Having Multiple Blogs: And Then, She Snapped

multiple blogs

Having Multiple Blogs: And Then, She Snapped

Multiple Blogs, What? We’ve talked about my not having a ‘niche’ (apparently drinking wine and cussing is not a ‘niche‘). But, I DO have a Purple Cow! (in a heard of cows, would you stop to look at the purple one?) I’ve told you all my tales of “Woe Is Me” the PR peeps have no sense of humor. (Quote – we really like your writing, you’re funny but you cuss too much for us) And, I am just not a pink, sparkly, hearts with unicorns who slide down rainbows kinda gal. (obviously) You know, that, whole ‘mommy blogger’ thing (yeah, I’m a mom, I blog, that’s where the label ends) And, I think (thinking makes my brain hurt sometimes) I’ve come up with the perfect solution! Ready? Multiple Blogs! Of course, with the help of my awesome friend, we plan on carrying this out (or, fooling ourselves into thing we can anyways) I’ve told a few people of this and got a few reactions…

Crickets…. more crickets…. and then some blank stares.
“I can’t keep up with one blog, you are you going to do more?” (I don’t know, I just told you I snapped)
“I have multiple blogs too, and I drink butt loads of coffee, I never talk to my family, shower or leave the house”  (perfect! me either!)

Honestly, time will tell if I (we) can pull these shenanigans off, but let’s go over some reasons why it might just work. I may have snapped but I ain’t (ain’t?) an idiot.

5 Benefits to Having Multiple Blogs

A place to be yourself and a place to be professional
For me, this is THE biggie! Over here, at Grandma Juice, let’s face it. It’s not exactly considered ‘professional’ dishing the dirt on why my family is driving me crazy. (and drinking wine and cussing) And you, my home fry’s have spoken. You love that about me. TMI’ing about the family, tell it like it is, humorous blogging. (and cussing) Do you care that I drink too much wine? I forgot to ask. Anyway, over there, there’s no TMI’ing about the family. It may have a funny line here and there but no straight up shit from my unfiltered mouth. There will be no cussing. (probably, I’m really going to try) All pink, sparkly hearts and unicorns sliding down rainbows! (my apologies to The Bloggess for caving to ‘the man’ but Grandma’s gotta pay the bills, more on that below)

multiple blog niche

Multiple blogs, multiple niches
This sorta, kinda ties into what I just said ^^^ up there. Grandma Juice sort of pigeon holed myself out of going through doors that are otherwise open to more ‘generic’ named brands. Who’s going to take advice on parenting a toddler from a self proclaimed ‘Botoxed & Juiced’ Grandma? (who’s known for cussing) Also, I’ve ‘aged’ myself out of true mommy blogger status. (I seriously, cringe at that title) Grandma VS Mommy… who’s the expert? I may not be a rocking chair type grandma baking cupcakes for the 3rd generation, but I’m rockin’ something, right? Sadly, I’m still over looked and passed over for the big bucks. I’m OK with that. ‘Cuz I have multiple blogs, bitches! (see, cussing) Maybe, if it works out, I’ll start writing articles on How To Make Money With a Blog…  If not, there’s always cussing and wine.

multiple blogs

Increasing Revenue
Let’s face it, Grandma over here ain’t (ain’t?) rolling in the dough. Nope. I’m broke as a joke. So, by opening shop and having multiple blogs, I’ll (we) will have the most obvious advantage – more ad space. I know, I know, I hate those flashy ‘Buy My Crap’ ads all over the place too. Which is why you see very few of them over here. I’m selective. But, there’s also all those sponsored posts. Who’s going to fork over the ca$h for Grandma Juice to hock the latest trends in crunchy, frugal living? Not a soul. But, over at our new pad, they just might. Don’t judge, I have botox and wine to buy! Darren Rowse over at ProBlogger, who’s known for dishing up some pretty good advice in the blogosphere, warns against spreading yourself too thin when you attempt to run multiple blogs. Some very sage words from a pretty smart dude. But if you diversify your interests and stagger the launch dates, it may just work out for you! Like I said, botox ain’t (ain’t?) cheap and wine doesn’t magically appear in my fridge. Although, companies do love to send me their wine to review quite often! Thank the baby HeySus for that!

SEO benefits and cross branding
I’m not really the SEO expert by any stretch. But, if you do a simple Google search on ‘My family Is Driving Me Crazy’ ya know who pops up? Exactly! Grandma Juice! I’m all over that top coveted first page! (Hell yeah baby!) And while that’s very cool and all, I’m pigeon holed and now my branding is all about having a crazy family. Which of course is very true but not a good way to diversify. I also like to throw some recipes up on the wall, do some really awesome product reviews (when PR reps don’t expect me to be paid with high res images of course). And, since I’m all about saving a buck doing some couponing so I can pay for botox, I used to pump out that content over here as well. Ya know what? You guys didn’t pay a bit of attention to that! (why you no like me couponing?) So, having multiple blogs now allows me (us) more shots at SEO gold and cross branding! Example – I can talk crap over here about how obnoxious Ethan was at the grocery store and embarrassed Grandpa and I by throwing a temper tantrum at Target.  (my family is driving me crazy) And then, link to our other blog with this week’s current Target sales! It’s all totally legit, not some slight of hand, backass way of tricking folks. Just another way to express my interests but have them taken more seriously. I too am that crazy coupon lady, just without the ‘K’s of that other chick who is taken very seriously!

 love multiple blogs

For the love of blogging
As much as I piss and moan to poor Grandpa over here about being dead ass tired, forgetting to switch the loads of laundry and not having enough sexy time, I really love blogging!  I’ve met some of the most incredible folks out here in the blogosphere. I’ve learned a shit ton of new things reading other people’s blogs I’d otherwise never have stumbled upon. And, it’s given me an outlet to TMI about all the crap rambling around in my head. I’ve been lucky enough to get to review and giveaway some really cool products I probably would never even know about. I have given my UPS man some good gossip for water cooler chats. (he’s convinced I’m a compulsive shopper) And, sometimes… he drops off WINE for me! Now, I don’t know about you, but getting paid to play around on Pinterest and drink wine is really kind of a cool gig! So, before I change my mind and decide that yes, indeed I have snapped… Here’s to multiple blogs, baby!


Are you thinking of starting a blog? Maybe even having multiple blogs?
Can I just give ya some really quick advice?

Don’t quit your day job. Blogging is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme, it is more of a work-for-free-for-a-long-ass-time and then maybe earn a few bucks (and get free wine) kinda scheme. Learn everything you can before opening shop. It’s gnna happen, you will make mistakes. But, if you have a good solid plan, hopefully you’ll have less then if you just throw the doors open and lay out a pretty welcome mat.  My secret weapon – Google Search is your friend! Use it. And finally… have fun with it, but stop play Farmville on Facebook. That kind of Purple Cow is not what I was referring to.


  1. I have a professional blog, then I have a blog where I can be just me. Your posts always make me chuckle a little. Thanks for the laugh so early in the morning.

  2. I wish you all the luck in the world. I am tried the multiple blogs to no success. I eve have a professional blog that every week I say I am going to write at least one post to no avail.

  3. Alisha Kostiuk says

    I have multiple blogs also. My review and giveaway blog and where I do occasional updates of the family and then one where I bitch moan and complain about husband, kids and life in general lol.

    • Grandma Juice says

      Every girl needs her own space to bitch & moan about the husband & kids!!
      It’s like our own public pissing pot! Bitch on!

  4. I started as a niche blogger (green, eco friendly) and am nice and professional. And it was driving me insane that I couldn’t swear once in a while or review a nice bottle of tequila. All girls should be able to drink tequila and say damn on their blog if they feel like it! So, I started a second blog. It doesnt get quite the attention as the first one does and yeah, I only post 5 out of 7 days for the primary blog but so far I have managed to not go insane!

    • Grandma Juice says

      Can I have your tequila contact? You know, in case my wine gig falls through…
      I had no clue you had 2 blogs!!! Slip me that 2nd link!

  5. Like you, I have no real niche. I like to complain a lot. Is that a niche?


  6. Thank you! I just bought a second domain and am on the verge of pulling my hair out. Great post!

  7. I can totally feel your enthusiasm and excitement about this big change. I’m so happy for you! I wish I was organized enough to do the same, but I barely keep my head above water with one!

    • Grandma Juice says

      Enthusiastic? Yes! Organized? Hell nayh…
      Sticky notes, writing on the back of scraps of papers and a date book…
      that my organizational skillz…

  8. You know, I know so many people who have multiple blogs and I always wondered why….thanks for sharing, I never thought of these…

  9. Multiple blogs does allow for personal and business presences but keeping up on both of them is really time-consuming! I can’t imagine more than 2!

    • Grandma Juice says

      My secrect plan for never having to talk to the family again. A method to my madness…
      Don’t tell them

  10. I just started a new blog but it is not going to be monetized. It makes it so much easier that way because I can say whatever I want to say and not worry about deadlines!

  11. I understand the benefits of multiple blogs, but I have no idea how people keep up. With 2 little boys under the age of 3, I will stick to just 1! Good luck!

  12. I appreciate the advice and the quick wit. Thank you

  13. Really, you have been told you cuss too much? I was seriously beginning to wonder if companies actually look at blogs. Because there’s this one I read that cusses like a sailor and she’s not even funny or intelligent about it. I mean once, seriously I can’t get over this, she used the word digression instead of discretion. Someone even pointed out her error and she laughed saying it was auto correct, but then never fixed it. Honestly, if you are going to be working with companies and the public I do think there needs to be some degree of professionalism and having the F word in every other sentence does not come off as professional to me, but I personally have never been turned off by your off color remarks. They are not used in an angry I want to cuss out all of these flipping idiots sort of way. It’s all part of what makes your posts great, IMO. So let your sponsors know, the people have spoken. There is a right way and a wrong way to swear in a blog post, but Grandma Juice does it the right way ;).

    • Grandma Juice says

      And there…
      NOW PAY ME THE BIG BUCKS!!! And… sponsor me for conferences. And… send me a new Washer/dryer. Oh!!! And a cleaning lady who also knows how to make brunch. I’d love one of those!!

  14. Here’s to drinking wine and looking at Pinterest!

  15. i have 2 blogs and people think im nuts lol go for it =]

  16. I had two blogs – my regular one and a travel one. It was too difficult for me at this stage in my life. But I can definitely see the benefits of having more than one. You will have a personal one now and a review on. Great move!

  17. Anita Anderson says

    That is so true. You do start out with one and when u noticed u have 3 going on at the same time. For some people it works for others it dose not. I love that postcard comment. 🙂

  18. Ronni,
    Again, thank you for your perspective and an amazing way to lift us up!
    Love ya!

  19. You are always such fun to read! I admire you for all that you do because I can barely manage the one I have 🙂 You have my vote for coffee and cussing being considered a legitimate niche!

  20. I have a few blogs and it was no problem keeping them updated at first, but now that other areas of my life have gotten busy it’s more difficult to post in more than one place.

    Even still I think its great to have more than one! I think GrandmaJuice is awesome!

  21. That’s funny because I was just about to hit the complete my order button for a new domain name. Sometimes crazy can be good. Good luck! I think a little cussing never hurt anyone 😉 Nice to meet a regular grandma.

  22. I’ve had multiple blogs and had to sell them to concentrate on mine.

  23. G-d bless you. I can’t even handle one blog. I wish you luck!!

  24. Crap. I need a niche? I forgot about that.


    Apparently, no one knows WHAT I write about because someone complained on my FB page that I was writing about Trayvon Martin (she musta missed my SERIES on the Penn State scandal) when I’m a coupon/deal blog. No one told me that’s what I was. I always miss those important memos.

    I’m sure you’ll do fine. I’m pulling for you!

    • Grandma Juice says

      I especially like the barefoot thread and I’m STILL waiting to find out what was on your face!!
      You have deals?? Shit, never noticed. I go for the cat fights

  25. Great post. I never thought to have more than one blog until this year. I would love to have one just for hobbies such as scrapbooking and crafting. I always think it will be too much work but this has changed my prospective.

  26. Excellent post and more power to you! I can barely handle one! Really though, I completely understand where you are coming from and I wish you the best!

  27. I have no real Niche either I blog about whatever comes to mind. But that’s why it is called the thoughts and ramblings of k. Gilbert. Hhhhmmm guess that is a niche.

  28. Hey, I just found you in a most unusual way and I’m glad. Advertising companies are dumb. I can see just from reading this one post that you are a good writer, you engage an active audience, and you write shit people want to read about. Hell, I want to read more. What the hell more do they want??? Don’t they understand that the reason people read you is because you are interesting???

    I find the whole niche thing quite the conundrum. You have to have a niche to make money, but I don’t have one either. I’ve bought several urls with an idea that I might break out into different blogs, but then I never do it. I wish you the best of luck.

    p.s. I like me some Botox, too. Allergan is the one account I might be willing to stop cussing for.

    • Grandma Juice says

      Ok 1st – spill… you find me in an unusual way. Like, name on a truck stop wall kind of way or on the list of most ‘top 20’ must read blogs yet to be ‘discovered’ kinda way???

      HEY!!!! Now’s there’s a firm we need to hit up!! Allergan!! Grandpa is a paramedic, he knows how to poke people with needles (and, he kinda digs it so…) let’s you & I team up, and pitch them 1 hell of a campaign and get that party started!!! Can we??? We’ll brainstorm and throw out the best Why For’s and blow their botox socks off!! I think it’s a genius idea! Do you have to stop cussing completely or just back off a bit?? Fuck it, I’m in either way!

  29. I lost count of how many blogs I have…and I rarely post on any:-( Good Luck!

  30. I lost count of how many blogs I have…and I rarely post on any:-( Good Luck!

  31. I have considered multiple blogs before. Once I actually started designing a second one. Then I realized no way could I run more than one so let that 2nd domain expire.

  32. Good luck! I’ve tried multiple blogs, but I end up forgetting about the other one. It sits all neglected and sad until the domain name expires. My problem is lack of organization skills! I can organize everything great for my one site, but then I run out of steam for the others.

  33. I’ve been debating doing this! I’m not sure I can handle it, though. ESPECIALLY with a wine glass in one (or two) hands! 🙂

  34. Great idea! I’m kinda on the same train 😉

  35. Oh My… so many blogs I never stay caught up on any of them!

  36. I’ve thought of starting another blog, but decided it wouldn’t work for me. Besides the issue of time, I also feel like the blog I have now is so ME…I’m not sure I could put my heart and soul into a second (or third or fourth) blog. 🙂

  37. Yep..blog time 10..raising hand. It’s a love hate thing and will never change 🙂

  38. oh dear…I think having multiple blogs would make my head hurt! I struggle with the one I have!! 😉 Good luck! You sound like you have the energy for it!

  39. Good luck to you girls!

  40. Yes, I KNOW! I already left a comment…but I read this again today and am still LMAO!! Love it! I shared this to twitter for my fans to have a good read as well. 🙂 I am a big fan.

  41. I love your blog and think you are fabulous…. looking forward to seeing the “professional” side of you 🙂

    • Grandma Juice says

      I use the term ‘professional’ loosely. Cuz, Obviously. …
      Let’s just say there’s a LOT of editing going on M’Kay?

  42. you are very entertaining. i had another blog open for a while just for reviews etc when I was advertising with blogher but it became too much and not making enough from blogherads to compensate for the extra work

  43. I have muti blogs & work on national sites too. I love having a place to let loose & another to be more formal. I can struggle keeping up because I work online so much already I get burnt out, but the personal site I just yap about whatever anyway so there is no pressure there. Good luck.

  44. Good luck! I can’t wait to see what you come up with. I also don’t have a niche but won’t worry about it until I’m not working full-time, if that day ever comes. So I’ll be watching you to see how it goes/get ideas for my future!

  45. I run about 10 different niches — with a good plan of attack you shouldn’t have an issue managing them all. Let me know if you need help. 🙂

  46. AH! I have a few… some days I think I cannot have enough. Some days (like today) I want to quit them all! LOL I say go for it, though. You can do it! 🙂

  47. I’ve tried the multiple blog thing for years. I’ve failed miserably. I’m just Slap Dash Mom. Being the fitness chick, the mommy, the whatever… just didn’t work out so well for me. I’m glad I can be myself on my blog, or I wouldn’t love it as much.

    I absolutely adore your blog and if PR reps don’t get “you” then fuck em… someone else will. A bigger and better opp always comes along. hat’s my theory anyway.

  48. I love your sincerity and candor. It’s refreshing! Good luck on the venture…

  49. I thought you weren’t going to write an article about me. Sigh. I am not THAT crazy haha. j/k. Yes, love my blogging and everyone I have met. It’s great to have a space to be yourself on 😉

  50. I have my primary blog that really doesn’t have a niche. I guess I would fit into “mommy blogger” but I pretty much write what I want, when I want. So I started a second blog. Oh, my poorly neglected second blog. I hope your multiple blogs works out better than my poorly neglected blog! LOL

  51. I have a lot of little niche sites and a few blogs as well. Keeping them all updated is driving me crazy!

  52. I, like you, don’t have a niche, but I’m okay with that. I haven’t been turned down yet, (well except for Lego, but that’s a different story), but I find time to complain about my family, swear, tell people my thoughts on random things, and do sexy posts that sometimes lose me fans (prudes!). That’s okay though. I’d like to make money doing this blogging thing, but so far, no dice. SOME DAY *shakes fist*

  53. I love your blog, you make me laugh…LOL

  54. I used to blog but it started to stress me out. I thought I had lots to say until I had a venue to post it all and then I just dried up. Good on you for being so prolific 😀

  55. I have 4 blogs. One I stopped working on ages ago, one I started for a business that I think has 3 posts, a 3rd that I was really busy on til I started my latest blog that gets most of my attention these days. Totally overwhelmed! I need to get organized!

  56. I have only one blog and I use it for my crochet patterns. I haven’t yet gotten enough projects done to have a following. I need to develop my own patterns as well.

  57. I tried the two blog thing and couldn’t keep us. Now I am trying to redo one of my sites and start fresh.

  58. I’m not sure if I could handle two – I get overwhelmed with one!

  59. I can only focus on one, I just change it up when I need to because after all, its all about me and I am always everchanging! Its a good cautionary tale you wrote, some can handle multiple blogs, some can’t!

  60. This sounds like a great idea! I have two blogs my main blog and my niche family travel blog. It’s going great and I love having both. It is a lot of work but I believe the payoff in the end is all worth it!

  61. this cracks me up, but it is so freakin’ true!! Seriously! I even have a lifestyle blog, so my niche is fairly open, but I still run across PR people that say I’m not in their Specified “niches”. really? Lifestyle bloggers can’t bake? really?? I thought that was part of life? Or Camping?? really? Cause i”m not an outdoor bloggers I can’t work with you??

    Sometimes i wish I could get into different niches. And definitely a 2nd blog would do that for me. But…I’m going crazy keeping up with just the one. I’ll figure out how to get on top of this one first before I start the next.

    But that SEO cross promoting is awesome.

  62. I love reading your blog! Also, love the new design! 🙂 I have had another blog for a couple of years now…but it has been about a year since I posted on it! I think about it all the time, but that is about all the time I have for it. lol

  63. I have multiple blogs but only regular publish to a few of them. Sometimes I do wish that I only had one, but then again that will never happen.

  64. I started another blog and it is just sitting there, lol! But Grandma Juice I love you for you! I understand why you are doing it but just know we all think you are awesome!

  65. I am a fan of having many blogs. Like,having a million or so of ’em.

  66. I have my blog and my design website. I thought about creating multiple blogs but I’m afraid of spreading myself too thin. Anything I don’t necessarily think will fit on my blog I send over to someone else as a guest post.

  67. I’ve thought about starting another blog, but I can barely keep up with the one I have lol

  68. Oh my Guru Groovy Grandma! I too have decided to let La Gallina Vieja have her own blog, so I guess I’ll be doing the same as you but in reverse. The original Babushka’s
    Baile is the NICE one. ; ) Wishing us the best!!! BB2U

  69. Stephanie Hastie says

    I have just started reading you rblog, found it looking for giveaways, but enjoy that you have a lot of other stuff here too. Where are links to your other blogs? Anywhere?

  70. I have a mommy blog and its very hard to maintain it. I love it but i work full time and i have a 4 mo old baby boy so I’m very busy…i hope i can continue to find the creativity, time and strength to keep it going though , it’s my true passion!

  71. I say, go for the gusto! Best of luck to ya. I have one blog and it consumes way too much of my time so I personally can’t imagine keeping up with multiple blogs. Right now a lot of my posts are reviews and giveaways but I’m known for writing whatever the heck I feel like posting. It may be coupons one day and pictures of me drinking Jagermeister the next. I’ve lost some followers along the way and have lost out on deals but it’s no skin off my back.

  72. Your blog is a riot! You always bring a smile to my face with your posts. There are some blogs that make me feel like a m not a “good” parent because I am not making everything from scratch, letting my kids drink to much soda, and all the other BS. I get why you need the second blog. So go for it!

  73. Karen Glatt says

    My hat is off to you for having multiple blogs. I do not know how you can do this! I can not start a blog. I do not have the time. I know that blogging is a rewarding career, and you get to meet a lot of different people, but I am leaving blogging to the professionals such as yourself!

  74. I have multiple blogs, but just can’t seem to get my butt in gear, and work at them all:-(
    I want to be you when I grow up!

  75. Jennifer Johansen says

    I understand the snapping. I’d probably snap, too. You’ve got to be yourself *somewhere*!

  76. You sound like multiple blogs works well for you. I write content for online companies and I don’t know if I could keep on blog going like you gals do. I love the way your blog gives the facts with a great grin. Thanks!

  77. Love the blog!

    I like the branding and persona.

    Plenty of good takeaways…

    I don’t normally leave comments, but when I do I prefer to leave them for people like you 🙂



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