My In-Laws Like Living Alone. I’d Like To Keep Them Out Of My Spare Room

 Seniors Living Alone

(I kid, I kid, Mostly)

My In-Laws Like Living Alone. I’d Like To Keep Them Out Of My Spare Room

My In-Laws really like living alone. And, don’t get me wrong… I really love the amazing people who made sure my awesome husband grew up to be such a super guy. But, I really like that they don’t live in our spare room. That just would not be all awesome for anyone. They are both very strong, independent people in their mid 80’s. He was a pilot in the air force and she was an occupational therapist. Intelligent peeps! But, very set in their ways. I don’t think my love of reality TV and a nice glass of wine would mesh with their Art Bell podcasts and on a full time status, huh?

A couple months back, I asked you all for some tips on Facebook on how I could best help them continue living alone, remember? Her appendix burst and in his desperate attempt to get her some help, he fell and broke a few ribs. It really was quite scary for them as well as us being so far away. Since they are both all healed up now and still determined to continue the care free, crazy, willy nilly life they lead living alone, we at least have some peace of mind after finding this sweet CareLine Phone System made by VTech. For real, check this out!

VTech Helps Seniors Continue Living Alone, Safely!

Seniors Living Alone

We brought the phone system over to their house and followed along with the easy to read guide and had it up and running in just a few minutes. We were able to very easily program the 4 speed dial buttons for them as well. The 1st is 911, the 2nd rings right to our home and the 3rd and 4th go to our cell phones. We need to stick some cool photos in there so they can see our smiley faces when they go to make the calls. I think with them living alone, it’ll be very handy to just be able to push 1 button to make the calls to people you’d need in an emergency so fast!

Seniors Living Alone

Over all, the best part for us is this little baby! This pendant can be worn around the neck, clipped on to a belt loop or even a key chain. Wherever they go in and around the house and still have access to some form of emergency call. THIS alone would have made the whole incident a few months back so much better for them living alone like that! You can push the button or use the voice activated feature that’s built in. The funny commercial “I’ve fallen and can’t get up‘ was literally the position my poor father in law was in while she was in so much pain from the appendix and could not get help for herself. Did you know that falls account for 1/2 of all deaths in injury related accidents among senior citizens? It’s so scary! As bad as it was, it could have been so much worse. Since they insist on living alone, this little device right here, is such a peace of mind. Worth every penny!

Also, it’s just like any other phone.  Want to order pizza? Call and have that delivered! Grandma wants to call and chat with Aunt Betty about the weather, who won at bingo or just catch up? She can do just that! However, unlike other systems on the market, The Careline system has no monthly monitoring fees, installation costs or contracts. You just buy the unit and that’s it. Living alone on a fixed income would make the comparable units impossible for them to have. This system got rave reviews at the CES in Las Vegas last month as one of the hottest gadgets to help seniors continue with the independent lifestyle living alone. It retails for about $120 and again, with no monthly monitoring fees and contracts, we really feel this is the perfect choice!

They’ve been using this Careline Phone System from VTech for a few weeks now and so far so good! My mother in law had a 1 time flub of not having the voice recognition understand what she was trying to say and it took 2 or 3 tries to get it to dial out for her. We weren’t there so I can’t say if it was user error or the system itself. But they are happy and feel more safe and secure. So, we feel much better about them living alone and not in our spare room!

We received this product for review while participating in a campaign by on behalf VTech Communications, Inc. All opinions are that of The Grandma Juice Blog. And, we’re full of them!




  1. Love that this has no monthly monitoring cost! What a huge advantage!

  2. LOL @ your title! My grandparents could really use something like this that can be worn with the at all times.

  3. This has to give you so much more peace of mind! Vtech makes great stuff, I’ve never had a problem with any of their phones or other electronics. I’m glad your in-laws are able to remain independent, but still connected in case of emergencies.

  4. That is a brilliant device! I wish we had it years ago! My grandparents often were found a day later when someone went to check on them and they had fallen and couldn’t get up to call for help. I mean, we checked on them every day, but what do you do when you fall an hour after the Check in happened and have to wait a full day until the following day for someone to find you? It was horrible! But they were independent and as long as they didn’t have a fall they were fine to live on their own. This Vtech careline phone is brilliant!!

  5. Very very interesting, thanks!

  6. I think one of the biggest advantages this system has is no monthly fees. That’s huge for seniors.

  7. Hello there, Ronni! What a great product. It is hard to believe all three items come in one package and there is no additional cost for use. Thanks for sharing. I am very interested in CareLine technology. Much Love, Fondly, Robin

  8. What a seriously smart product! I will definitely keep this in mind for the future for peace of mind if and when it’s needed! Thanks for the heads up!

  9. This VTech system is fantastic. We gave one to my inlaws, who are still living alone in their 90s.

  10. Very neat. I think this is great and the word needs to spread about this, cause I am sure tons of people would want to know about it. First I have heard about it! So cool!

  11. Thanks for sharing! My parents are young, but my grandmother is much older and now lives with my aunt but is still home alone all day. She has a cell phone, but some days she has trouble using it. I’ll have to share this with my aunt!

  12. This is so wonderful! I just moved out on my own and my mother is limited(she is home alone almost all day) so I think maybe this would be something good to get here!

  13. Wow! What an awesome product! I need to look into this for my mom!

  14. What an awesome product. I am checking into it for sure. I have several family members that could really benefit from it as they are not willing or ready to give up their independence either!

  15. This would truly be a wonderful item for my parents whom live next door. Even living next door accidents happen and this would help bring me a measure of peace.

  16. Wow this is a great gift idea for my grandma. I will definitely be shopping for one of these for Christmas this year.

  17. Tucked inbetween all of your humor, I see the love you have for your inlaws in how you got them all set up. What a great phone, I’d like one for myself. Cheers to 80 more years for the two of them!

  18. I enjoyed your post and know it is just as hard to live with someone as it is to have someone live with another. I’m sure they appreciate you helping to keep them independent.

  19. Technology never ceases to amaze me. This truly is a product that will help out senior citizens or anyone really. I like the pendant feature.