The Ultimate 80s Movies List And I Explain Where I’ve Been Hiding

Ultimate 80s Movies List

The Ultimate 80s Movies List And I Explain Where I’ve Been Hiding

If you’ve been at all wondering where I’ve been (probably not) know that you are in good company! I’ve been trying to find myself as well! It’s tough to do when I keep hiding inside my own head. It’s so damn crowded in there. And noisy too! Those voices, man they just wont shut the hell up. They are all like ‘Oh, Ronni, over here, got important stuff to think about for ya!”… “Oh, no, lookie here, you need to stew on this”… ‘Oh, wait, here’s something shiny, come over here!”… Yes, yes I did try wine! That just made them sound all slurry “Oh, Honey, you shooooud lissssshen to disss stuff, it’s aweshome saush….” See? That’s even worse. So, while I’ve tried figuring out a new life plan, I’ve been hiding under my blankie on the couch watching some old 80s movies. Trying to get my sexy back. I was pretty sexy back in the 80s! Finding that old cool chick I was, is gonna take some work. (Botox appointment scheduled!) It all really can be summed up in my life lessons… This one specifically.

#19 – If you have a really crappy week, you are then entitled to make up that week in what ever non-productive way you see fit. 

And, since I pretty much just wanted to gouge this past week’s eyeballs out with a melon baller (and Grandpa Juice’s too, but that’s a whole different blog post) you can go ahead and assume these last few days were exactly that. Unproductive. This last week was a total poopy head. Until… 80s movies! So, in my lamest effort to get past yet more unproductive procrastination and a total loss of all readers and pageviews, I’m going to blog! Before I start painting my nails. (great nail art tutorial there BTW!) Which, I’m going to do later. Because I’d totally cop out and use wet nails as an excuse not to blog. Acceptable? Absolutely! So, in no particular order because that would take way too much work and HELLO! Unproductive… Here’s a list of some FAB 80s Movies to pull anyone out of their funk-ish-ness (I just made that word up) And, since Ethan’s going to be at the grandparents all weekend, crappy, insensitive, asshole husband is out out of town with his parents at a family wedding all week, I’m going to finish finding myself. Lost somewhere in the 80s.

80s Movies(Image courtesy of

The Ultimate 80s Movies List!

First a few random facts. Because, why not?

  • “Porky’s” was the No. 5 grossing movie of 1982, and adjusted for inflation would be a $110 million blockbuster today.
  • Different versions of the Jane Fonda Workout tape were No. 1 in overall VHS sales for FIVE STRAIGHT YEARS (1983-1987). (Someone should make a movie about this seriously off the wall but totally random fact about 80s movies!)
  • William H. Macy is in the movie “The Last Dragon”. He’s wearing a redonkulous 80s outfit as he yells at Vanity to get on the stage. Came a long way to get on Shameless, huh?
  • Brigitte Nielsen was a legitimate female movie lead. Shocking, I know!

Also, the best way to break these into any sort of category is those made by John Hughes and then… everything else. You can’t argue with that.

80s Movies – John Hughes

  • The Breakfast Club – 1985
  • Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – 1986
  • Weird Science – 1985 (“So, what would you little maniacs like to do first?” Remember that?!!)
  • Vacation – 1983
  • Pretty In Pink – 1986
  • Sixteen Candles  – 1984
  • Christmas Vacation – 1989 (just squeaked in!)
  • Some Kind Of Wonderful – 1987

80s Movies – Not John Hughes

  • E.T The Extra Terrestrial – 1982
  • The Empire Strikes Back – 1980
  • Return Of The Jedi – 1983
  • Raiders Of The Lost Ark – 1981
  • Back To The Future – 1985
  • Top Gun – 1986
  • Beverly Hills Cop – 1984
  • Fatal Attraction – 1987
  • Ghost Busters – 1984
  • The Little Mermaid – 1989
  • Dirty Dancing – 1987
  • Platoon – 1986
  • Gremlins – 1984
  • The Color Purple – 1985
  • Aliens – 1986

Got some favorite 80s movies that didn’t make it on my list? Go ahead, add them in the comments section! Maybe, we can all grab our wine, crawl under our blankie and squeeze together on the couch and have some sort of mega marathon!! That would be amazeballs!

Also! If you’re in the mood for a little dancing, romancing or booty shaking, (sadly, I certainly am not this week) back in February, I wrote one the most popular posts ever on the Grandma Juice Blog as far as pageviews goes. Really, it’s got over 23 THOUSAND views in 2 months. Cra Cra…

The Ultimate 80s Music List It’s the song track to my life. Also know as Songs I Danced, Got High and Had Sex To. You should totally go check that shit out and figure out which is which.

80s Movies



  1. Kathy.... Yeah me :) says

    Say anything. You totally left that out. How???? John Cusack is the man. Then and now.
    And you had to know I’d mention…. VALLEY GIRL.
    You must’ve had too much wine to miss both of these. Geesh!!!

  2. Kathy.... Yeah me :) says

    St. Elmo’s Fire.
    Sooo good. Oh now I’m reminiscing and need to get up. I’m sure I’ll be back. 🙂

  3. Girl, I think a LOT of us had that kind of week last week! Of course we cared where you went, and you weren’t the only one devouring wine bottles! Moscato was my poison of choice! Glad to hear you are back to blogging with your bad self! Chin up little buck!

  4. Oh my goodness, I just realized you left off Say Anything (thanks Kathy!)! I forgive you though, since you included just about all of Hughes’ other movies. I hope this week is much better for you!

  5. I remember we used to have Molly Ringwold parties and watch all her movies with sleepovers! I LOVED the 80’s…we were out waiting for our parents to say it is respectful to knock on neighbors doors and they had to call every parent looking for us at dark! The good days!

  6. Oh, so many good movies on there! I love all the ones with the Brat Pack!

  7. I’m having flashbacks from your post. I babysat a kid that wanted to watch The Little Mermaid over-and-over-and-over again. It still makes me laugh.

  8. I see a couple of movies listed that whenever they come on TV, I would sit and watch them regardless of how many times I’ve seen it.

  9. I love this list! I just realized I haven’t seen most of these movies, though!

  10. I feel so young, I havent even seen half of those movies LOL!

  11. Honey, you don’t want to go back to the 80’s. You might make the same mistakes again and that would totally sucks.

  12. I remember so many of those movies. When I have a crappy week I play my loud 80’s music, sing off key and drive my kids up the wall with embarrassment.

  13. Great list! You have a few good ones I forgot about. My favorite 80’s movie was The Shining.

  14. Oh wow, that’s like a timeline from my past! Some of those are treasured faves of mine!

  15. Oh – that scene in Porky’s where she barfs and barfs and barfs into the fountain. It’s kind of like a wreck on the highway. You just can’t take your eye’s off of it!

  16. Oh I watched so many of these movies. Dang. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is still a big one in our family. We quote it all the time. My kids look at us like we are mental. They haven’t seen it yet. I want to disappear and hide in some movies.

  17. I remember these movies! I tried to get my nieces to watch “Pretty in Pink” the other day and they just didn’t get into it.

  18. Kim Bergeron says

    Nothing beats the 80’s!!!


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