The Best Tiramisu Recipe Ever Coffee, Dessert, Friends and Booze Can It Get Any Better?

best tiramisu recipe

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Best Tiramisu Recipe

Best Tiramisu Recipe Ever Coffee, Dessert, Friends and Booze Can It Get Any Better?

So, ya know when you’re sitting around chit-chatting with some of your best gal pals laughing, joking being all silly and gossipy? The house is all quiet except for the silly gossipy laughing you crazy ladies are doing because the hubby and kids are gone over night? Me either. But, it totally happened here last weekend! And of course, there’s always 1 in every crowd who says ‘Hey, let’s pull out some booze, get in the kitchen and whip up something totally decadent and really bad for our waistline!” Because, why not right? And yes, that person was me. Naturally. I was already showing them both of my blogs online and what in means to be #BloggingLikeABoss. So, we did some Google searching for recipes that include booze. (That’s kind of my thing here right? Recipes with booze…) I stumbled into the Best Tiramisu Recipe ever from an amazeballs Chef I adore, Chef Dennis. But, I needed more coffee and some Lady Fingers. I don’t keep many Lady fingers in the house, go figure. So, before we hit the booze, we piled in the car and took a quick trip to Safeway right down the street. They had the Gevalia coffee I needed but no Lady Fingers. In our silly, gossipy laughing haze we decided shortbread would suffice. Turns out, it did and this adaptation of his super delish creation really was THE best Tiramisu recipe ever…. Maybe it was the Gevalia, maybe it was the giggly girls, or maybe it was the booze. We’ll never know. But, you need to make this! Especially if you’re sitting around giggling and gossiping with the girls! Forget about your waistline for 1 night. You can thank me later! Let’s get straight to the best Tiramisu recipe and maybe after, I’ll fill you in on the gossip!

Best Tiramisu Recipe Ingredients

Best Tiramisu Recipe Ever – Ingredients:

  • 6 Egg Yolks
  • 1 Cup Sugar
  • 1 1/4 Cup Mascarpone Cheese
  • 1 3/4 Cup Heavy Whipping Cream
  • 2 (12 oz) Packs Lady Fingers (or, in our case, shortbread cookies)
  • 1/2 Cup Espresso (if you don’t have an espresso machine, make super strong coffee and allow to cool to room temp)
  • 1/4 Cup Coffee Liquor (Chef Dennis says it’s optional, I say it’s totally necessary)
  • Cocoa For Light Dusting

Best Tiramisu Recipe

Best Tiramisu Recipe Ever – Directions:

Start by making up that espresso (or super strong coffee) pour in shallow, flat bottom bowl. Add coffee liquor and set aside to cool down. While that’s cooling, separate egg yolks and whites. Put the whites in the ‘fridge and make an omelet in the morning with some coffee. Combine egg yolks and sugar in a double boiler. Once water is boiling, reduce heat to low and cook for about 8- 10 minutes. You have to stir constantly or you’ll end up with sugary scrambled eggs. Blech. Remove from heat and add Mascarpone. Mix until blended really good and creamy. Yes, I totally licked the beaters. In a second medium sized bowl, mix the heavy cream until you get stiff peaks. Gently, fold beaten egg and Mascarpone mixture into the stiff peaked cream. Don’t over blend of peaks will go flat.

Best Tiramisu Recipe

To finish off our best Tiramisu recipe we’re going to start layering. Grab an 8in square baking dish. 1 by 1 dip shortbread (or, fancy lady fingers) into your espresso/liquor mixture just enough to get them wet. Now, if you’re like me, you’re going to want them to soak up all that coffee/liquor. Resist the urge. They will become a goopy mess. You can drink up all the left-over goodness when we’re done layering. Cover the bottom of pan with a layer of soaked cookies. Spoon half the creamy Mascarpone mixture over and repeat dipping cookies and add another layer. Top with the 2nd half of creamy Mascarpone mixture. Cover and place in ‘fridge for a few hours.

Best Tiramisu Recipe

While that’s chillin’ and setting up, you and your girls can pull out the margaritas, pop in a movie and continue the giggly, gossip fest! Enjoy that. We all know it’s a rare occasion to gab with our girls! Right about the time your movie is over, you can pull out that sweet, waistline busting, best Tiramisu recipe EVER, sprinkle with a light dusting of cocoa powder out and dive in. Like all amazing desserts, It goes great with coffee (or left-over coffee/liquor mixture! *hint – hint*)

And then, in the morning, when you wake up with that slight ‘Oh Mylanta, we drank too much last night” feeling. You’ve got those egg whites and some rockin’ Gevalia coffee to make things all better! Also, I’ve got some pretty good hang-over cures all typed out from New Year’s Eve just in case you girls partied like a Rockstar.

You’re welcome!


I was selected for this opportunity to bring you The Best Tiramisu Recipe as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own. Because you know, I am just full of opinions.


  1. Tiramisu is my daughters favorite dessert. I will have to attempt to make this one. Yum!

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  5. Your pictures are just stunning.

    Tiramisu is absolutely HUGE over in Europe. The three years we lived in Germany it was everywhere! They had Tiramisu flavored gelato, coffee, the actual dessert and even simple candy bars! It was so fascinating to see how crazy they all are over Tiramisu. lol.

    • Grandma Juice says

      I’ll have to check out some Gelato recipes!! And… how about some cupcakes?? Yes!!??

  6. I’ve never tried tiramisu of any kind, but I do happen to have some of that Gevalia coffee here!

    • Grandma Juice says

      I for sure recommend using a good quality coffee for this! Gevalia was perfect!

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  9. Samantha says

    Okay, my mouth is watering. This looks AMAZING! Keep up the good work (and it seems simple!)

    • Grandma Juice says

      Thanks!! It was way easier than I thought! I’d never made it before because I thought it would be hard!! NOT! Even with some booze sipping!

  10. Damnit…I thought my recipe was the best. Now I have to try this one and compare. *sigh* What a chore…

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    Elizabeth T, Early Riser

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