The Geek Squad Rules I Drool. Love Story Edition

Geek Squad Best Buy

The Geek Squad Rules I Drool. Love Story Edition

The Geek Squad rules and I drool. There. I said. And now? I have a girl crush.

See that happy smiling face up there? That’s Kayla. My new girl crush. She works at the Geek Squad in Best Buy. Being the opposite of a ‘geek’, I needed some help learning to use my new Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet (which, is probably the sexiest piece of technology I’ve ever owned, BTW) for something other than playing SongPop and looking at food porn on Pinterest. I bought it on Black Friday thinking I would be able to take over the world because just holding it made me feel all smarty pants and stuff. That didn’t happen.

The Geek Squad Rules! 

Usually, I ask Grandpa over here for all my techy type help. He’s really nerdy and geeky. He’s even got fancy, schmancy, techy type degrees! But when he tries to teach me stuff, he pulls out charts and graphs and it’s sort of like teaching calculus to a kindergartner. He kinda sounds like the teacher on every Charlie Brown cartoon “Wa, wa, wa, wa, waaaaaa” …. But Kayla from The Geek Squad made my heart flip just a bit. And not only because she’s so darn cute either! She taught me some mad skills. And now, I may never have to get off the couch! Now that’s true love right there! Although, she said she’s never been on Pinterest. Weird, I know. We’ll have to fix her up.

Geek Squad Solution Central

So, here’s what happened. I set up an appointment with Geek Squad Solution Central at Best Buy. Mind you, I did this online, in my jammies! So, they started off with brownie points right there. You pick your day/time right through the website and they send you a confirmation email. Really easy. So while all you guys were watching the Super Bowl, I was hanging with my girl Kayla. I flat out told her how lame I am when it comes to learning ‘techy’ stuff. Also, I said I need to walk out of the store #BloggingLikeABoss and not just the Queen of SongPop. (or drooling over food porn) She was very patient, didn’t talk to me like Charlie Brown’s teacher and had not a single chart or graph. She was all hands on, visual teaching, which clearly is the way I needed to go. I think my appointment was supposed to last only 30 minutes, but Kayla and her Geek Squad buds spent a good hour or so with me! The store was pretty empty though, since everyone was sitting at home drinking beer watching Beyonce do the half time show. So, I can’t guarantee that everyone will get that amount of time but my advice is to schedule your appointment at any off peak hour! Here’s what the Geek Squad can do for you though…

Walk-Out-Working are “in the moment”, custom product set-ups offered before you leave the store with your new device, with the option to schedule appointment times at a later date. WOW is offered across multiple categories including mobile, computing, tablets, gaming and digital camera. The appointment can range from rapid, quick-fire set-ups to elongated, more detailed set-ups, depending on the Customer needs.

1-on-1 Consultations
A 30 minute 1:1 personalized sessions with a TEA to cover any topic the customer has questions on. These classes are meant to accommodate different Customer preferences for how and what they want to learn. (this is what I did with Kayla!)

Technology Debriefing Classes
Our classes span over multiple categories and cover a broad range of topics including Windows 8, What New with Apps, Different Operating Systems, to How to Watch TV on your Phone. We’ll continually build out an expansive library of classes and content to meet our Customer needs and interests.

I totally give Kayla and The Geek Squad props. I did learn a ton of stuff and will soon be taking over the world. Ok, maybe not. But, I will be able to use my fancy, schmancy Galaxy Note for more productive things. In fact, I’m in my jammies right now sitting on the couch #BloggingLikeABoss! Even Grandpa is headed over to Best Buy next week with our new DSLR so he can learn to take some seriously awesome food porn pics.

So, what have we learned? The Geek Squad rules. I don’t drool quite so much (anymore). And, Kayla rocks. If you need some help with your new tech toy, I really can’t recommend heading on over to grab your very own Geek Squad guru and taking advantage of Solution Central! It’s FREE ya’ll!!! And who knows, after you learn some mad skills, you might also walk out with a love story of your own!

What can The Geek Squad and Solution Central do for you?

I was compensated for my review of The Geek Squad and Solution Central in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card. However, all opinions are that of Grandma Juice. 


  1. If only they could/would fix my laptop! It’s not even a month old yet and it stopped working – would love to use it for something other than a paper weight lol. Glad you got your sexy gadget working!

  2. ** Correction **
    The 1 on 1 consultation was supposed to be 15 minutes. I tried to attach the graph and chart that I made to compare your allotted time to the time Kayla actually took with you, but it won’t let me upload them. 🙁 But she was awesome! And I don’t have a crush on her, as cute as she was, too young for me. Also, Grandma Juice still drools. When she sleeps. True story. 🙂

  3. Aw, what a sweet girl!

  4. I didn’t know they could do so much! I definitely need to check out The Geek Squad next time I need help.

  5. I love the Geek Squad with all my heart! They have fixed my laptop more times than I thought possible. 🙂

  6. I love techy stuff, but when I am over my head Geek squad is definitely the way to go. It’s so nice that they don’t speak gibberish when explaining things to you!

  7. Jessica Houston says

    I love Geek Squad!!! They always help me out!

  8. I always need so much techy help, that I’ve been thinking about adopting a 14 year old – but considering the massive quantities of food that teenage boys consume, or the cost of keeping teenage girls in clothing and makeup – I’m now leaning towards looking into The Geek Squad:-)

  9. Did you say free?

  10. I couldn’t resist reading this since my son’s girlfriend is also a Geek at the Squad. She is one of the saviest ppl I know when it comes to troubleshooting and fixing computers. Everything you wrote is absolutely true!

  11. I know what you mean! I love the geek squad! They are so fast and diagnosing any problems you have with your computers and they don’t make you feel stupid when they realize you ar not at all computer knowledgeable! 🙂

  12. Marti Parks says

    I think I need to find a geek squad crush, I am a total un-geek, if that is really a word. Thanks for such great info , I hate it when really smart people make you feel stupid.

  13. We used Geek Squad once when my daughter downloaded a virus. They totally rocked. It only took them one day to fix our compuer and have it running better than before she downloaded the virus. Our guy was as cute as Kayla. He was a real nerd. But it worked for us.

  14. haha i adored this post! i’m pretty much like “grandpa” couple tech certifications but i can’t find a way to make it simpler for newer users or technologically challenged folks…
    but yeah, she’s completely adorable and i can definitely see how you’d have a crush on her, i think i just might, too! 🙂
    and calculus to kindergarteners isn’t really such a far-fetched idea – there’s a book called Calculus By and For Young People which has rave reviews about being able to teach calculus to children as young as 6 🙂

  15. STOP – can we trust someone who doesn’t Pinterest? lol

    All joking aside, I am loving that you can schedule an appointment now. The last time I needed the Geek Squad I stood in line for almost two hours! By the time I made it to my Geek I was tired, annoyed, cranky, and not willing to learn anything from them! I think this will make everyone in the store much happier and that line won’t be so daunting.

    Thank you for the heads up. Maybe I will have one of them teach me how to use my new iPad for something other than FB, Pinterest, or Google Emails… that and my addiction to BeJeweled!

    Warm Regards,

    Drive Me Crazy Family Adventure

  16. That’s refreshing you had such a great experience with Geek Squad! If I ever need help, now I know who to call!

  17. That is so awesome that you can set up the appointment AT HOME, online. I love doing everything online. As much I can do at home without having to leave my home and without the phone, the better!

    • Thank you so much! I look forward to seeing either of you back in whether it is help with the galaxy tab note or any other sexy electronics you have! To build off about the Pinterest topic, I have downloaded the app and now I’m addicted. Thank you again 🙂

  18. I love the Geek Squad, too. And we don’t even have a Kayla at our store. I had no idea they have classes though. I should sign up for help with Windows 8!

  19. I didn’t realize they actually held classes, how cool! I never quite know who to trust when I have a computer problem that neither myself or my husband can figure out, I’m glad you had such a good experience! If only I could get my in-laws to sign up for one of those classes so we wouldn’t have to try an over-the-phone-troubleshoot how to save and print a picture from the internet…;)

  20. I have never had to use the Geek Squad at Best Buy because my nephew is so good with computers that he fixes everything when it goes haywire! But I have heard that they can fix anything that goes wrong with the computer at Geek Squad!

  21. Chevy Reid Roper says

    I have heard a lot of people bragging about their experiences with Geek Squad. All has been very positive. I have never had to use them…knock on wood, but I definitely think that they would be my first choice if I needed help.

  22. I have never had to use geek squad but I would use them if the need ever arises.

  23. I’ve heard great things about them–going to have to use them if I run into any computer issues.