Beer Can Chicken Recipe – Of Course I Had To Do It

Beer Can Chicken

Beer Can Chicken Recipe – Of Course I Had To Do It

Beer can chicken? Really? Yep, really. And, of course I had to. Because, why not? For those who have no clue what I’m talking about, you’ve probably never seen someone shove a beer can in a chicken’s butt and then grill that chicken to perfect deliciousness. Indulge me for a few, m’kay? There’s this awesome show on TV called America’s Test Kitchen. It’s amazeballs, you can watch it on PBS. And, it’s exactly what it sounds like. A huge ass  kitchen filled with awesome chefs who do nothing but test recipes. Also, they beat the crap out of various products to find out which ones are the best. All for you! Or, me. Either way. But it’s seriously funny, and like a train wreck, I can’t stop watching it. You should too! Anyways, I saw them make this Beer Can Chicken Recipe once and filed that away to make later. Well, later came last weekend. We kicked off grilling season (which in Vegas, is pretty much all year long, but…) and I even set up this awesome Ice Cream Sundae Bar too! But, of course 10 minutes later it started pouring and we had to drag the whole thing inside. ‘Cuz that’s my life. But, we’re troopers so we carried on. For dinner I pulled that beer can chicken recipe out of my own ass I had filed away and… You too can now make it! It’s super juicy on the inside and the skin is crispy delicious on the outside… drool… Ready to shove beer in a chicken’s butt with me?

Beer Can Chicken

Beer Can Chicken Recipe


  • 1 4 lb. Chicken (we made 2 because all the fam was here and they are total pigs)
  • 1 Can of Beer (empty/drink 1/2, we used Guinness)
  • Olive Oil
  • Spice Rub (we use a brand you can only buy online but any will do, or, make your own with you favorite spices)
  • Honey (I totally forgot to throw that in the picture, sorry it’s was raining and I was Verklempt)

Beer Can Chicken


Fire up your grill. Or, pre-heat oven to 375*. Start by taking out all the guts if your chicken came packed with all that crap. Toss that right in the trash. Blech. Wash the chicken off. Open up your beer and (drink/dump) 1/2 out. Now comes the part where everyone turns into a 14 year old boy and giggles like they got drunk on that 1/2 beer. Put that beer can into the chicken’s butt. This may sound like something that will have PETA banging on your door, but the chicken will totally thank you for making it taste full of the awesome. Since we were going to grill it, but… rain… I grabbed a foil tray and stood our chickens upright inside so the dripping didn’t trash my oven. It can be a bit like Beer Butt Chicken Twister to have them balanced, but you can do it! You can get this cool beer can chicken rack with a drip pan too. It’s like $17. Might be easier?? After your chicken is all nice and balanced, brush on a coating of olive oil. Now rub that baby. Make sure you get in between the skin and the meat really good too. Seriously rub down that chicken!

Beer Can Chicken

If your grilling, turn the main burner down to medium and the others off. Place chicken over the burners that are off. Inside grill temp should be 325*-350*. Grill for a good 90 minutes, turning chicken every 1/2 hour. If you’re going with the oven, place chicken on bottom rack and do the same turning every 30 minutes. Your big beer butt bird is done when it’s nice and crispy, brown outside and the internal meat temp is right about 175*. Grab your honey and give it a nice coating. Since we use a slightly spicy rub, this makes for a seriously awesome sweet and spicy glaze! Cook the chicken for about 10 or so more minutes. Just long enough for the honey to form an actual glaze.

Beer Can Chicken

You may want an extra set of hands when you take the chicken off the grill or out of the oven. Beer. Hot liquid. Burns. Pull the beer can out of the chicken’s butt by holding it steady with a large serving fork thingy and at least an oven mitt. Something you can not only wash if the beer spills (try not to let that happen) but also… Beer. Hot liquid. Burns! Now let the bird rest for at least 15 mins.

Beer Can Chicken

See how adding that honey makes an awesome glaze out of those spices? Carve that chicken(s) up like your father-in-law on Thanksgiving and plate it up! Serve with your favorite sides for grilling chicken and ENJOY!

See! And you thought I had gone all crazy from hitting the juice too hard, huh? Our Beer Can Chicken turned out just as all hypes claimed. Super moist inside, nice crispy outside. And, there’s zero beer flavor. We could have absolutely used cheapo beer rather than Guinness. For those that don’t ‘do the alcohol’ thing at all, you can use your favorite pop (soda?) even chicken stock works!

So, tell me… Are ya up for it this grilling season? Will you be trying Beer Can Chicken?


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