Mrs. Smith’s Pies – Stop Baking, I’m Giving You One!

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Mrs. Smith's Pie

Mrs. Smith’s Pies – Stop Baking, I’m Giving You One!

Hey! What do ya know! It’s that time of year again! You know, where you spend all day in the kitchen. Cooking, baking and slaving away to show your friends and family  how much you care. And then they leave all the dishes for you to do? That! I’ve got a little cheat. And a really tasty cheat at that! Mrs. Smith’s pies!! From freezer to warm, yummy goodness in 30 minutes  And, not a single extra dish to wash, either!

There’s a flavor for every pie lover! Dutch Apple, Pumpkin, Coconut Custard, and a ton more. We picked the Mrs. Smith’s Deep Dish Peach with Cream Cheese Icing pie.

Mrs. Smith's Pies

Yeah, it was very yummy! And, if you keep reading, I’m going to give you one of any flavor Mrs. Smith’s Pies has to offer to keep you out f the kitchen just a little bit! First, check this out!

If you log onto to the Mrs. Smith’s Pies website you can now send a really cool holiday e-card to someone special. Maybe a friend you haven’t talked to in a while, your mother-in-law who you need to earn some bonus brownie points with. Just put a smile on someone’s face! It’s always awesome to open your inbox to find a nice e-card rather than spam, right? Also! Both the sender AND the receiver of those cool e-cards will get a coupon for… A FREE PIE!! See, Win / Win!

Mrs. Smith's Pies

To keep in the spirit of this giving season, when you purchase any of Mrs. Smith’s Pies you are helping to spread the holiday cheer! For every pie sold in November and December, Mrs. Smith’s Pies will donate $1 to Operation Homefront. Again, Win / Win!

Ok, here’s more Win / Win! I’m going to giveaway 1 of any flavor of  Mrs. Smith’s Pies! I know!! We are just full of giving and Win / Win today! Here’s what I need you to do…

Click on the Mrs. Smith’s pies website. In the comments section, tell me which pie you’d want to win and why. I will draw a winner via Random.Org on 12/14. Winner will receive a coupon for 1 FREE PIE and a $20 donation to Operation Homefront will be made in your name. Now how are you going to let that pass you buy? Win free pie, give to charity. Isn’t that what this season is  really about? Not all those dirty piled up dishes, that’s for sure!

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This contest is now closed. Congrats to Sylvia R. on the great WIN! We hope you enjoy your Mrs. Smith’s Pies!


  1. Paula Schuck says

    Oh yummy! That our looks great and what a great thing for them to do. I like to bake lemon merengue pies but anything else is a lot of work.

  2. tcarolinep says

    I’d like to try Signature Deep Dish Pumpkin Pie with Cream Cheese Icing. Pumpkin pie is always my favorite for holiday season

  3. Janette Rupple says

    I’d love a good old fashioned fruit pie like the cherry or apple. They are my favorite and would be great for Christmas.

  4. Looks delicious!!


  6. That looks DELICIOUS!! Who doesn’t LOVE pie?

  7. I love free pie!

  8. oh my how yummyyy!

  9. Just pulled one of these out of the oven. Yum!

  10. Cyndie Norell says

    I love pies. I think apple is my fave or a lemon meringue.

  11. I love Mrs. Smith’s Pies and one of my favorites is Apple

  12. MRS. SMITH’S® Signature Deep Dish Cherry Pie

  13. Ellen Levickis says

    i can name only one? ok….
    Classic Apple Pie

  14. That looks and sounds so good right now. I’ll take a dutch apple pie please!

  15. Allison Downes says

    I want to try the Signature Deep Dish Pumpkin Pie with Cream Cheese Icing, because it just sounds so holiday-ee 🙂 Thanks for the tasty giveaway!


  16. I’d love the MRS. SMITH’S® Signature Deep Dish Cherry Pie with Butter Fudge Sauce!

  17. Yum!! This looks wonderful.

  18. Cheryl Abdelnour says


  19. Donna Cheatle says

    I’d really like the Mince pie! I know, I know, everybody hates this kind. For me it brings back childhood and old memories of my mom baking mince pies for Christmas

  20. The Dutch Apple Pie with Caramel Sauce sounds so darn good!!!

  21. I think the Dutch Apple Pie would be great for Christmas. Actually, I love all of her pies.

  22. This looks yummy!!! Definitely got to try it

  23. Rachael Henzman says

    The cherry pie sounds amazing because I love cherry! Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. Amy Truluck says

    I would love the deep dish cherry – because not only is it delicious but so patriotic! A reminder of our men and women overseas…

  25. apple pie cuz it is the best!!

  26. Ruth Reynolds says

    i would like the dutch apple mmm

  27. Dutch Apple Pie because that’s my favorite. Thank you for the giveaway!

  28. That looks like a great pie! I am going to have to be on the lookout for those!

  29. Oooh ….the Classic Dutch Apple Pie please! Thank you!

  30. Amanda Rauch says

    It would be the Blueberry Pie all the way. I love all things Blueberry and I have never had a Blueberry pie before. Sounds so amazing!!

  31. I’d love to try the Pre-Baked Coconut Custard Pie as we love Coconut Custard Pie and have never tried the Pre-Baked one. It would be great for the upcoming holidays.

  32. Oh Delicious!!! I want the dutch apple or the coconut custard! Wow. I love pie! lol.
    I haven’t tried these pies yet, because in our town they are expensive!! But I always stop and drool over them in the freezer section. lol.

  33. I’d like to try the peach pie, because I love peach and I’ve never tried this.

  34. I’d probably do blueberry as I haven’t had one in a long time.

  35. Jennifer Rote says

    Signature Deep Dish Dutch Apple Pie with Caramel Sauce. I love dutch apple and the caramel sauce sounds awesome!

  36. Yum! I am looking forward to trying these pies!!

  37. I;’d like the Signature Deep Dish Peach Pie with Cream cheese icing! I love peach pie and this seems like it would really hit the spot!

  38. Well it’s a toss up between cocoanut or classic pumpkin. I like coconut and the rest of the family does not…. a whole pie 😉

  39. I’d like the dutch apple pie.

  40. Looks deelish!!! Apple Pie is my absolute fav from Mrs. Smith. Great giveaway!

  41. tammy shelton says

    Coconut Custard Pie…hmmmmm

  42. Jemima Puddleduck says

    Cherry Pie because Red is always the best flavor!

  43. nicole barr says

    signature deep dish apple pie with caramel sauce…mmmmm

  44. Dutch Apple with Caramel Sauce. mmm

  45. Dutch Apple Pie is my favorite. #yummy

  46. wendy rozema says

    I would choose the Dutch Apple Pie!!

  47. Biku Toria says

    I would love to win the Blackberry Cobbler! It sounds amazing!

  48. Pumpkin Pie with Cream Cheese Icing because it sounds delicious.

  49. Ashley Sifers says

    Dutch Apple Pie because it’s always been my fav!!

  50. sharon cowles says

    I want a classic mince pie. Haven’t had one in ages… love the raisins.. drizzle some rum sauce

  51. blackberry cobbler. i’m a southern girl