Watermelon Margarita Summer’s Best Alcohol Fueled Beverage

Watermelon Margarita

(This post was originally published 3/2011)

Watermelon Margarita Summer’s Best Alcohol Fueled Beverage

Watermelon Margarita is seriously awesome! And since, Grandma Juice is not a particularly picky person (say that 5 times, real fast) you can just trust that I know this as 100% fact. However, there’s a few things I simply can’t be convinced to falter on.

  • Van Halen never should have replaced David Lee Roth with Sammy Haggar
  •  Guys who wear cowboy hats and wrangler jeans beat dudes who wear ‘do rags and baggy ass britches
  • No pirate will ever be as hot as Johnny Depp
  • Decaffeinated coffee is an oxymoron
  • Vampires are infinitely superior to zombies (vampire Eric, enough said)
  • Patron Silver Tequila beats Cabo Wabo Tequila hands down (again, bad move Sammy Hagger)

Also, margaritas (watermelon margarita or otherwise) shaken and on the rocks taste way better then blended. Every.Single.Time. I will concede that they are the prettiest girl at the party when blended, however. The hot summer brings out all the fun outdoor parties. And that means most of us will be letting the good times roll. What better way to roll than with a fun, summertime watermelon margarita made with summer’s favorite fruit? If you’re looking to roll with the prettiest girl at the party, feel free to blend this up.

4 Cups Watermelon (cubed)
½ Cup Fresh Lime Juice (fresh, so squeeze those babies!)
½ Cup Triple Sec
1 Cup Patron Silver Tequila (don’t tell me if you ruin it with something else, blech)

Let’s first start by making a Puree of the 4 cups of watermelon. (can’t make a watermelon margarita with 0 watermelon!)
Place in a blender on low until smooth.
Strain watermelon through fine mesh (over a bowl) Use a spoon to press any solids left to be sure you get all the juice squeezed out. (you should end with about 2 cups)
In a pitcher, stir together the watermelon Puree, lime juice, triple sec and tequila until thoroughly combined.
Chill in the refrigerator until ready to use. (no more than 2-3 hours)
Serve on the rocks in sugar-rimmed glasses.

To help this little lady compete with the prettiest girl at your rockin’ party, make some more of those cubed watermelons and freeze them. Put them on something pointy with an umbrella at the end and pop them right in the glass. Also, a very cool little party trick I drank too much of  read about in a travel brochure is using watermelon pop rocks instead of sugar to coat the rim of the glasses.
Talk about being the life of the party!
And that’s how Grandma Juice makes a watermelon margarita! More of a Daiquiri kinda drinker? Try this Pomegranate Daiquiri Recipe I got going on!

Hey Rockstar! Drink too much? Try these super great Hang Over Cures I put together for you! I know! I totally think of everything! You’re welcome!

Enjoy Responsibly!

This Watermelon Margarita recipe was originally posted on 5/25/12. But summer’s coming so… You should know this and get yourself all stocked up for a rocking good time!

Yeah… so not my photo. Let’s face it, Grandma Juice doesn’t let this sit around long enough to snap one


  1. And I hope you will make me one whenever I make my way out to your neck of the woods!

  2. That sounds and looks supper yummy!! BTW, i definitely agree that Sammy is nothing compared to David!

  3. I agree with all of it… but I love Zombies! lol
    The drink sounds delicious by the way.

  4. Sounds good, I love watermelon. Will have to try this out next month after I turn 21 🙂

  5. I have bookmarked this for a girls night in that I’m having next month!

  6. I love tequilla : )

  7. Looks delish…I don’t drink but I could def. make it sans the alcohol! : )

  8. I would like Johnny Depp to deliver this margarita to me. I’ll even share.

  9. Barbara Compton Kesterson says

    Love any tequila…just ask my Fred. But I have to disagree on the Zombies, Vampires are so lame.

  10. Oh yum!! how perfect for a hot summer days…thanks!!! fun too!
    I am your newest follower from the hop…pls follow back if you can.

  11. This looks so refreshing. I just turned 21 last month, and am constantly on the look out for new cocktails, gotta try them all!

  12. This sounds amazing!! I just got a new juicer so I’m going to be making my own watermelon juice this summer. Why not spike it?

  13. This would be perfect for our next back yard bbq!

  14. Well, I am not much a drinker… but I bet the virgin version could be just as good, right? 🙂

  15. I’m pregnant so no alcohol for me right now but this sounds delicious. I wonder how it would taste without any alcohol.

  16. I love this recipe, especially because of the watermelon!

  17. That drink looks so good. And I totally agree with you about the vampire/ zombie thing.

  18. Sounds awesome! Can’t wait to try!

  19. We’ll have to agree to disagree on blended vs. on the rocks but I do love the idea of real fruit in my margaritas – must try this this summer!

  20. This looks delicious, my mouth is watering looking at the watermelon. Definitely going to give this a try!

  21. can i make a virgin one? I dont drink alcohol but watermelon drinks in the spring/summer time sound delicious!

  22. GIDDY UP!!!

  23. This recipe looks amazing! I can’t wait until after I have 3.0 and I will be trying it for sure 😉

  24. Never would I have thought that Watermelon and Lime would go well together. now I’m curious!

  25. I normally don’t get fired up about watermelon, but you had to go and throw lime in there and get me all interested again!

  26. Now that’s what I’m talking about. Give me that drink.. please 🙂


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