TLC Sin City Rules Red Carpet SWAG Billionaire Mafia Giveaway #LanaFuchs

TLC Sin City Rules Premier

TLC Sin City Rules Red Carpet SWAG
Billionaire Mafia Giveaway

I told you all about the TLC Sin City Rules red carpet premier. Did you get all caught up on the first episode now? If not, what are you waiting for? Sin City Rules Vegas baby!

I know, Lana Fuchs seems like she can be a total bad ass bitch. I think that’s why I totally dig her. A woman who takes no shit and makes things happen? Yes! My kinda girl! Ya think she drinks wine? I might get all girl crushy with that….

So aside from her gig on the new TLC reality series Sin City Rules, blowing shit up in the desert and her love for raw baby lamb (I’m still not sure I could swallow that) she’s also the president and CEO of Billionaire Mafia; a lifestyle brand that brings luxury to the streets. And I’m going to tell you, it’s hot!

Those of us who were lucky enough to attend the Sin City Rules premier each received a jam packed SWAG bag full of Billionaire Mafia goods. And, because I’m such a giver (what?) I’m giving away my SWAG.

Sin City Rules Billionaire Mafia SWAG

Sin City Rules Billionaire Mafia SWAG Giveaway

Lana loaded it right? Seriously cool T-Shirts, blinged out chains, a ring. Even some Rain cosmetics from Lori Montoya … And OH!!! These totally funky flavored fortune cookies… Mine said “You too can have it all. But only if you swallow”… !!!! It’s one of the coolest SWAG bags I’ve seen. Whether you love her or hate her, you will remember her. Check out Lana Fuschs website and see what a true giver she is as well! She does give back! I totally called it! A heart of gold is hiding under that bad ass mean girl! You can catch Sin City Rules Sunday Nights on TLC. Check you local listings for times.

Ready for the SWAG giveaway? Me too! You know what to do! Fill out that handy handy Rafflecopter form below and off you go. Giveaway open to US residents 18+. All entries will be verified. You wouldn’t cheat, would you?
This contest has now ended. Congrats to our lucky winner Michelle B. I hope you’re enjoying the Sin City Rules swag!


  1. I think security makes me shine! Knowing I have what I need and I’m going to have it tomorrow. Let’s me focus on the things I want! Success is as simple as accomplishing your goals big or small.

  2. I think confidence and happiness have a great deal to do with success. My children and grandchildren help me shine! They bring so much happiness to my life!

  3. I think being a great Mom and wife is my biggest success.I also love that people actually care what I have to say and read my blog!

  4. calichristy2 says

    i think patience creates me 🙂

  5. Confidence, Strength, Beauty & Brains make me shine. I have recently cut off all of my hair after someone told me that I was hiding behind it. My new do is sharp and brings out my personality even more.

  6. Success is being presistent and never giving up- my attitude is I’m too blessed to be stressed-so therefore I shine 🙂

  7. Success to me is doing the best I can for my husband & girls.

  8. Success meaning believing in yourself that you can do anything.

  9. brains and beauty

  10. Sacha Schroeder says

    Smiling makes me shine! When you smile the whole world really does smile back (for the most part). I define success by my family and the fun we have together.

  11. jeanette sheets says

    confidence at being a great mother even though im single and only working part time i feel i love my children put them 1st ,provide nuture and teach them

  12. Sin city rules! Billionaire Mafia Giveaway.. need it in my life!

  13. judy gardner says

    i have NEVER seen Sin City! i know, can you believe it? but now you have me curious!

  14. success is bring the best wife & mom I can be

  15. sharon cowles says

    Confidence and Strength make me shine.. I feel it makes your life easier with everyday struggles

  16. quiet patience and resilience. necessary to survive the “troubles”

  17. Happiness makes me shine.