This Week’s Best Shit Found On The Web – The Internet Made Me Laugh

This Week’s Best Shit Found On The Web – The Internet Made Me Laugh

Look, I had to do it. Share funny shit I found on the web I mean. Because, Ugh… everything around here has been so serious lately. Ethan’s had the flu, puking and fever-ish. All the family has left after the holiday break. I do however have my nice, quiet clean house back. So, that’s some awesome sauce right there! Also! I have a new wine and some cocktail mix stuff someone sent me in the mail to try out. Shheeyyaaaa! But also, I need a little funny time break.

The internet is the best place to find all the funny shit happening (Well, other than people watching at WalMart) I decided to see what was funny this week that I only found on the web. Purely for research purposes. And, because I’m bored. I already friend requested every other Ronni Keller on Facebook. Because, why not? Should be an interesting day. Want to see what I found on the web that made me laugh, question humanity or just go WTF? Super. Let’s go.

Taco Bell Super Bowl Ad Teaser! This shit got me smiling! 87 year-old ‘Grandpa Bernie’ Goldblatt (along with his friends, of course) will take Super Bowl viewers on the ride of a lifetime all night showing that anyone at any age can LIVE MÁS®.  Even cooler? The commercial will be set to the music of Taco Bell Feed the Beat® artist and six-time GRAMMY® Award nominee fun.’s “We Are Young,” which will be sung in Spanish. Yep! Spanish people!! Watch ole Grandpa Bernie go tear it up! “Viva Young” and is scheduled to debut during the third quarter of the game which airs Feb. 3, 2013 on the CBS Television Network. I bet, after that airs, I’ll have all sorts of funny shit found on the web! AmIright???

Funny Shit Found On The Web

Fine. I’ll take my cougar ass over to Burger King and play with the Boy Toys there.

This I found on the web over at TMZ (don’t judge) and Lance Armstrong finally admitted to doping up before each race. Because clearly, he had everyone fooled all these years. Junkies always believe that though, don’t they? His arrogance made me laugh.

Also, this week I watched some of the America Idol auditions. Bwahahahaha…. No, silly. I’m not laughing at awful singers dressed like they just tripped out of the trailer park. That’s not funny. They think they are good. That’s called delusional. It’s not nice to laugh at delusional people. Well, if you do it when they aren’t looking, maybe. But never right in front of them. I’m laughing because, turns out the only judge worth her weight in salary…. Nicki Minaj!! How ridic is that! I can’t ever get her songs right on SongPop, but girlfriend actually has some decent words for those standing in the longest rejection line known to man. Ever. Funny sad, not funny ha-ha is Mariah Carey. She’s such a DIVA. Bless her heart. (they say that in the south so not to offend people when they are acting cra-cra) She really was hoping to shed that DIVA skin too, huh?

found on the web

Apparently, that shit happened! It’s true! I found it on the web! Not to worry, the woman is apparently fine but I bet she thinks twice before dating a hippy, Jesus look-a-like ever again! What a ‘Hair Raising’ experience that must have been though, huh? (see what I did there?)

You know about The Oatmeal, right? I found it on the web, maybe six months or so ago. Anyways, I read this article the other day and just about pee’d all over the couch. Ya know when something is just so funny, you start crying, and then that ‘OMG I really gotta pee now’ thing starts happening? But, you can’t go to the bathroom because you’re laughing/crying so hard and that by itself is gonna make you pee let alone get up to actually pee and it will just be a mess? That!

OH!! I don’t actually have this, but I was reading the reviews for it and OMFG you guys!! This is life changing stuff. Well, at least fruit salad making, life changing stuff. It’s only $2.76 on Amazon too! Even if you don’t buy the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer, you have you check out these reviews! There’s a whole day’s worth of funny shit reading right there!

Ok, I really gotta run. Ethan just puked again and the dogs are starting to clean it up. I’d totally let them finish if I wasn’t afraid they would now start puking too. Dog puke is by far worse than people puke.

What have you read or found on the web that made you LOL this week?



  1. Yikes!! You’ve definitely found some crazy things out there!

  2. Holy crap! Wow, that is some super crazy stuff you found. Funny and some a bit disturbing. lol.

    I hope ethan gets feeling better, nothing makes me more sick than puking kids, and even worse when pets try to clean it up. 

  3. That’s why I never eat at McDonald’s. Not nearly enough boy toys!

  4. Trying to type while holding my sides from the Banana slicer reviews. They really are SO FONII!!! BB2U

  5. YOU!!!!! LOL

  6. I love you GrandmaJuice you tell it like it is. No need to stay PC when you are around. Going to check out some of your links now.

  7. LOVE it! Btw, don’t worry about the dogs puking. If there’s anything I know about dog puke (and I know more than I want to, and don’t even know why I do know as much as I do, but alas), it’s that dogs will eat that up with the quickness. So, truth be told, you shouldn’t be worrying about any puke in your house. The minute you hear any creature (human or otherwise) start heaving, you should just start whistling for the dog. 😉

  8. I’ve been to Oregon, so I COMPLETELY believe that story. Completely.

  9. Choking with dreadlocks? That’s disgusting on so many levels. I do love the boy toys 😛

  10. actingbalancedmom says

    I am so over Lance Armstrong… darn, that’s right… I never gave a damn…

  11. This makes me so sad about humanity… from dread choking to a lack of “boy toys” at the golden arches. What is this world coming to???!!!

  12. Boy toys 🙂

    Yea lance, way to fall. I think I should have used an uppercase there.

    We must ban dread locks. It all said ‘dread anyway.

  13. LOL, I love reading The Oatmeal when I get a chance. And how in the world can someone chock another person with their own dreadlocks. What he do, say that he used a new shampoo and wanted her to take a sniff and BAM!!!, headlock her with his dreads. LOL.

  14. HAHA! Love the McDonald’s One. I’m always finding funny dog pictures, try google dog shaming for a few websites that I like! 🙂

  15. OMG – I usually keep my head in the sand so I hadn’t seen or heard of any of these. Thanks for making my day!

  16. I thank you for the laugh and I will see you at Burger King, lol.

  17. also love the mc donald’s one.

  18. We sure do live in a funny, crazy world!

  19. livingasunshinelife says

    OMG, I could have done without the dogs cleaning up puke, LOL. I love the Oatmeal. Between that and I find some amazingly hilarious stuff out there. Nice roundup!

  20. Lance Armstrong finally having the ball to come clean. lol

  21. What an awesome post! So many funny and crazy things going on! I cannot believe that stuff with Lance Armstrong! How horrible!

  22. Oh my gosh, the reviews on the banana slicer are awesome!

  23. You are hilarious!

  24. stacey dempsey says

    this week I found a japanese cat named Maru that is apparently all the rage on Youtube and he is hilarious , got caught up watching this silly cat doing silly cat things lol

  25. funny and strange thing do happens all around the world lol

  26. Gretchen Gerth says

    What did we do before we have the internet to amuse us? Pretty great stuff you found here.

  27. Funny stuff! The boy toy sign made me laugh!

  28. Marti Parks says

    I hate it when I have to go somewhere else to get boy toys, They can’t put anything on the internet that isn’t true! Bahahaha!!

  29. I love the one about the guy choking his girl friend with his dreds. How nasty. I bet they stunk to high heaven.

  30. Lol at the Mcdonalds sign..I am always finding stuff like this, I should bring a camera with me to document!

  31. Oh this was fantastic! I worked at McDonald’s one summer during college and was versed in the “you are not allowed to say ‘would you like a boy toy or a girl toy, you must say would like a car or Barbie'” Too funny!

  32. OMG How hilarious!! I saw that Taco Bell commercial during the Super Bowl and thought it was hilarious. Some of the other things you found were really funny. That Lance Arstong thing is the hoots. You tell me any body really thought he didn’t dope up. Oh come on!!! Thanks for the laugh of the day. 🙂

  33. Jessica Houston says

    Oh my gosh!! That Taco Bell Super Bowl Ad was hilarious!!!