Cash Giveaway – $500 PayPal Cupid’s Cash Giveaway

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Cash Giveaway – $500 PayPal Cupid’s Cash Giveaway

Cash Giveaway  Waaaaat?? Guess what time it is? Oh yeah! Giveaway time baby! With the big, pink, chocolate love filled holiday sponsored by greeting card makers just around the corner, I’ve decided you all need this! You know that guy of yours is going to get you a lame blender or some flowers that will wither up and die in a few days. So, Grandma Juice to the rescue. Cash Giveaway!! (I’m totally cool like that) I really wanted to send you some wine, but there’s silly laws that say I can’t. A cash giveaway will be cool too, right? Sweet!

So, I proudly welcome you to the 2nd annual Cupid’s Cash Giveaway hosted by MamaNYC! The ever cool Grandma Juice has once again teamed up with the greatest group of bloggers to bring you a HUGE (seriously, huge!cash prize to help celebrate Valentine’s Day! This way, when you open that lame blender, you’ll still be all happy and you’ll cry and he’ll think he did good and only we will know the truth.

This cash giveaway event will run from February 1-14, 2013. It is open to residents WORLDWIDE. Yep, even Alaska, Hawaii and Iceland! I’m so sorry you guys are always left out of the cool stuff. Not today my friends, not today!

One lucky winner is going to receive. . .

Are ya ready for this??

You sure??

$500.00 PayPal CASH!

I know, I know, it’s totally full of the awesome!! Just a few very simple steps and you’re on your way to being the big cash giveaway winner…

Please enter using the Rafflecopter widget below in order to enter this giveaway. Open to residents WORLDWIDE; 18+. Winner must have a PayPal account in order to claim this cash prize. (really, that’s how this works.. ya NEED a PayPal account, so if you’re one of the 7 people left in the world who’s not hooked up, go do it. It’s free, it’s quick and nothing spammy will end up in your inbox, I promise)

All entries are optional, but your odds greatly increase the more you complete. I know ya’ll know this but the law says I have to say it. So, I said it.  This giveaway will end on February 14, 2013 at 11:59pm EST. Winner will have 48 hours to confirm winnings or the prize will be forfeited and a new winner will be selected. You do NOT want to be that person! Please for the love of Jose Quervo, check your spam folders! I am still trying to find a winner for the Kitchenaid giveaway!! Crazy, I know!




Good Luck & Have Fun!


***UPDATE*** This contest has now ended.


Disclosure: This giveaway is a self-sponsored group collaborative effort in order to provide a cash prize. Each participant has provided funds in order to present this cash giveaway. This event is in no way sponsored or affiliated with any company or other individual(s) other than those included within the Rafflecopter widget.



  1. Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. Melissa Smith says

    If I win, I’m buying me some wine Grandma Juice! 😉

  3. whoops i entered that i follow live laugh love to shop with gfc, but i didn’t. please ignore that one.

  4. Lorraine bivens says

    Need to win cash for Christmas hoping I win this for christmas


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