma 🙂

    • Grandma Juice says

      Give or take a ‘number’ here and there is not exactly a fabrication… it’s a guessing game. Kind of. I could have said 38 for the X time, right?? And.. you need to start a new game!

  11. Hahahhahaa! Confession – I have been tempted to go out in my pj pants… they are pants!… sort of…

  12. Hopefully I’ll never be too old to go to Walmart with my rear end hanging out. I prefer the second picture.

  13. I really enjoyed reading this post and seeing the comparative pictures of the man in suspenders 🙂 I think I like the gentleman in the red hard hat 🙂

  14. Holy COW!!! you are cracking me up while I’m drinking my protein shake!!! and I will not give in to play songpop either–my daughters keep inviting me and I keep declining as once I was an addict in a place called farmville with two working farms, share croppers and harvest times ruling my ability to leave for work LOL-
    BTW–also appreicate the SECOND picture–it was hard to look at the first over breakfast!!!

  15. This is too funny! Not sure it seeing that picture was a good or bad start to my morning 😉

  16. kimberly bhatti says

    lol I can’t stop laughing! i just love your personality! I definately prefer the second picture!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. DEAR LORD!!!! Btw, my husband looked and said, “I hope he’s there to buy pants!” LOL.

  18. Yeah, I don’t want to be on that People of Walmart video either. Crazy. Chester’s pants don’t fit. Tell, me what made him think it was acceptable to pull his pants up TO his butt, but not OVER it? And then try to hold them up with suspenders??!! Right…cause that will keep his butt covered. My next question…why didn’t a cop arrest him for indecent exposure?

  19. With that title, I was completely expecting to have retinal burn, but that last pic completely made up for it. So, yes I forgive you. I don’t think the jammie thing is an old thing. Since being laid up with my foot that is my wardrobe every day. A good day is when I get up shower and brush my teeth. Somedays it’s too hard to do all that even 😉

  20. I know so many people can’t stand that website, but I must be the worst kind of person because I always find it hilarious! How do people go outside like that? Yikes.

  21. I have no idea what these people are thinking leaving dressed the way there were. I get embarrassed if I walk out of my house even to grab the mail in just my PJ pants and a tee shirt. I can’t imagine going anyplace dressed like that.

  22. OMG those people of walmart things are horrible. I’ve gone to the store in Halloween costume, pajama pants and probably messy hair but that’s just BAD.

  23. What a delicious way to end the post! Just love People of Walmart – people never cease to amaze me!

  24. Gina Brickell says

    That’s too funny!! yes, thanks for sharing the last pic.. It definitely makes up for the yucky ones!!!

  25. Thomas Murphy says

    Its always Walmart! lol I dont have any Christmas decorations up yet. I always feel like I’m behind.

  26. No Black Friday or Cyber Monday for me. I think I’ll hit the thrift store tomorrow. Never shop at Walmart.

  27. I always worry I’ll end up on there! I’m not that bad, but I’ll go in my working in the yard clothes, which are not super flattering 😉

  28. Thank you for leaving me with such a nice image pleasant image. I’ll take that image of a man in suspenders anyday!

    And yes, poor Rick. Can you believe the season is almost over….

  29. I love this post. I love that website! lol. You are hilarious.

  30. Stevie Nanstad says

    YES!! Now that is the RIGHT way to wear suspenders 😉

  31. If the people of Walmart looked like your second picture, I’d shop there all the time!

  32. lostandfound1220 says

    This is hilarious! Thanks for sharing lol

    -Rachael Henzman

  33. LOL youre hilarious and sound just like me! Yes Im 40+ & sit around in my jammies & unbrushed hair. I do have to remind myself at times that im not 80! That man on POW should have been arrested for indecent exposure! ewwwwww Why do ppl think its ok to go out like that?? Yes I wear my jammies during the day sometimes & have unbrushed hair but you will NOT catch me at Walmart like that!

  34. barbara remaly hart says

    Too funny, but this is no excuse, when in public age is not an excuse!!!

  35. Laughing so hard…you’re hilarious! I’m the same way with being comfy around the house and I just went to the bus stop in pj’s and robe with fuzzy slippers.That pic however…all I can say is…Oh My! Sad!

  36. Love your articles. You are way too funny! Keep up the terrific work. It’s nice to know that someone else is getting old too, although I’m a bit older than you I love that someone else feels the way I do 🙂 Thanks again!

  37. Sacha Schroeder says

    You are so funny! Thanks for posting this!

  38. Have you ever seen this?

    Too true, innit? What IS it about Walmart that makes people think anything goes?!?! Democracy in shopping, I suppose.

  39. Leslie Galloway says

    hehe, those two pics have so much and so little in common! I know what you mean about realizing you’re dressed somewhat appropriately for your age. I don’t feel the 30 years that I am… and then I do. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go put on my slippers and take my kid to school in my pjs and ratty hair. 😉

  40. sharon cowles says

    That is a crazy site.I’ve seen some crazy stuff at Walmart. I saw one where the cashier had her booty hangin out all … It showed about 5 guys leaning over from the other side gawking… her line was real slow

  41. If I had a guy like the second one… leaving the house dressed like that would NOT be acceptable! He’d have to cover up so he wouldn’t attract the neighborhood!

  42. I pick the second one too!!! it’s amazing how some people dress and carry on in public…

  43. are so funny. When I go out on black friday I get a shower; ’cause you just never know who you will see’..well that is what I think. I am amazed at what people do where to Walmart. Of course I give a break to those on Black Friday, ya know- its just one of those days.

  44. Thanks for the laughs & I totally sympathize, I am older BTW… ahem.
    I did enjoy the 2nd eye candy (growl for the werewolf) much more than chester of to small pants ville.

  45. Oh lordy, that should really be “the best of people of walmart”. awesome 😀

  46. natalie nichols says

    lol. I needed a good laugh today, thanks!

  47. I don’t hink you could come close to being a “Wall-Martian!”

  48. That pic made me laugh! Too funny! It’s amazing what people wear!

  49. Lindsay C. says

    LOL! Too funny!


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