Thanksgiving Dinner Giveaway – Help For The Holidays!

Thanksgiving Dinner Giveaway

Thanksgiving Dinner Giveaway – Help For The Holidays!

The holidays are quickly approaching and we know that a lot of families are not only super busy, but some are really struggling. Struggling to keep the rent paid, the lights on and gas in the car. Well, we’re here to hopefully ease that burden just a bit by giving 1 very lucky winner a whole Thanksgiving Dinner! Yep, you read that correct! A Whole dinner… On Us!!

Thanksgiving Dinner Giveaway – Help For The Holidays!

It’s time for a reader appreciation Thanksgiving dinner giveaway!
We love our readers and we want you to know!
It’s also Thanksgiving time and we are so thankful to you all that
we are hosting a Thanksgiving dinner giveaway!
We want to help make one lucky readers Thanksgiving a meal to remember!

Ready for the Thanksgiving dinner giveaway?
We are giving away this wonderful package of holiday meats {including}:

  • A Ham Half (spiral sliced) – 6-7 lbs.
  • A Chicken – 1.75-2 lbs.
  • A Whole Roasted Turkey Breast (sliced) – 3.5 lbs.

Our super lucky winner will receive the whole kit and kaboodle listed above delivered to their door from Beetnik Foods! Beetnik Foods never contain antibiotics, MSG, high fructose corn syrup, or artificial colors and flavorings. All of their beef is grass-fed. The meats come precooked, tasty and hot. But you know all those left-overs? They make for some excellent cold cuts sandwiches.  Almost the best part, right? Left-overs!

Let Beetnik Foods take one more of the ‘to-do’s’ off your plate and replace it with tender, delicious meats.

Grandma Juice is not associated with Beetnik Foods… we just thought this would make a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner giveaway!

Entering is easy on the Rafflecopter below!
This giveaway starts at 11:59pm on November 8th and ends at 12:01am November 15th.

This contest is now closed. Congrats to Entry Kris S. on the great win! We hope you enjoys your Thanksgiving!

Giveaway brought to you by Super Events Media Group


  1. That is a fantastic giveaway idea.

  2. I love that all the family comes together.

  3. My kids and I go to the beach with my dad for 5 days. It’s wonderful! We swim and play and hang out and I don’t have to cook.

  4. Birdie Skolfield says

    I love making my Dads recipe of cranberry lime relish for thanksgiving my family loves it & it reminds me of him teaching me how to make it when I was little.

  5. Turkey, yams from a friends farm with pecans, green bean casserole, and dobashe cake if I have the time …it’s our favorite!

  6. Cooking the turkey with all of the fixin’s and desserts for my family. I love to cook and provide my family with lots of tasty dishes during the holidays.

  7. Going around the table and having everyone say what they’re thankful for.
    Thanks for the contest.

  8. What a fun giveaway! I love the time off from work and school! 🙂

  9. carving the turkey with my grandpa before he passed away….it would be the best Thanksgiving ever having my grandpa there…

  10. I love that all my family comes together, some live miles away.

  11. i like to make pies with my Momma.