20 Holiday Christmas Cookie Recipes For Kids, Gifts & Dessert

Christmas Holiday Cookie Recipes

 20 Holiday Christmas Cookie Recipes For Kids, Gifts & Dessert

It’s that time of year! You’re doing the mad scramble for the best holiday Christmas cookie recipes again, huh? Me too. I have to make some for Ethan to bring to school, ship some off to my son stationed across the ocean, and of course have some for the big guy to snack on after dropping off that load of presents. And since school will be out soon, isn’t it a fun idea to let those small hands make some holiday magic like this too?

Holiday Christmas Cookie Recipes

I love trying different holiday and Christmas cookie recipes! There’s just so many different ways to go! Fancy, fun, cutesy… I think, depending on who they are for and who’s mouth they will end up in, there’s just a gazillion choices. As usual, I’ve been on some  mad Google searches lately trying to figure out which ones to make and who to send them to. I think I’m sending the lollipop Christmas cookie recipes off with Ethan to school and chocolate filled peppermint meringues off to Frank over seas. But look at the cherry chocolate kisses! Those you know I’m keeping for myself. Probably, the Andes mint ones as well. A nice glass of wine, some Christmas cookie late night snacking… Because, why not.

Ready to bake? I’ve laid it all out for you. My favorite 20 Holiday Christmas Cookie Recipes. Pick your favorite. Oh! And let me know which you decide on. I’ll send you my address and we’ll have our own little cookie exchange! And, let the kids help! How messy can it be, really?

20 Holiday Christmas Cookie Recipes


  1. These look delicious! We are making snickerdoodles today

  2. OMG! I can’t decide which ones to make first! I think I will start with the Christmas Santa Hat Pretzels, my kiddos will love those!

  3. Oh those all look so good! I wish I could make them all!

  4. Oooh, I remember my Momma spending hours in the kitchen making fudge and cookies for every teacher in my school, the bus driver, mail man, everyone… love it 🙂

  5. What a great list! The kids and I are making cookies this weekend, so we’ll have to reference this post.

  6. Great list just in time for our cookie baking! Thanks so much!

  7. Yummy!!!
    I am hoping to do some baking on Sunday!

  8. Those are some pretty cookies!

  9. Oh my mouth is watering! I want some yummy cookies! lol. Especially the Andes Mint Christmas Cookies!

  10. Okay, these are gorgeous! Now I want to bake cookies all afternoon!

  11. Paula Schuck says

    Love the peppermint cookie recipe near the end. They all sound excellent though. Thanks for a great list!

  12. LOVING all of the cookies featured here today. So many to choose from, I don’t know where to start. Thank you for featuring my own cookies. I am honored and so excited at the same time. 🙂

  13. Yummmmmy! Now I want a cookie!

  14. So much deliciousness! Thanks for sharing!

  15. look great sending it to my friends who have not picked cookies for my cookie exchange on sunday yet

  16. I’m making my list tonight of what I’m baking this weekend and this list is a godsend! Great choices!!

  17. What a great list! I was planning on making some cookies this weekend – now the hardest thing will be to decide between all the great ideas!

  18. I love Christmas cookies. I’ll have to pin this for baking next week. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Thank you for sharing. The bell cookies look amazing. Think we will give them a try for our holiday gift baskets.

  20. 20? 20? Now I KNOW you were Cuban in another lifetime- you don’t know the meaning of moderation! And I’m looking forward to making and eating ALL of these, because I’m Cuban in THIS lifetime. ; ) BB2U

  21. All of those cookies look delicious…And how cute is that Cookie Cutter Wreath, that’s so unique and beautiful!

  22. Andes Mint cookies?! AWESOME!! 😀

  23. These all look amazing! Going to have to check out the ones on lollipop sticks closer!

  24. I just had a cookie making day this weekend, and I am putting together a list of recipes for everyone. I missed some of these. I think I need another cookie making day.


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