Crayola Digital Light Designer & Marker Airbrush {Review & Giveaway}


Crayola Digital Light Designer and Marker Airbrush {Review & Giveaway}

Remember when Crayola meant a simple box of crayons? And, then they went all high-tech and added that fancy sharpener on the jumbo boxes? Boy, have they come a long way! When asked if we’d review the Crayola Digital Light Designer and the Marker Airbrush Kit, how could I say no thanks? This stuff is seriously cool!

Crayola Digital Light Designer

Crayola Digital Light Designer

This, we first saw on a TV commercial. Ethan of course did the ‘I want that, I need that’ thing that kids do. Have to admit, I kind of wanted it too. You only need to pop in some D batteries for the dome itself and some AAA batteries for the stylus, and off you go. It took about 15-20 minutes of reading the directions Crayola includes in the box and a little practice, but we got the hang of it. (save yourself a headache and learn how to play before setting the kids loose) Here’s the seriously cool stuff you can do!

  • Draw – Using the digital light stylus, kids can select colors and line width to begin free-drawing anywhere on the domed surface, switching between eight different colors
  • Animate – Kids can activate their creations with amazing special effects, making them spin, change colors, melt, or even mix up the drawings
  • Play – With eight different interactive games and activity apps, kids will spend hours creating and doodling with Rainbow Draw, magically duplicate their creations with Mirror Draw, create funny animated faces, play interactive mazes, and more!

Crayola Digital Light Designer

The stylus was really easy for Ethan’s small hands to hold and I liked that Crayola thought ahead and added a little tray to keep it in. You don’t want to lose that! He (we) started with some pretty basic squiggles, flowers, smiley faces to get the hang of it. But, I was surprised how quickly we were able to jump into rocket ships, dinosaurs and even a boat! He’s typically the smarty pants type of kid so watching the little ‘light-bulb’ go off in his head as the glowing dome light let him get creative was fun to watch! I think this is an awesome gift for kids and a no mess (NO MESS!!!!) big win for parents! The whole ‘no mess’ win is well worth the cost of batteries for me! It’s designed for kids 6+ and I do think that’s pretty accurate. Ethan is 6 and we did read the directions with him a couple of times on the interactive maze part for him to catch on. I’m not sure much younger kids would be able to work it well enough to enjoy all it does. But man, the grown-ups here had some fun too!

Crayola Marker Airbrush

Crayola Marker Airbrush

I fully admit to being just a wee bit leery about this one. Markers + Airbrush = MESS. And, if you don’t supervise and lay down some rules, that’s exactly what’s going to happen. We took care of that right off the bat! This impressed me because there’s no batteries required. Kid powered! A few pumps is all it runs on! Crayola packs the box with the Sprayer, eight washable markers, four fabric markers, 20 sheets of paper, and four stencil sheets. If I’m being honest here, I wanted to go hide in my room and play and not share at all. You just pump, point and spray and you’re making the coolest airbrush designs in minutes. We were able to switch the markers for different colors really easy. I think this video I found on the Crayola site will do a way better job showing you how awesome it really is than any words I can come up with to try and describe it! Check this out!

I told you!! AWESOME SAUCE!!!! But you can also see how making sure ‘the rules’ are down before they start aiming at the walls, the dogs… that! This is also designed for 6+, I’m assuming because of that whole ‘not airbrushing the dog’ thing. But kids slightly younger who are supervised can absolutely use this! Ethan made his teacher a really sweet gift to give her before holiday break. I thought it was a great gift for kids and then realized they could soon be making their own gifts for others with it. I give Crayola HUGE props for this one! And, yeah… totally jealous all we got was that box of crayons and the sharpener if we were really lucky!

Buy It

Both can be purchased online directly through Crayola, from Amazon For the Crayola Light Designer and the Crayola Marker Airbrush Kit. Even try a local store near you! Check out all the other great gift ideas from Crayola, they have it all set up by age, so simple! Also, be sure to follow Crayola on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with specials, sales and all their cool, new ideas!

Ethan enjoyed both so much, we have added them to our Holiday Gift Guide list of must have this season!

 Crayola Art

Win It

The great folks over at Crayola are adding both these items as a giveaway package to one lucky Grandma Juice reader! You know what to do! Fill out the handy, dandy Rafflecopter form below and off you go! Giveaway is open to US residents 18+. All entries will be verified. You wouldn’t cheat, would you?


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While no financial compensation was exchanged, we did received these items from Crayola to facilitate this review. All opinions our own. And, we’re full of them!


  1. The only thing I ever remember was getting to color side by side with Crayola with my Grandma, we never had much money but we always colored. I would love to give these to my 2 girls to share and make new memories

  2. Nicole-Lynn says

    My greatest memory of when I was young was walking to the store with my sister when we visited my dad. We had some good times as kids.

  3. I used to be obsessed with sharpening my crayons. Shocker. If I win, this will be for my niece, who is almost as obsessive.

  4. I don’t remember what it was called but I had a crayola airbrush type toy when I was maybe 9-10, I loved it! It’s neat that they have redone it for modern day kids. 🙂

  5. That is really cool!

  6. I would give this to my nephew

  7. Crayola was a favorite; I woudl spend hours upon hours coloring with my mom and sister. We would even take the old crayons that were too small to use and grind them up, put them between a folded paper and use an iron to melt the crayon. Then we’d open the page and have a fun crayon art design swirled with colors. It was always our favorite.

  8. I was always excited to get a big packages of sharp Crayola crayons. My kids will LOVE this Crayola Light Designer, it looks so cool!

  9. I remember living in California and trying to melt Crayola crayons outside in the sun. On hot sunny days, it really worked! (much to my parent’s dismay) My son would have a blast with these!

    I LOVE that light designer…keep seeing it everywhere but never really knew what it did. Thanks for the great review!

  10. This is so cute, how is that I didn’t have anything that neat growing up!

  11. I remember my dog eating my crayola crayons and pooping funny colors for days.
    This would make a much better memory for my grandson 🙂

  12. I remember how excited I was to get the biggest box of Crayola Crayons! So many pretty colors. I would love to give this to my son! I know he would enjoy it!

  13. Cassandra S says

    I always remember in kindergarten I coloring this Clifford the Big Red Dog page and the teacher saying I was doing a great job staying in the lines=) And I will give it to my sons they will love it!

  14. I was a coloring fool when I was a kid – I loved it! I won a (random drawing) coloring contest once, that’s probably my favorite crayon memory. This prize would be for my daughter; she inherited the Crayola gene and colors all the time 🙂

  15. Cindi Decker says

    My best memory is coloriing with my Grandma. She loved to color with us. I will give this to my granddaughter.

  16. Heather Wone says

    I loved getting a new pack of crayons and starting fresh in a new coloring book! I would give this to my daughter for Christmas, this is on her list!! 🙂

  17. barbara remaly hart says

    Just coloring in a coloring book was awesome fun for me as a kid. Might give it to my son.

  18. I loved the big pack of crayons. I loved coloring in coloring books. I would give these to my girls.

  19. I’d give to one of my grandchildren. When I was young they didn’t have all the things crayola has now but I loved coloring and did that often

  20. michelle warner says

    growing up with crayola the best crayon ever makes everything become so colorful, i still use crayons

  21. When visiting my Grandparents, they always had an emaculant house but in their fancy living room in the bottom of the coffee table was always sharpened crayons and coloring books. Me and my cousins used to sit at the kitchen table with my Grandma and color and color. She taught me that if you took the sharpened crayon and went around the edges of everything you colored it made the picture much prettier. I was 42 when she passed away but in her coffin I put a picture that I colored for her the night before her funeral.

  22. nicole barr says

    I remember pretending my crayons were makeup lol and I loved coloring to

  23. Ann Fantom says

    I remember making Christmas cards for my Mom and Dad in my bedroom with construction paper and Crayola crayons.

  24. gricelda castro says

    Using crayons (pretending they were makeup. I’ll give this to my daughter.

  25. I LOVED the smell of Crayolas as a kid….and the 64 box with the sharpener was awesome. I felt “rich” when I would get that big box of brand new crayons. If I win it will go to my 6 year old granddaughter Arabella.

  26. Carmen Van Deursen says

    I loved the smell and rich smooth color.

  27. Ruth Reynolds says

    i loved to color with crayons all the time my stepdad showed me how to color correctly in the lines

  28. I loved drawing with the big Crayola sidewalk chalk. We drew our names, mostly. I would give these gifts to my daughter!

  29. My baby would love this!

  30. My fondest memory was when I was around 6, and my cousin and I were both on the floor drawing our “houses” when we got older, and of course we were neighbors, with fences and gates to one anothers yards. But we had the little plastic art tables that were just made for sitting on the floor with. I would love to win this for my son, so he can have fun memories on the floor too, coloring with family.

  31. My kids go crazy when this commercial come on, reminds me of how excited my sister and I would be to get the latest crayola products. But the best was the first time we tried melting the our old crayons

  32. Janette Rupple says

    I just loved the Crayola crayons caddies. Every year I would ask for one because it was the greatest thing of all time! It had markers, crayons, and all organized so nicely. Even after I ran everything out of ink or sharpened all the crayons down I kept mine 🙂

  33. Janette Rupple says

    Oh and I forgot to mention that my three children would likely share this gift if I was lucky enough to win it 🙂

  34. sharon cowles says

    I remember those fat chubby crayons on the first day of school ,our teachers would have a large box of several colors… I so wanted to run out the door with all of them…LOL.. I would gift this one to my grandies

  35. I always had crayola crayons with me where ever I went and now my kids do too!

  36. Leslie Galloway says

    I used to spend hours on our patio when I was young sitting on top of the table with coloring books and Crayolas. My kids love to color as well, and this would be for my daughter!

  37. Veronica R says

    I remember coloring with big box of crayons that had the shapener on the back. I would be giving these to my daughter.

  38. in the early nineties they had a color naming contest– i remember how fun my sister and i had thinking up names for each color!

  39. Rachael Henzman says

    Most of my Crayola memories involve long hours coloring my coloring books 🙂 I would give these to my nieces! Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. Jemima Puddleduck says

    I used to love coloring with the Salmon and Thistle crayons. 🙂

  41. I would give this to my granddaughter. I remember every Christmas and every year before school started I would get a new box of crayola’s, we had a giant box of old crayolas but they were not as good as a new box of sharp crayolas.

  42. Sarah Madrigal says

    This would be a gift for my daughter to make memories. I use to sit with crayons and large pieces of white paper on the driveway and color for hours.

  43. judy gardner says

    i remember how great it was to get a brand new box of crayola crayons! from the rainbow of colors, to the smell of fresh crayons and the cool sharpener within the box! if i win, i will give these items to my niece and nephew!

  44. In grade school, we stripped all the crayons in the box and melted them on a big silver radiator in our classroom… streaming rainbow! I love the toddler crayons! I just can’t wait for my LO to develop their own artistic expressions- just al long as they don’t make any streaming rainbows in the house!