Trendy New Years Eve Drinks Party Cocktails – Recipes

New Years Eve Party Cocktails

Trendy New Years Eve Drinks Party Cocktails – Recipes

Party cocktails? Hell ya, count me in! Who says you can only drink champagne when the ball drops? Here’s the truth though…

I’m kind of a New Years Eve Grinch of sorts. I hate going out! First, there’s the whole putting on pants, that’s bullshit. You know I love my jammies. Living here in Vegas, it’s highly frowned upon, sadly, to walk into some swanky nightclub in jammies. Especially on New Years Eve.

And then, we have the crazies. I’m not putting up with all that. Not only are all the locals out and about. But, people from all over the world come to celebrate with their own favorite party cocktails. Let’s face in, Vegas isn’t called ‘Sin City’ for nothing. I’m going with what happens here, stays here. And it’s staying on my couch.

I’ll watch the sparkly ball drop in New York on TV and then stand on the back porch for the fireworks that go off on the strip. All without pants! But, I’ll do it with flair. Grandma Juice style!

New Years Eve Drinks & Party Cocktails – Recipes! 



Grandma Juice hopes you have an awesome New Year! Please, buckle up & drink responsibly this holiday season!


  1. Great ideas on holiday drinks, might try a few this weekend! Champagne drinks are my favorite!!

  2. YUM!! These are great holiday drinks. Thanks!

  3. I’m licking my lips in anticipation of trying a few of these! Yum.

  4. I can’t drink alcohol, but I would really like to try some of these as nonalcoholic splurges.

  5. I am staying in. Maybe I will give that yummy Raspberry Chocolate kiss a try. YUM!

  6. Thanks for the list of drinks for New Years. The Vanilla Sugar Plum Sparkler and Raspberry Chocolate Kiss sound yummy!

  7. They are all SO pretty!! I don’t miss the years we went all out on New Years, but I do enjoy a good cocktail every now and again! Thanks for the round up!

  8. I love champagne drinks and don’t miss going out on NYE either. Waaaaay too many crazies indeed.

  9. Ooh, I want to try the Raspberry Chocolate Kiss! Thanks for the list, I never know what to order. I usually say “give me something fruity,” but I’m tired of the same old thing. I don’t drink often, but when i do, I want it to be something good!

  10. it is 5 oclock somewhere!!

  11. These all look delicious! Now I just need to find someone to share some with because it’s kind of sad to drink during the holidays alone, isn’t it?! I wonder if I could convince my husband to drink a pink cocktail.

  12. I want one of each!

  13. You know how to party Ronni! 🙂

  14. my hubby and I will stay in and have a great dinner.

  15. I would also love one of each! how fun!!

  16. I don’t drink…. anymore. But when I did I was rather fond of Bailey’s and the appletini sounds fantastic. I wonder if I could create that using their coffee creamers instead for the same effect- just virgin…. hummmmmmm

  17. The blackberry champagne sounds so good! But I’d love to try any one of these!

  18. I see quite a few here that I would like to try!


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