Shit I Found On The Internet Part 2 Because Once Is Never Enough

Found On The Internet

Shit I Found On The Internet Part 2 Because Once Is Never Enough Apparently

Seriously! How cute is that little gif! It was found on the internet by yours truly this week. Because apparently, I have nothing better to do with my time then play SongPop and look at cute cat pics. Meh… it’s a living and someone’s gotta do it, right? Also! I came across this awesome yet disturbing article about ‘Fakebooking’… Have you heard about this?

Apparently, there’s another a huge ‘mommy war’ brewing about only posting the happy, happy, joy, joy moments of your life on Facebook and none of the disastrous kinda stuff that happens everyday when your family is driving you crazy. Kinda like ‘whitewashing’ your real life because it sucks real bad so people only post pics and status updates of happy, clean kids doing amazeball crafts with sparkly clean homes in the background and awesome sauce recipes waiting on the table for dinner. Knock it off you guys! Do we really need another mommy war thingy? No, no we don’t. But that’s what’s found on the internet because of the pressure to be perfect. Go ahead, let everyone know your kid threw a tantrum in the check-out aisle at Target! It’s also totally cool (and completely honest) to say your angelic little girl sat on the couch, picking her nose while watching Dora. Because she’s 3 and that’s what they do! And that bottle of wine you drank after the crotch monkeys finally fell asleep after tearing up the house and caused you to hide in the bathroom for 15 minutes? Honey, you go right ahead and let everyone know you had to get your drink on! That perfect (and unattainable) life you’re pretending to have… it only exists in Pinterest land. And, if people over at Huffington Post say it’s wrong to do that kinda shit, you know it’s totally true. So stop it!! Ok, rant of the over… on to the funny shit I found on the internet!

Found On The Internet

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve heard the Pope quit. Who knew he could just do that?? Anyways, they picked a new guy to tell us everything we’re doing is a sin. But, what’s with the ‘smoke’ thing?? According to Globe and Mail black smoke means ‘nope’ and white smoke means ‘yep’. Whatever, I kinda think Disney had a hand in all of it because it can’t just be a coincidence that OZ came out this weekend and POOF… now it all totally makes sense.

I don’t really do a lot of looking through tumblr. But I noticed I was getting a shit load of pageviews from it for my Black Forest Dream Bars Recipe. So I had to go see what that was all about. Got all ADD distracted, bounced around and found this amazingly awesome tumble recipe site. I absolutely died and went to inappropriate recipe heaven! Go on! Click! You know you want to…

Also, found on the internet… The Harlem Shake. Most annoying music. Ever. But some seriously cool videos!

Found On The Internet

That and wine would make life pretty damn perfect, no?


  1. prettyopinionated says

    Thanks for the list of cool stuff and the hilarious commentary to go along with it. I spend a lot of time (ok, maybe waste a lot of time is a better way of saying it) browsing random crap on the internet. There really is an endless supply of it!

  2. Oh my goodness – I needed a good laugh this morning after rushing around getting all the kids to school in one piece. Teehee. Thanks for the fun!

  3. YES!!! I loved the last one of crazy stuff you found on the internet, was hoping you would have another one! That whole mommy war, is just stupid! Yes, its good to be positive, but that is taking it to a level that is unhealthy! When others only we the good, they start comparing, and think you are perfect, then they get depressed and start hating cause they can’t be depressed. I actually just went to a seminar about this last week! Its important to be positive, but you have to be honest, and its OK to have a kid that throws a tantrum or picks their nose!

  4. Lol the internet really is an endless source of entertainment. There is hilarious stuff out there but lots of scary stuff too.

  5. kelseyapley says

    HAHHAHAHA that is hilarious!! It amazes me what you can find on the internet and how weird things can be!!

  6. Lots of wild and superficial commentary rolling through my mind right now. I can’t possibly pour it all onto this page, so maybe I’ll make a post of my own later, but probably not. Some great stuff here, and at least enough comedy to give me some afternoon chuckles.

  7. Never heard of Fakebooking before….seriously people should just mind their own. But whatever. I just prefer to stay as far away from FB as possible. I might do a status update here and there but I try to keep it only for my blog…

  8. Those are funny! The internet is always good for a few laughs.

  9. I think I should announce on Facebook that the proctitis is back!

  10. Awesome collection of links. The one on Facebooking is hilarious!

  11. Very good. I’ve tried to stay away from the pope jokes because I have close friends who are Catholics, but they are pretty funny.

  12. Katherine G says

    Love this post. I needed this laugh

  13. “Now it would be for the prescriptions.” *snort*

  14. You always crack me up! Love the somecard!