TLC Sin City Rules Episode 2 Recap & Breakout Star Prince Mikey The Monkey

Sin City Rules

TLC Sin City Rules Episode 2 Recap & Breakout Star Prince Mikey The Monkey

I need to start this off by saying I sat on this episode 2 recap of Sin City Rules for the last 2 days. I had to see how the drama and hate fest played out awhile longer. Yeah, I grabbed my popcorn and watched the Twitter punches like I was front row at Muhammad Ali fight. I told you this was going to be some good shit!

And yes, in the interest of full disclosure; I watched episode 2 with Lana Fuchs at her home. **Side Note – Holy fucking shit, that’s a seriously awesome home!** It’s easy to get caught up in who’s side (team?) you’re on while sitting on someone’s couch drinking candy cane martini’s. Another reason I held off. If you’re a regular reader, you know I’m honest in my opinions. If you’re here for the first time because Google sent you after a search for ‘Sin City Rules‘ … Get a drink, grab a seat, this is a bumpy ride.

No, I don’t have any photos from Lana’s bathroom like you emailed asking for. That’s just messed up. Nope, I didn’t rummage around in her underwear drawer either. (you’re a freak for even asking!) I do have video below you should check out of who’s really calling the shots over at Lana’s crib. That’s all I’m dishing about how and where this Billionaire M.A.F.I.A boss lives.

Sin City Rules Episode 2 Recap

What the hell was that? Amy Hanley may very well be the daughter of a Mob hit man, but damn. She cries like one of Teresa Giudice’s 1/2 empty and long forgotten hair spray cans. Pick Me! Pick Me! For the love of Jose Quervo woman… grab some Prozac. As someone who also lost my dad a few years ago, I get. Not having daddy around is seriously tough. But, didn’t he pass away when she was 3? I can’t get behind her crocodile tears about ‘missing daddy’ when in actuality, she didn’t even know daddy. I’m inclined to believe this is just an attempt to ride his famous (infamous?) name and coat tails for some PR. And that medium? Who found that guy? I might have believed some of his bad acting if they called in John Edwards, maybe. Whatever he got paid for that gig was way too much. What a train wreck.

And poor Lori Montya. She seems to be the sweet, good-hearted one on Sin City Rules. The owner of Rain Cosmetics not only had to sit through that fright fest with a straight face but also try to be supportive. There’s not enough alcohol in Vegas for me to have pulled that off. “And the academy award goes to…” Also, she gets an A for effort in trying to mend the rift between Alicia and Lana. Her heart was in the right spot but, I don’t see that happening anytime soon. I do like that she seems so genuinely sweet and kind. I’m still waiting on my make-over however. I need some serious glam help!

Speaking of make-over’s… Jennifer Harman!! Let’s get to fixing that relationship with your very smexy hubby! Her drama seems to be at home with Marco rather than on screen with the cast of Sin City Rules. I don’t care that the gossip hounds say his accent prevents people from understanding what he’s saying. Who cares what he’s saying! It’s obv’s to outsiders that he only has eyes for the mother of his twin boys. I read her net worth is somewhere around 15 Mil… My advice Jen… take some of those Benjamin’s, go away with the sexy Italian for a weekend. Spend more than 20-30 minutes rolling around together.

I bet Alicia Jacobs could give Jen some tips! On the 1st episode of Sin City Rules, ex-reporter Alicia proudly lists her famous conquests by name. If it’s all true and she’s not bluffing, that’s what she’s riding as her claim to fame. (see what I did there?) I’d bet the house she at least has a few tricks up her sleeve to get that spark lit again. Although, I wouldn’t take a page from her chapter on Vince Neil. That one didn’t end well. What I don’t understand after watching episode 2 is, why didn’t she just take the apology Lana threw out as a bone and leave it at that? Why keep pushing for more? Trying to trade verbal jabs with Lana just doesn’t seem like the way to go. For anyone.    Let alone someone already on her bad side. Just sayin’…

Which brings us to my bad-ass but gracious host; Lana Fuchs. I really went into her home looking for some good, juicy gossip. A reason to jump on the hate bandwagon even, perhaps. I mean, you don’t accept an invitation from someone who openly says “If I invite you to my home to break bread, there’s a reason‘ without at least some kind of plan, right? I really wanted to find some crack in the bitch armor. A fake, phony, bologna who put on a show at the red carpet. You guys, I can’t find anything I don’t like about her! Yes, she cusses like a drunk sailor sometimes. But, so do I! Within the 1st 5 minutes I was at her house, she dropped the F bomb like a hot rock and I was so relieved I didn’t have to keep my mouth filter on. I was kind of worried about how that would work out for me. Because, hello!! She has guns, ya’ll!! Her kids seem to adore her. Her husband Victor seemed to fully stand behind her. And, what you see is what you get. Curled up on the couch watching the show, she laughed at herself (almost) as much as her cast mates. She may have Sin City Rules down, but makes no bones about which one’s she’ll break. I may not love all the guns, but that I can respect.

Ok, now I have to introduce you all to who is really calling the shots. The break-out star from Sin City Rules, hands down for me is Prince Mikey. Who doesn’t love a Trust Fund Monkey??!! We can sit back and watch the women of Sin City Rules explode (implode?) but  I’m cheering for this guy!

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So? Tell me who’s team you’re on! Who do you love to hate on sin City Rules?


  1. I am starting to love Lana!

  2. Gotta love reality t.v.!

  3. I do not watch much tv… and have not yet come across this one. I guess I am currently without a team. :/

  4. I haven’t heard of this show but it looks like it delivers on the drama!

  5. I am so excited to be going ti Sin City in the spirng

  6. This sounds like a very entertaining show, if you enjoy reality TV.

  7. Aaaaah, I have a couple episodes of this lined up on my DVR but haven’t watched them yet. Now I’m gonna go for it tonight. I can’t stand to wait any longer!

  8. Wow, this sounds like a very drama-filled show. I’d probably flip over to HGTV. I’m trying to simplify, LOL.

  9. I’ve never watched this show, but man, what an experience to sit down with one of the stars of it!

  10. I haven’t watched this yet, but will DVR it and check it out.

  11. I finally saw episode one and am dying to see episode two, loving it so far!

  12. I can’t believe I haven’t heard of this show! I am going to check it out for sure!

  13. This is the first time I have heard of this. I am not too big on reality tv though. My mom and sister love it though. I will have to tell them about this one.

  14. I haven’t even heard of this show! I will have to check this out and see how I have managed to miss this one!

  15. mammahomemaker2012 says

    I honestly have not seen this show yet, but the vids and your recap is definitely piquing my interest!

  16. This show looks AWESOME!!! I don’t have TLC, but I will be checking on Netflix for this one!

  17. Those women scare me.. but in all reality.. I can’t wait to watch, hahaha.

  18. If you say you are not biased or paid by Lana maybe you shouldn’t post that you are at her house. You attack me for crying over the fact that I haven’t had my father in my life? Here it is. I grew up in the fucking life. You can’t take that away from me. You want real go to the real blog at TLC’s website to get a true honest opinion about me. You say you had your father up until a few years ago correct? Well at least you had him. I lost mine at 3yrs old. Grew up with his name and had my name plastered in papers on the front page everytime something exciting, fun, dangerous, scary or whatever else they could write about. I had people come up to me when I was 7yrs old after my pic got published in one of those articles saying “Your the daughter of a murderer! How does it feel to have his blood in your veins?” You tell me how you would handle that? Could you? Not many people could. Not only did I lose my father at 3, I was raised by another gangster who happened to be the one that destroyed my father. You question me?? You hear only what you are paid to hear. I know for fact you are a paid blogger. So for you to say that you are objective and not biased is a joke. Next time why don’t you not accept and cash that check you are collecting to write these and reach out to get the full story before you believe every little bit you read. The stuff on Stoopid housewives comes from people I don’t know, don’t carry the last name and left my father without a headstone for 32yrs! I just got clearance from a court to honor him finally with dignity. Ask them that. Ask them to supply written proof! I am a gangsters daughter but I am not my father. You can love me, like me, hate me and envy but guess what YOU CAN NEVER BE ME! I got it. The birthright. No one else does around me. I am actually bothered by the xl fact you would attack someone over the emotions they are carrying inside after not having their fathe in their lives. Btw that medium you are talking about happens to be one of the most successful and highly regarded mediums in the country. Ask Lori. She is great friends with him. I think all I have to say at this point is you collect a check. From Lana. That right there makes your opinion biased. Stop collecting them and maybe just maybe your comments will count. We got all of your names that are now paid bloggers. She posted them right before the premier! I am shocked to see that you would attack someone like that. Btw my segment hit mainstream media. Most people have compassion. Where is yours?

    • Grandma Juice says

      Amy – You’re right on a few things and wrong on others. Let’s clear them up. Paid blogger? Sometimes, absolutely! The latest –

      Go here:
      Go here:
      Go Here:
      Go Here:
      ALL clearly marked ‘Sponsored”… It’s the law to do that when someone pays you to write. Lana… doesn’t pay me. At all. She invited a group of Vegas bloggers to her home to watch TV, we had apps and candy cane martini’s. I clearly disclosed that. Also, clearly said I was hoping to find dirt on her while I was there, too. She was a potty mouth, but that’s all I got.
      Yes, I lost my dad 5 years ago. I was 37! A LIFETIME of love and memories… lost to that shit bag cancer. I’ll never get over that. I question you and your tears when you talk about your dad’s DEATH being emotional. His ‘death’ wasn’t emotional according to what you just said. His LEGACY was. I imagine living under his name was awful. Kids and adults can be cruel. I will absolutely give you that it had to be torture at times. And, I can’t tell you how’d I’d handle that. My dad was an amazing dad. Everyone should be so lucky. You showed more REAL emotion to my words than what you do while filming. That’s why people question you. Your tears should be for YOURSELF and what YOU had to go through growing up. Not the man you didn’t know who left you with a tarnished name to carry. I don’t see it as a ‘birthright’ as you call it but rather a chain around your neck you had to drag your entire life. But, I’m not living off his name, so I guess we do what we have to. Your anger should be directed at the parent who put you right back into that lifestyle. If you did your homework on me, you’d know I up and left a monster of a man after he tried to kill me and the kids. Parents protect their children. Did yours? Sounds like misguided anger to me. Just a thought…? You want to set the record straight for readers? I asked you to lunch last week.. did you ever reply? Nope. Perhaps, you should do a bit of up close and personal PR with the people who will be writing about you.. And no. We won’t take your cash either. As for the medium… maybe if he put more effort into really reading and less acting for the camera it would have been different. But, he’s probably no fool. His 15 minutes in the spotlight got him noticed. Any publicity is good publicity?
      You know how to find me if and when you’re ever really ready to sit and chat and not hide behind twitter. I’ll be 100% honest and fair with what I find. Will you?
      Call me! 🙂

      • Damn Ronni! You have realty TV stars emoing out on your page! HAHA! I thought the shot with her boo hooing were also quite out of line. I mean seriously… I guess based on her comments above we can just assume it’s all fake though since she’s getting paid for the show. Clearly she thinks that money=lies so one has to assume that is how shes approaching the show.

      • Hey Amy,

        I just had to comment on your comment. First off, Lana does not pay the bloggers (I know because I’m one of them) unless you count giving hugs and treating us to delicious food at her home. By engaging our circle of women, Lana allowed us to get a private “look” into her world and herself, which I have to say are both awesome so yes, her reviews, tweets, what have you, will be mostly positive unless she kills someone on the show. As for you being on the receiving end of any negative comments or critiques, well, these bloggers don’t know you. They go with their impressions of you because that’s all they have. Like Ronni, I also lost my dad when I was older so your emotional responses you demonstrated on the show seemed odd (since you barely knew your dad) but as you explained in your comment there were other things going on so I can understand now. Again, the show only shows bits and pieces. Please don’t take anything you see or hear personally either. I love to read because those guys are hilarious but sometimes they can be really, really harsh, almost cringe-worthy. But then I think, that’s the price of fame. Right? So like Ronni stated, we would love to get to know the real you, the woman behind the show, and all it would cost you is maybe a hug and a smile. I wish you continued success in your life and career and look forward to watching more of Sin City Rules.

  19. I’ve watched both episodes so far, and I can’t wait for the next one! Love this show! Gotta say, this Lana lady is insane and silly mean, and major snob. I rally like Alicia Jacobs and I don’t get why all the hate from lana? Alicia is so pretty and nice, it makes me wonder if Lana is letting jealousy show through?

    • Grandma Juice says

      I totally can see how Lana comes off as a snob. It must be nice to have all those $$ behind your name! I’m a bit jelly. I don’t know exactly the whole low down on the Lana/Alicia fight. I suspect there’s more to it than just who Alicia says she did or didn’t sleep with but so far, that’s where the focus seems to be. Maybe we’ll find out more in the episodes to come. I do think the way Alicia is carrying on with the name dropping of who she rolls with isn’t doing her any favors though. She may very well be a nice person. But for those of us who don’t know her, she should put more of that out than name dropping and it would suit her better. Just my .02.
      I think Lori is going about that the right way. She really comes across as sweet and kind on screen. But, we don’t know what ended up on the cutting room floor, right? All we see & base opinions on are what we’re shown. They would all do well to work some PR face time in with people who write about them that they haven’t known in the biz for 20 years. Again, my 02.

  20. Obviously Amy has no clue how blogging, PR, or media relations work… I am also a blogger who hung out at Lana’s house that same night. She DID NOT pay us and as a matter of fact, Amy, if you invited us all to your house, I’m sure we all would have gladly shown up as well. Enough with the false accusations and crocodile tears. We look forward to watching the show and how everything unfolds in the upcoming episodes.

  21. The show sounds awesome. I will have to DVR it.

  22. You’ve got me banging my head on my desk. WHY? Because like I need ONE MORE THING to be addicted to! Seriously? The monkey? I’m DYING. I’m not going to miss it this (or next?) week!

  23. I really need to catch up with my TV watching!

  24. LOL! That monkey is more spoiled then I could even imagine being!! I’ve watched both episodes and like the poker player mommy the best… I also like Alicia better at this point…

  25. Almost makes me want to get a TV…. almost, not quite. Life is more fun than TV.

  26. Thomas Murphy says

    great show!!!

  27. Sharon Davis says

    I had to read all the post. Who is advising the Amy gal? she obviously has no clue how blogging, PR, or media relations work, I am a blogger and while I was not invite to Lana’s house I have hung out for many viewing parties. Has Amy hosted a viewing yet? She need to fire her PR Rep they are not giving her proper advise.Enough with the false accusations and crocodile tears. This is television, you signed up deal with it or cancel your contract!!!

  28. Another show I’ll be addicted to soon! 🙂

  29. what a great show

  30. Michelle F. says

    I look forward to the show every week.


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