TLC’s Sin City Rules In Vegas – I’m About To Break Them All

TLC Sin City Rules

TLC’s Sin City Rules In Vegas – I’m About To Break Them All 

Oh yea, shit’s about to get real up in Vegas! The new reality TV show ‘Sin City Rules’ premiers on TLC Sunday December 9th. It’s filmed right here on my home turf. Vegas baby. And that old rule “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, the women staring in the new series are blowing that all to pieces. And ya know what? I’m about to help break all those rules!

TLC Sin City Rules

You know my love of all things Reality TV has no bounds. And, TLC’s new series Sin City Rules pushes that love one step further!  Not only will I be adding this to my already long list of ‘Must Watch / DVR” shows, I’ll be attending the Sin City Rules Las Vegas Premiere event at The Venetian on December 9th 2012. Yep, I’ll be mixing and mingling with the Sin City Rules cast staring Lana Fuchs, and featuring, Jennifer Harman, Kimberly Friedmutter, Amy Hanley, Alicia Jacobs, and Lori Montoya. Who are these women you ask? Well, let’s see:

  • LANA FUCHS: owner of Billionaire Mafia Enterprises, a luxury clothing line, a record label, and a concierge service. Married for 20 years, Lana enjoys a life filled with every luxury (obsessions include a pet monkey, a collection of guns, and a passion for diamonds) befitting of a woman who says and does whatever she wants.
  • AMY HANLEY: daughter of reputed and controversial Mob boss Tom Hanley, she has deep and dark roots in the city, and a unique relationship with her colorful mother. Amy’s businesses include a firm that handles the top-secret financial issues of elite movers and shakers who have fallen on hard times.
  • JENNIFER HARMAN: regarded as the best female poker player in Vegas, and arguably the world, she lives and breathes the sport. She can win ­ or lose ­ millions in a single hand, and her calculating approach to the game also applies to her personal life and the people in it.
  • ALICIA JACOBS: an entertainment reporter, she is a former pageant queen who uses her local celebrity to move within Las Vegas’ exclusive social circles. However, her knowledge of the town’s secrets sometimes puts her at odds with those who fear she knows too much.
  • LORI MONTOYA: owner of the high-end Rain Cosmetics, she is a Vegas native with ties to the city’s legendary hotels and nightclubs and is treated as a VIP wherever she goes. She and her husband are working to launch the ultra-exclusive Presidential Club.
  • KIMBERLY FRIEDMUTTER, a relative newcomer to Las Vegas, whose husband is a renowned architect responsible for much of the city’s unique skyline

Pretty damn exciting, huh? Want to know how you can get all up into the fun? Lana Fuchs will be hosting a national Twitter Party and local Tweetup during the premiere between 7-8pm PST from The Venetian in Las Vegas, NV. You can join the conversation on Twitter by following the hashtag #SINCITYRULES. 

To RSVP for the #SINCITYRULES National Twitter Party and have a chance to win one of the prizes, make sure you do the following:

  • Add your twitter URL to the linky below
  • Follow the cast & hosts on Twitter
  • Retweet the promotional tweet announcing the party below

         Join host @LanaFuchs for the #SINCITYRULES chat! Win great prizes! #Vegas | RSVP:

  • Participate in the conversation when it occurs on Sunday, December 9th between 7-8 pm PST, by answering questions and chatting to others under #SINCITYRULES. Make sure you use #SINCITYRULES, or we won’t be able to see your replies or win prizes!

Twitter Party RSVP Linkup

Sin City Rules Cast on Twitter: 


Ready to break all the rules with me and the cast of Sin City Rules? I’ll be snapping pics and interviewing the ladies! Got questions? Leave me some good stuff to ask the ladies in the comment section! go on, you know you want the know!

Until then, get your tweet on, park yourself on the couch and let’s watch it all go down in Vegas! Shit’s about to get real!

Want to read what happened at the Sin City Rules  Red Carpet Premiere? I went!! Check it out, lots of bitchy, catty gossip with some surprisingly nice things thrown on top!



  1. I’m not a huge fan of reality television, but this sounds pretty neat.

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun. Can’t wait to see the show!

  3. I need to check it out.

  4. Sounds interesting.

  5. Now thats a show I can’t wait to watch!!

  6. Aw sounds like a great show! And totally jealous you live in Vegas LOL I’m such a gambler- probably better I’m across the country haha.

  7. That will be a fun twitter party!

  8. We don’t get TLC, which makes me sad. They have some great shows. but congrats on getting to go tot he premier! You are going to have a blast!!

  9. I just saw a commercial for this when I was at the gym this weekend!

  10. So sad I don’t get TLC! Sounds like n interesting show!

  11. I don’t watch any reality shows, but this one sounds pretty interesting.

  12. I wouldn’t miss it!

  13. This looks like a show I would LOVE to watch…..Now to get the kids to hand over the television and we’re set!

  14. Love it! Cant wit to meet you at the premiere!

  15. We don’t have cable, but it’s definitely the kind of sow my husband would be interested in.

  16. Rachael Henzman says

    Interesting and lucky you! Congrats on getting to go!

  17. No, no, no….I canNOT get sucked into another reality show. Stop!!

  18. This sounds like a lot of fun! Wish I was nearby to capture the moment in person!

  19. Ellen Levickis says

    I have never watched a reality show and don’t have pay TV, but reading your article I just may find a friend who I can watch with. The stars sound so interesting!

  20. Your review makes it almost impossible to say no. Lucky you!

  21. Leslie Galloway says

    This sounds like a great show! I’m with you on loving reality tv. 🙂

  22. sharon cowles says

    I’ve always wanted to go to SIN CITY… Vegas has always been on my vacation wish list.. one of these days

  23. Sacha Schroeder says

    I have never seen this show but after reading this, I want to! 🙂


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