TLC Sin City Rules Episode 1 Review & Gossip From The Red Carpet

TLC Sin City Rules Premier

TLC Sin City Rules Episode 1 Review & Gossip From The Red Carpet

The Red Carpet Premier For TLC’s Sin City Rules proved to be quite the shin-dig! I told you last week I would be attending this ultra lush, over the top new reality TV show premier party. And let me just say right off the bat… Shit definitely got real! Stick around and read my review and thoughts on Episode 1. I’m giving 1 lucky Grandma Juice reader my S.W.A.G bag!

TLC Sin City Rules Red Carpet

Sin City Rules Red Carpet

Let’s start at the beginning. This was a chaotic, glamours, over the top, lux filled red carpet! We had the Vegas elite, some very smexy Chippendale’s dancers, of course some Queens of Drag, even a Robert Di Nero impersonator. You get the idea. Everyone dressed in true Vegas over the top glam. Here’s all 5 women together on the red carpet. Which, by the way may very well be the last time we see them all together and smiling! (more on this in a sec) **Fun Fact**  Neither TLC nor Evolution (the production company, who also produces the Real Housewives franchise) was footing the bill for the Sin City Rules launch party. So, star Lana Fuchs, (AKA – GOD) put her party throwing hat on and we all showed up at The Palazzo and then trekked over to The Venetian. It was very much ‘The Lana Show’…

TLC Sin City Rules Red Carpet

Here we have Rain Cosmetics owner Lori Montoya who seems quite lovely (on the right) She also has a twin. And, I may or may not have had my own short, bitch fest with Ms. Twin (Lisa) Let me watch a few more episodes and I’ll let you know if she’s really a mean girl, or if the excitement of the Sin City Rules premier just got her ‘I’m special/entitlement’ juices flowing. I’m going to assume she doesn’t really have a hate-on for me and my hot pink and black zebra striped wheelchair. Probably. On the left is my favorite of the ladies, so far.  Professional poker player Jennifer Harman. She seemed pretty laid back, friendly and the least of the drama-mamas.

TLC Sin City Rules Red Carpet

This is ex-entertainment reporter Alicia Jacobs. She seems to be ‘that girl’. The one the rest of the cast love to hate. Other than her string of love affairs with some (most?) men in the entertainment industry, which she proudly lists by name, I’m not sure yet why the hate fest is there. We’ll have to keep watching and see how this unfolds. I will say that after the red carpet event was over, she high-tailed it out of there and was a no show for the screening. (as did mob daughter Amy Hanley) There’s a story there you guys and I’m going to guess we see it explode like a hot mess bomb!

TLC Sin City Rules Red Carpet

Here’s me with our over the top, Billionaire Mafia Enterprises’ Lana Fuchs. I’m going to be honest here… After watching the previews of this gun toting take no shit chick, seeing her massive “Lantourage” and knowing she proudly wears the *Bitch* label; I was for sure a bit intimidated. And maybe even a little afraid to meet her.  And you all know, not much intimidates me. This one. She had the potential to hurt my feelers. Or worse… ignore me! Well, I really found her to be quite gracious! I waited around quite a while after the screening ended just to get a quick one on one with her specifically. Obviously. LANA FUCHS!! Yeah. I was getting this shot. I probably had a bit of a pleading sound to my ‘Can I get a picture with you’ request. But I’ll be damned if she didn’t get down on her knee to squeeze in with me and my hot pink/zebra striped wheels and say ‘Of course!”. I am going to go against the grain and say this woman may be all tough chick, mean girl to some. But I think there’s a heart of gold behind it that she just doesn’t let many people see. I’m rooting for her to let that shine in the episodes to come! For the Sin City Rules premier, I thought I really piled on the make-up too. Like, I painted that shit on. Can’t tell when I’m next to her, huh? Here’s my plea – Help me, LORI- I NEED you! Rain Cosmetics needs to come work some magical make-up wonders over here!

Sin City Rules Premier – Final Thoughts

With any reality show, we can expect some true catty, bitchy, drama fueled cat fights. If you’re like me and that’s your jam, you’re going to get all sucked in. I’ve already got it queued up to record on the DVR. Obviously. This is the good shit. The Sin City Rules Vegas ladies are in line to put all other *housewives* to shame for putting the ‘B’ back in bitch! I’m thinking Alicia Jacobs has a tough road ahead of her getting in the sandbox to play with the rest of the crew. And that, is where this shit get’s real! My favorite part of the whole night?

TLC Sin City Rules Premier

Meeting Lana Fuch’s parents and little brother! We had a very nice little chat outside waiting on the valet guys. They are sweet people. Sin City Rules may shine a light on some ugly stereotypes of Vegas life. But these great folks showed me there’s a lot of love and family pride going on as well.

Come back tomorrow and check out the S.W.A.G giveaway I’ll have for 1 of my super awesome readers!


  1. I can’t wait to see what happens next week!

    • Grandma Juice says

      Shall we do our ‘She said / She said’ weekly run downs with this one?
      I know we’ll be getting so much shit to dish!

  2. @Grandmajuice… I was there and didn’t leave… I just went and ate some food before the show…. I came in and sat down and watched the whole show. I don’t hightail it out of any place… Not my style. 🙂 Amy Hanley

    • Grandma Juice says

      Oh Ms Amy… I wish I would have been told you didn’t leave!!
      Maybe, we can do lunch… I’d love to not only ‘get that pic’ but pick your brain a bit as well! You seemed lovely. Hoping that shines in the weeks to come!
      Call me 🙂

  3. It was a great event, wasn’t it!?! I had so much fun and I’m dying to know what’s gonna happen. I also thought Jen seemed like my favorite, Amy Hanley is another one I think I’m going to like for some reason. Very intrigued by her family story. Well, they all seem rather interesting. And I would agree, I would think I would have been the most intimidated with Lana, but I LOVE, LOVE that photo of you both!! It was really good meeting you last night and your pink & black wheelchair stripes rocks (but you knew that).

  4. Wow!! What a great opportunity!! It looks like a fun event. Cant wait to see what happens next!!

  5. Wow that must have been so exciting for you!

  6. Dude, I watched it in my hotel the other night. Crazy! How does she call herself god?!? Seriously? But they do look like their mom.

  7. Looks like a great night. I’ve never seen this but I love reality tv, I’ll be checking it out. (PS; you intimidated to meet someone?! I don’t believe it! :)).

    • Grandma Juice says

      I know!! But this one…. she’s more bad ass than me. For sure. By a lot! I’m sticking with the heart of gold behind the tough chick though. It’s something in her eyes… hiding.

  8. I am so excited for this show! Loved Sopranos and can always use a good Mafia plot!

  9. What a neat opportunity i’m sure you had a blast.

  10. It seems like you had lots of fun. Congrats on such a great opportunity

  11. I think I’d be terrified to meet Lana Fuchs too! But that is so freakin awesome how she was so gracious! Loved how she got down so she would match you in your wheelchair. Now that is one awesome woman!

  12. Oh wow! I saw some commercials for this show, haven’t seen it yet, but it looks interesting. I’m a sucker for all things reality, so I know I’d be addicted, lol.

  13. I am not sure I have heard of this show, but that event looks really fun! Glad you got to go!


  14. I loved your description of Red Carpet frenzy ! And you are right on the button regarding Lana! She has been a Client a friend for many years- it is amazing how in a few minutes of meeting her you were able to see the real Lana!
    By the way, loved your style and flair!

    • Grandma Juice says

      Thanks Larissa!
      It was something in her eyes. Can’t touch it, but it’s for sure there! I met her parents, sweet people. They raised a good girl. That’s obvs… I’m excited to see how this all plays out on screen. Also.. everyone should be lucky enough to have a friend like Lana!

  15. Ooh.. you make me wish I had cable again! Hopefully I’ll be able to watch later in the year when the series comes to Netflix…

  16. I missed it! But it sounds like this series will be just what I love! Thnaks for sharing this great post!

  17. Glad to hear you had a great night and that some of our peeps got to meet you — we thought you were an online persona! LOL

    • Grandma Juice says

      I’ve told you, clothes are bullshit. I had to get dressed and drop the jammies for this. 🙂
      It was really great meeting some of the Vegas peeps finally! Maybe I’ll venture out more often. Ya think the Four Seasons will let me in if I’m in my jams?

  18. Lori & Alicia are my favorite!!

    • Grandma Juice says

      I think Alicia is going to have a rough go… I wouldn’t have named dropped the guys I rolled around with.

  19. WooHoo, you look fabulous too! Way to go…I have to show this one to my daughter, she’ll LOVE it!

    • Grandma Juice says

      Thanks lady!
      Come back next week and see what’s up. Although, I will have jammies on, a ponytail, no make-up and a glass of wine. Just so I don’t shock ya 🙂

  20. Wow! That looks like so much fun!

  21. What a great opportunity!

  22. ooh! Looks like you had so much fun! I love getting great opps like this.

  23. Leslie Galloway says

    I can’t believe you got to go to that party! How fun, and outrageous! I’ve always wondered how crazy it would be to see the bitchiness in person. hehe. I love Housewives… so this is going to be on my watch list. Love the cattiness! ha

  24. vegas bitch says

    That family is far from sweet!! Lana is a racist! She is a has been!! She feels that all men are stupid. Yet her husband surely is the smart one in that family!! He figures it’s better to keep her around than divorce her!! Cheaper anyways!! Smart man to me!! And he can have his cake on the side!!!! Illegal aliens living in house! Sister doesn’t even have her kids. Brother is a druggie! Her husband supports all her family members!! Sad because he’s the successful one she just got lucky!! Victor your a handsome man lose that tramp!!!!

  25. Vegas represent!!! LOL It looks like a BLAST!

  26. Now i really want to watch this show, I am adding it to my to watch list!

  27. I’m so happy you were able to make it to the premiere with us! I feel the same about Lana, she has a very gracious quality about her.

    Can’t wait to see you at Lanas home Sunday! Let the brain picking begin!

  28. Yeah isn’t that so weird how you look like you have no makeup on? I hate that! I recently PILED IT ON for a professional portrait picture session & it looks like I wasn’t wearing any! What does that? Lighting?

    • Grandma Juice says

      I don’t know but it sucks! I’m looking all Casper the Ghost ish. And I painted that shit on! If I keep having to get dressed up and wear all that crap, I’m going to have to invest in false eyelashes too huh?? UGH… and here I thought just pants are bullshit.

  29. i’ve watched jennifer harmon play for years. she just seems to “quiet” for this kinda thing. so we shall see.

  30. What a great opportunity! Looks like a lot of fun!

  31. looks like you had a blast!