The Real Deal On The Tooth Fairy And Holy Tooth Fairy Inflation Batman

Tooth Fairy

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The Real Deal On The Tooth Fairy And Holy Tooth Fairy Inflation Batman

The Tooth fairy came! It finally happened! Ethan lost his 1st tooth. And seriously if he doesn’t go on to win some sort of Academy Award for best dramatic actor as an adult I’ll be shocked.  Listen, I fully admit that he’s got all these ‘quirks’ and OCD and, and, and… But WTF. Come on! He couldn’t eat. He cried. A lot. At home, in school (his teacher told him to ‘cry in his head!!) … in his sleep… ‘OOOUUUCCHHH”….. ‘I’m going to STAAARVEEEE because I can’t eat’…. ‘I’m going to swallow it and choke to death and then what will you do?’ ….. ‘It’s never going to grow back and I’ll look like a freak my whooooole life’…. on and on and on it went. All.Week.Long. And also, he refused to brush his teeth. Flat out laying on the bathroom floor, crying and screaming like a banshee kind of refused. I may or may not have told him he couldn’t sit next to me on the couch while watching TV because his breath smelled like he was chewing on his sweaty socks. Maybe. I know it’s not very sympathetic of me to roll my eyes while he’s clearly in some sort of tragic, painful, situation which has only happened to him and no one else in the entire world. But, yes, the eye rolling thing happened too. So, when it finally fell out and it was time for the tooth fairy to show up, I was completely relieved. Until… he wanted to Google facts about the Tooth Fairy, how much a tooth actually goes for these days and every little fairy bit of info available in every nook and cranny of the net. Being the kind of kid who’s incredibly intelligent (and low end spectrum Asperberger’s) makes having all this info a must. So, off we went to fill up his smart meter. (that’s what he calls ‘learning’)

Tooth Fairy

The Real Deal On The Tooth Fairy

So, I started out by asking him what he thought the Tooth Fairy looked like. Simple enough. He had such a detailed image in his head I thought it would be better to head back over to Google and do an image search. The picture at the top is what he decided was almost exactly what he had in his head. Something about ‘Rise of The Guardians’ and a 10 minute discussion that I only 1/2 listened to because I’m ADD and he’s all attention to detail and we just get on best that way.  Then we moved on to what she (he decided that it’s defiantly a chick with wings) does with all these little children’s teeth she collects. Apparently, she brings them back to her beautiful kingdom and builds her palace and other kingdom-ish type buildings out of them. Ok, that sounded practicable! A light bulb went off in my head at this point to prepare for the next go-round of dramatic tooth loss. I asked if perhaps, she’d be happier the cleaner and brighter the teeth were since they were used for building this magical kingdom… YES!! Next time, he decided the ‘no brushing’ thing would be out. WHEW! Next, we tackled the history and traditions of The Tooth Fairy. Which honestly, I didn’t know and was pretty interesting! Here’s a few things we learned!

  • American traditions are some slight variations of a child loses a tooth, it’s placed under their pillow at night and the Tooth Fairy comes to collect it. In return she/he leaves a small amount of money in exchange.
  • In the Middle East when a child loses a tooth, they toss it in the sky towards the sun to Allah as a sort of gift. In return, they request a better tooth to replace the one they’ve just lost.
  • Most traditions are based on an old superstition that witches and demons used pieces of your body, such as teeth, hair and fingernail clippings, to direct magic and curses at people. So whatever you do, don’t let them get hold of your teeth!

Since we’ve gone through this whole tooth fairy thing four times with our older kids, we’ve gotten a bit wiser than trying to dig around for a teeny, tiny tooth in the dark. We started our own tradition of getting an envelope, having each kid write their name, date and which tooth it was (1st, 2nd, etc) on the sealed envelope and then after the switch, putting them in a keepsake box. I found some really cool ideas on pinterest for tooth fairy ideas and crafts you can use to start your own cool traditions!

The Going Rate For Tooth Fairy These Days Is What?

Assuming each child has approximately 20 baby teeth, this gig can be quite profitable for the small fry’s huh? I asked around and my friends are handing out anywhere from $1 to $10 average per tooth! No. Our tooth fairy can’t afford that. She told me so herself. She has wine and botox to pay for. We decided on a nice semi-middle ground of $3 per tooth. Inflation! I got a quarter, our older kids each got about $1. Kind of a racket.

Tooth Fairy

And, here’s what we’re hoping doesn’t happen the next time! Because the Academy Award will go to….. Ethan! Do you have any special traditions a your house? And…. what does your fairy leave behind?


  1. our oldest daughter is only 5 and yet to loose a tooth so we have not decided on how we will be addressing the tooth fairy and the price per tooth bu $3 sounds like a good average to me!

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  2. This is CRAZY! My sister-in-law said there is someone in her daughter’s class that pays $20 a TOOTH!?!? It’s getting to be a bit much! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  3. When my daughter was young she was in a private school because I taught there. Some of her classmates got $20 a tooth and she couldn’t understand why the cheapo tooth fairly left her a dollar.

  4. My son gets $2 per tooth. He got $5 for the first one. I love how you turned his vision of the magical kingdom into a way to get him to brush his teeth! Very clever!

  5. JU SO FONII!!! And a genius too. The clean castle building bit? Inspired. Passing that one on to the grandbabies. BB2U

  6. Inflation is nuts isn’t it? I think I got a quarter as a kid. I usually give my son whatever spare change I have on hand. If he isn’t happy, then I”m sorry but the tooth fairy isn’t a millionaire. lol

  7. I didn’t get any money from the tooth fairy 🙁 we don’t have that tradition here but I might start that with my baby.

  8. I just got whatever change I think was laying around hahahaha!

  9. Yeah, I am a firm believer that the tooth fairy does not believe in inflation! My kids each get a quarter per tooth. I only got a quarter. I was completely shocked when I learned how much people are giving out for teeth these days. Nope, my kids can earn their money in more productive ways. Like doing their chores and extra jobs around the house.

  10. With all three of my kids when they lost their first tooth they always get a nice crisp $20 that can be used on anything of their liking, every tooth after that they get $5 for unless it is a special tooth (one that has had dental work) and then they get $10 and all of the other fairy collecting’s but the first has to go directly into the bank, for savings.

  11. Eli lost his first tooth and my friend Judy gave him a dollar. That night he put the tooth under his pillow and the tooth fairy came and left him a dollar. The next morning he woke up freaking out because he said the tooth fairy hadn’t come. I said yes she did, there’s the money. He insisted that was the money from Judy because the tooth fairy always leaves fairy dust. It turns out that one of his friend’s mothers sprinkled glitter with the money. So I had to go buy glitter and leave ANOTHER dollar under his pillow. Stupid Tooth Fairy.

  12. I remember when I lost my first tooth, I got $20! LOL!

  13. $10 a tooth? Oh noooooooo, not happening. Your $3 is more than reasonable. Some of the other tooth traditions are really interesting!

  14. That had to be so frustrating! We are cheap though and it’s $1 a tooth here.

  15. We do anywhere from $1 to $3 depending on how much cash we have on hand. I’m a debit card girl so I’m lucky if I have a $1 on me most of the time.

  16. We’re not at that stage yet, but I love that you say the tooth fairy will love them more the whiter they are!

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  18. 1 dollar per tooth

  19. A fun read! I think Parents should give their children 5 dollars per tooth.

  20. My son Brodie just lost his 5th tooth
    It was so cute hearing his lissssssp ( because of the tooth missing ) and because he uses his own money to buy things while on trips ,
    I bribed the tooth fairy to leave 50$
    Waking up and seeing the excited look on his face is priceless

  21. I try and leave something special…something they don’t see all the time. Gold dollar coins, Dwight Eisenhower dollar coins, 50 cent pieces, etc…Its more magical when they get something maybe they haven’t ever seen before 🙂

  22. it is fake

  23. scary

  24. I give my kid $5 every time now she has $145! Wow….that fast LOL

  25. uuuuuuur that is some discusting blood! no offence please say none taken!

  26. my daughters tooth came out today i gave her £5.00 pounds i had to dress up as the tooth fairy my daughter said ” Mommy look! ” but she thought i wasn’t the tooth fairy that second day at the night guess what! i caught a small thing with wings it had curly blonde hair and it had a sparkly pink dress on! i wonder who came and viseted my daughter……..