TLC Sin City Rules Episode 3 Recap – Addressing the Rumors

Sin City Rules

TLC Sin City Rules Episode 3 Recap  – Addressing the Rumors

This week’s episode of Sin City Rules was titled ‘She Said, She Said’ but it was so full of awesome 1 liners it should have been called WTF did she just say? Let’s break it down! **Side Note – This week, I watched at my own home, in my jammies and not with Lana**  Amy, if you’re reading, I didn’t get paid for this one either. (Addressing the Rumors – more on this in a sec)

Sin City Rules Episode 3 Recap

We start off watching Alicia having dinner with soon to be ex-hubby Loring. Aside from looking incredibly awkward to me, it felt totally staged and rehearsed. For 2 people who are supposed to be ‘best friends’ there didn’t seem to be much of an intimate connection at all. Like, dinner with my garbage man might look to other diners, maybe? She explained to him the riff between herself and Lana, I assume for the obligatory look of shock from a husband to a (ex?)wife. ‘What?? Is she crazy?! You’d never sleep with married men!!” Would be what my husband would say. No look of shock from Loring. No outburst of it being a crazy notion. Just … “Ignore it”. Looks to me like he couldn’t down that sake fast enough to even feign a look of disgust. That must not be in his Sin City Rules playbook. She did get the shock-n-awe look from BFF and sister-in-law to Wayne Newton, Tricia McCrone. In the weirdest scene from this episode of Sin City Rules, we watch the Bopsie Twins chat while Alicia has an entire make-up crew get her ready for a chit-chat with Lana to try yet again to clear the air. All while her dainty dog gets a massage. (WTF ??!!!) My opinion? Alicia should have practiced using her words rather than having her face painted on. Is it just me or does anyone else think of a bobble head when they see her?

Oh, Amy, Amy, Amy. I really try to find things to jump on your side but girlfriend, you keep sticking your foot in your mouth. For the new people here, Amy has jumped all over my ass about how hard life was being Tom Hanley’s daughter. How I shouldn’t question the tears. Have sympathy because she didn’t ask for the attention being a hit man’s daughter has brought. (Go on, click that last link. Read Amy’s own words to me about it I’ll wait….) But there’s this radio interview with mom. And, crap like this:

I’m specifically referring to the look of smug pride & gloating words at the 1 minute mark. “Out of every mobster in this town, my father & brother killed the most” What the hell? That’s a face beaming with pride! Amy, why do you do this honey? You have gone out of your way to try & convince me that it’s put a dark cloud over you. This isn’t the voice of a sad girl with a tarnished name who’s had such a tough life. Sin City Rules is the perfect forum for you to show people YOU. That you are more than your name. If that’s really your goal, anyways.

From TLC Sin City Rules Blog:

I am determined to show that my family’s future can be changed and I am the first one to do it. To keep my head high and know deep inside who I am and where I came from is only a small part of me. I may be a little unfiltered, raw and uncensored but you are getting the real me. You can love me, like me, hate me, envy me — but you can never be me! Our past is what makes us, however it should never define us.

Stop bragging about daddy. He killed people! Sin City Rules is supposed to show strong, independent women in Las Vegas, correct? Show us that person. If she exists. **Side Note – I have asked Amy to meet with me several times. She claims to want me to see ‘The Real Amy Hanley‘ Perhaps then I won’t have such a hard time buying into the tears and get to know her as she hopes to be portrayed and not simply a hit man’s daughter riding his infamous coat tails. As of this writing she has not. I asked her again on Monday that we meet after the holidays are over. I’ll keep you all posted if Sin City Rules famous mob daughter follows through.

**Fun Fact** – Amy’s mother Wendy Mazaros claims to have been married to mob hit man Tom Hanley. However, no marriage license exists to prove such a union. Her lawyer, tried to have a judge declare there was indeed an marriage because they had a daughter (Amy) But, the judge, having watched many Maury Povich episodes obviously, clearly see’s the difference between ‘You are the father‘ and ‘You are a husband/wife’… that was a no go for Wendy in court. As they say, no pics, it didn’t happen.

We got a nice look at Rain Cosmetics owner Lori Montoya and her main man together this week. When they 1st started the scene in their office, I really thought “I’m not going to like this guy“… Unfairly rushed to assuming he was too ‘bossy’ and not enough ‘hubby’. But when they both teared up at the ‘Better Than beautiful’ song written for their tag line, it was obvious they are on the same page. Wasn’t that cute?! I’m still holing firm that Lori is ‘the sweet gal’ on Sin City Rules. Or naive. We’re 3 episodes in and I kinda want to hear her raise her voice. A little…

And, I’m also taking back what I said last week in my Sin City Rules recap about not caring about understanding what Marco says because he’s so damn smexy. That hot Italian temper made him look a bit like a douche-bag. Jen was really upset man. Give her that back rub! She works hard for a living. I know he’s also a professional poker player these days, but we never really see him working. Is he bringing home any bacon? Does he never lose when he plays? We don’t know what goes on in their home with these convo’s on the reg, but… if that were me, he’d have a plate full of food on his lap and calling a cab.

And did ya see my girl Lana holster that gun for her meet-up with Alicia? I about fell out of my chair laughing. All I kept thinking was it should be Alicia packing. Lana is way too bad-ass for me to ever in a million years agree to take a chit-chat, at some undisclosed location. In the dark. When she hates me. She has guns!! Starbucks at noon, in the mall, on a weekend? Maybe. A deserted park at night? Hell ‘nah… I think all that make-up and hair spray Alicia piled on went straight to the critical thinking part of her brain.

Sin City Rules Mob Girls

I’m giving Amy a brownie point for being a good daughter and throwing her mom a surprise party. The thought was sweet. And, I think Natalya went a bit on the crazy train for a sec defending sister Lana at the party. She should have waited for a more appropriate time & place. I have to take it away though for the execution of the party. The Mob Museum??? Amy!! Stop it!! Breaking free of your past and changing the future for your own kids… that’s what you keep saying you want to do, right? Get off the mob train! And just my .02, I think this whole ‘Mob Thing’ is what’s killing the ratings for Sin City Rules. It’s pushing Wendy Mazaro’s book, but it’s taking a crap on strong, influential women in Vegas. They killed people! And crying ‘victim’ every episode certainly doesn’t exude strong, influential woman to me. At all. I’m going to again make the offer for coffee and a sit down Amy. You say you want to clear these things up with me. I DM’d you through twitter like you asked as well… I’m still waiting…

My association with Sin City Rules

It’s ridiculous I even have to write this. However, Amy spread rumors throughout Twitter and other publications that I am paid by Lana. And therefore, nothing I write regarding Sin City Rules should be taken seriously. I want to make it perfectly clear, I am in NO way, shape, or form being paid by Lana or anyone else for that matter. ALL opinions expressed on the Grandma Juice blog are my own. As a social media content writer and brand specialist, I absolutely do get paid for some of the work you find here. All such writings will have a disclosure statement at the bottom clearly marking them as such. It’s the law to do so. As a local Las Vegas blogger, I was invited to attend the Red Carpet Premier. Also, Lana Fuchs invited myself and a small group of other local Las Vegas bloggers to watch the 2nd episode of Sin City Rules with her at her home. I didn’t receive a single dime to show up and/or write about either event. I look forward to more get together’s at Lana’s house too. She clearly understands to power of social media and opening yourself up to Q&A’s to those who will be writing about you. Amy’s hiding behind Twitter and false accusations show me (and other media outlets as well) she does not. Or, she has something to hide. Either way, I can’t allow my name, my word or the trust relationship I’ve built with my readers to be slandered. Simply because you talk shit on Twitter, does not a factual statement make. So again… Amy – sit down and talk with me rather than talk at me or about me. You keep saying you want to, so let’s get to getting! I’m not going to say any of this again and dignify the ridiculousness of it. Nor will I give the Twitter war any more attention.

Check back with me next week as we drop in on the lovely ladies of Sin City rules and all the Las Vegas shenanigans!


  1. Amy needs to pull up her big girl panties and stop blaming a daddy she barely knew for her sucky life. She also needs to find a way in this world that doesn’t involve riding on that murdering bastards coat tails. She is a whiny spoiled brat. No respect for that one AT ALL!

  2. I’ve never seen this but it looks good!

  3. Looks so good

  4. I haven’t seen this show but it looks like it would be interesting. I’ll have to check it out.

  5. I haven’t seen this show yet but I love reality shows about the rich and famous. I’ll DVD the next episode!

  6. Gotta love how powerful social media can be! I’m impressed with her ability to talk shit in so few characters. 😉

    • Grandma Juice says

      140 characters or less of crap & shit talk must take practice! Pros to her for the, eh?

  7. Savannah Kelley says

    I watched the show for the first time yesterday after reading your blog. I like Lana and her business savvy sense, Amy and her mother daughter duo, is questionalble are they in for the $$ I don’t live in Vegas but powerful women in Texas where I live is nothing like this duo, who talks about people being killed with a smrik on their face. If she is trying to live outside of her father’s evil shadow, then why is she talking about him all the time. I predict this show will be cancelled and Lana, Jen and Lori get a spin off. Love that chick Lana, her sister and the fact he has a black chick for business partner they all look nonsense!!!! (I am hispanic)

  8. Love your objectivity! I’ve noticed that ANYONE who doesn’t suck up to Alicia or Amy is immediately labeled as being a PAID twitter or blogger. I’ve also noticed a couple bloggers are behind the accusations. Oddly it’s those same bloggers (who accuse others of being paid) who blog like they are their BFF. lol You remain fair in your reviews and that’s why I read your articles instead of theirs. As for Amy, it’s very obvious she and her mom are selling a silly book. The relatives of REAL mobsters never speak about it. They don’t have to. Keep up the good work!

    • Patricia Muise says

      Just a question…You say relatives of REAL mobsters never speak of it cause they don’t have to so……Are you saying the ladies of Mob wives and Mob wives Chicago are not real? Are you saying that they can not be really relatives because they speak of it? or are you saying the people they speak of are not really mobsters?
      Im asking because I find it odd how many people including yourself keep saying they are just selling a book and real mobsters or family members dont speak of it. Im pretty sure Sammy the Bull wrote a book and he WAS Mob! oh wait, maybe he wasnt cause he spoke of it.

      • Grandma Juice says

        Patricia Muise – Real Mobsters families don’t glorify what their Mob relatives have done. The women of Mob Wives don’t brag, glorify or sing the praises of their family. They say exactly what should be said… They Killed People!!! That’s not glamorous and certainly not something to gloat and brag about. Which, those women never do. Having grown up in the 70’s/ 80’s in Chicago myself, I actually know mob kids… they never bragged about their fathers. They were quite secretive or completely unaware even until they were older. And then they distanced themselves from ‘the life’. Not ride that fame whore coat tail. Amy repeatedly tells me she had a hard life. I believe that. She claims to want to be known for HER own accomplishments, not that only of daddy’s bad deeds. But, all she ever does is brag with a smug smile about him. Not the face or words of someone who’s a strong, independent woman crawling out from under a tarnished name and making a life for herself and her children that have 0 to do with daddy’s ‘unique skills’. I don’t question her lineage, I question her motives, lies and begging for sympathy. She is a sad, lonely little girl I think. I never said families of Mob doesn’t speak of it. I said Amy asks people to look past that and see her, which is impossible when that’s all SHE ever talks about. I’m going out on a limb here and say that Wendy has messed up Amy’s head her entire life. When Tom Hanley died she should have taken Amy far away from the life and given her a normal childhood. Protected her 3 year old child. She did not. Amy is the product of a dysfunctional childhood. For that, I really feel for her. But as an adult you can’t ask for sympathy for your sad childhood in 1 breath but beam with pride about it in another. A good example for her would be Sammy The Bulls daughter! She loves her dad but doesn’t love the man he was. Maybe they should ‘do lunch’… Amy should take notes.

        • Patricia Muise says

          Grandma Juice, I did not say that you said families of the mob don’t speak of it. My reply was to VegasAnna, she is the 1 who said it.
          I for 1 love Karen from Mob Wives and yes I know she loves her dad but doesn’t love the man he was, but honestly I don’t see a difference in the smile on Karen’s face during taping while talking about her childhood memories (when she and Ramona went to the old ‘OFFICE’) and then Amy talking about Tom. On the topic of becoming strong females and leaving the ‘life’…UMMMM, I’m not sure what 1 of the ladies your talking about since they are all MOB WIVES. Meaning they are now or were only a short time ago still part of the ‘Life’. But then again I was only asking a question about VegasAnna’s thoughts on Mob Wives, I’m pretty sure I did not ask for more negative comments about Amy and her mother.

    • Grandma Juice says

      VegasAnna – Media Whore Ed = Blogger helping to spread the ‘paid blogger’ rumors. He’s getting his bread buttered by Amy & Wendy on 1 side and then jelly spread on the other by pimping out her naked pics. He should have photo shopped them for her if he was really her friend, I think. Real friends NEVER ler your scars show in nakie pics ‘leaked’ online….

  9. Haha, I love reading your posts about this. I am not a huge reality TV fan but your posts make me giggle. I actually witnessed that war and it was pretty crazy. Also, WTH is up with her tweet yesterday about how her accounts were compromised and some things got said that she didn’t say? She apologized and all that jazz. Does she really think us women are that stupid? That crackpot was tweeting every single digit. SMDH!

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    Diana S

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  20. Michelle F. says

    Love this show.

  21. sharee hill says

    this show is craaaazy weird and all these so and so’s are pretentious fake and gawdy and greedy

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  25. Nikkie Cossairt says

    I love this show. I really cannot stand Lana. OMG, I just want to punch her through my screen!