One Last Thing Kinda Like People Magazine But Totally Not

People Magazine One Last Thing

One Last Thing Kinda Like People Magazine But Totally Not

I woke up at 3Am and no one was online to play SongPop with (I’m totally not kicking ass as well as I anticipated. You guys need to stop picking ‘Mordern Rap’ as a category. That’s cheating.) I noticed the People Magazine from last week still sitting on the kitchen table and figured why not drool over 1/2 nakie guys re-read the interesting articles ‘cuz I was all jacked up on coffee and clearly going back to bed was not an option. People Magazine has this feature thingy on the last page of the magazine.  On the last page, they have a feature called One Last Thing (get it???) where a celebrity answers some completely random off the wall questions about the last things they’ve done (get it???)

So to fill in the time between this un-Godly hour and when the zombies start doing that leg dragging, 1/2 dead shuffle thing that zombies do out of their bedroom (or, someone jumps on SongPop and does not pick ‘Modern Rap’ as a category) I’m going to treat you all to my celebrity status answers (What? total celeb stat right here)  Because, why not? Obviously.

People Magazine – One Last Thing (Kinda… But, Not)

Last Good Laugh:
Just last night! Ethan (who has OCD) kept smelling his feet. He smells everything. Well, he ran to the kitchen pantry and came back carrying a can of Pringles Salt & Vinegar flavored chips. “THIS is what my feet smell like!!” (I couldn’t help myself) “Do they taste like that too?” (what???) He then licked his feet, tasted a chip for official ‘research’ purposes and said “No”

Last Thing I Purchased For My Home:
That of course would be my new Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet. (The super fancy, schmancy one with a stylus!!) Oh yes! It’s totally for ‘the home’ because it allows me to lay on the couch all day get away from my kitchen table where my laptop is. Which then allows the fam to sit and eat, do homework and you know, use the kitchen table. While I play SongPop work really hard on my blog. Which allows me to earn tons of cash (not really) so my family doesn’t starve and has shelter this cold, cold winter. (it’s 75* today in Vegas, bbrrr…) So, it’s absolutely for my home.

Last Movie I Saw:
E.T. Again. For the 4029495th time. Not that I’m complaining because that ugly ass alien somehow works his way into your heart. Every.Time. (And yeah, Drew Barrymore, I don’t like his feet either) I may or may not have cried again when his heart light went out too.

Last Romantic Thing I Did:
I let Grandpa win a game of songPop. That’s romantic, right? RIGHT??!!

Last Thing I Do Before I Go To Bed:
I’d love to say that this is just hours of super hot sexy time and WHEW now I need a cigarette just thinking about it. But… yeah, no. I pop a handful of Ambien and pee. Just like everyone else. I’m not wasting all that Ambien for a bathroom trip, do you?

So that’s One Last Thing. Kinda like People Magazine. But, totally not. Here’s your challenge should you choose to accept it. In the comments section… tell me your ‘One Last Thing’ (Like People Magazine but totally not) go on! Let your celeb status shine, baby!

When I went in search of a really cool and snarky but still funny image for this, all sorts of crap came up. Most of which was not cool, snarky or even a little funny. So, I chose the very smexy photo of Joe Manganiello answering his own One Last Thing. Except that is exactly like People Magazine instead of kinda like people magazine but totally not.



  1. Last thing I do before I go to bed is pee and pop 2 Trazadone!

  2. LOL I love that the last thing you do before bed is pee. I think that’s pretty typical but no one wants to say it.

  3. In order to do one last thing before I go to bed I would actually have to go to bed!

  4. Hahaha. I always brush my teeth after I pee so peeing is not technically my last thing :-p

  5. Last thing I do before going to bed – recently I’ve been chugging my way through a good book.

  6. The last movie I saw was Breaking Dawn Part 2. Not my first choice, but I had 12 & 14 year old girls who wouldn’t let me rest until we saw it.

  7. You last laugh is priceless! hahaha

  8. Um, ewww to #1. LOL I can’t remember the last movie I saw… maybe Hunger Games on dvd? And the last thing I purchased for the home was a set of silicone oven mitts, and they’re awesome! 🙂

  9. My last thing is take off my pants 😉

  10. go to the washroom usually… nothing special or exciting here LOL

  11. Lol! This was a fun read! I also pee pee before bed, that is my one last thing!

  12. Fun read! The last thing i do before bed is kiss all my kids on their foreheads and whisper I love you!

  13. I guess I always move all the dogs closer instead of letting them lie right where I need to be? Haha

  14. I always get side tracked and forget to go and have to get up later in the night to go!! LOL!!

  15. I have ET sitting on the TV and can’t wait to watch it again!

  16. Last movie I saw Act Of Valor over and over and over LOL it’s my husbands favorite.

  17. Last belly laugh: watching Hot in Cleveland. I can’t believe I just discovered it. It’s not only hilarious — but a possible glimpse into my future!

  18. Last thing I do before bed – Check emails. I bring my iPad to bed just so I can 🙂

  19. Ellen Levickis says

    Thanks for the laughs! The last thing I do before falling asleep is read. Used to fall asleep with a book. Now I read emails and blog posts.

  20. That’s one of my favorite sections of the magazine.

  21. Getting a lot of laughs from the post and the comments! Last thing for me is teeth, but I do pee right before! THANKS

  22. I check to make sure the door is locked before I go to bed.

  23. My last thing is to check my emails, haha.

  24. Last movie I saw was Rise of the Guardians with the kiddo – and the last thing I do before sleeping is pat the dog on the head!

  25. Gretchen Gerth says

    The last time I laughed was reading the last time you laughed. I would totally bet the chips taste like feet!

  26. Ha! I love it! The last thing I did was wish I was playing SongPop! ha! Thanks a lot!

  27. Lol this was fun to read! Really enjoyed it…the last I do before bed is make sure my little one is covered up and then try and find my way to bed in the dark…I’ve gotten pretty good at it 🙂

  28. Paula Schuck says

    Lol! Love that the kid thinks his feet smell like salt and vinegar chips! Too funny. This is a really comical post. You make me laugh often so thanks!

  29. I’m sorry, I would have loved to read your post except that I saw Alcide……..

  30. Rachael Henzman says

    Love the last laugh lol 🙂 I love reading your blog!

  31. That is pretty funny! Thanks for the laughs! And I’m a little grossed out about the potato chips tasting like feet. haha

  32. Leslie Galloway says

    I love this feature, and love your version! You’re so honest, and snarky. I love snarky.

  33. I always go pee before I go to bed too! Funny post!

  34. i’m a huge ET fan too

  35. Too funny!