Childhood ADHD Symptoms and Treatments – There Is Help!

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Childhood ADHD symptoms I’m happy to write this Childhood ADHD post. It is sponsored  by

Childhood ADHD Symptoms and Treatments- There Is Help!

Recognize any of these childhood ADHD symptoms?

Will you please sit down? Ok, stop talking, time to pay attention now. Little Johnny, please stop tapping the pencil on your desk. You have to sit in your chair, not dance in it…. on and on, right? I know, we have the same problems with Ethan. It can be frustrating. Back in the 70’s my brother had… ‘something’… He literally bounced off the walls, exactly like a pinball. And, when he slept, he was up on his hands and knees rocking In.His.Sleep!! It took quite awhile to figure out what was going on back then. There wasn’t much known about Childhood ADHD at that time. Thankfully, now there’s so much more understanding and help for families with small frys who have what we call in our house… ‘the uncontrolables’. Even yesterday, I was telling you about my own ADD.

childhood ADHD

Childhood ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

According to Lifescript, “Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common behavioral disorder that affects millions of children. Some may be inattentive, while others are hyperactive and/or impulsive or a combination of all three” Which is exactly how my brother was so many years ago. And now, how Ethan is today. Scientists are not sure what causes ADHD, although many studies suggest that genes play a large role. After getting an initial diagnosis from your doctor, families are often left to ‘wing it’. Here’s some pills, good luck. It’s frustrating not being able to help your child. It can be embarrassing having ‘that kid’ who’s running all over the place, unable to sit down. Thankfully, now there’s a wealth of knowledge available on the topic. One great resource for families who want to learn about Childhood ADHD is Lifescript. You can find everything from the basics such as the symptoms of ADHD, questions to ask your doctor, new treatments, even the best foods and recipes that may be helpful. It’s full of ways to live with and manage a diagnosis. And best, let you know you’re not alone. There is help and support.

Alternative therapies and natural remedies are some of the choices that interest me the most. The old handful of pills and sending you on your way just don’t quite make me feel very informed or helped. And, simply reducing the amount of sugar intake kids have isn’t enough. In fact, there are many studies that say sugar really has nothing to do the childhood ADHD. And, they don’t go hand in hand. I found those pretty interesting!

With articles and resources on all sorts of topics such as Parenting, Family Health, Pregnancy, Fitness and Relationships, I found Lifescript to be a huge resource and very helpful. It’s comforting to know you’re not alone, just twisting in the wind!

Basics facts and info regarding childhood ADHD

Questions to ask your family doctor

Adult ADHD facts and treatments

Even with all the years of lifetime experience I’ve had first hand, I found so much useful information and many useful tips. Lifescript’s Childhood ADHD Health Center features tips, quizzes, recipes and articles – all by professional health writers, experts and physicians – covering how to help your child succeed in school, advice for getting through the morning routine, how girls’ ADHD differs from boys’ and more. Please visit the Lifescript Health Center on Childhood ADHD for more information.

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  1. I clicked that page to learn more. I’m watching my son for ADHD. I don’t know for sure that he has it, but it is good to be informed and watch as he gets older since there are a couple of reasons that I’m watchful.

  2. I’m all for more natural remedies too. I’m not a fan of having doctor write me a prescription just because that’s what’s easiest for him. Great info…thanks!

  3. This is really great info! I think it’s so important to stay educated when it comes to your children and to know what options are out there. Thank you for sharing.

  4. This is great information. My nephew has ADHD and I am always looking for info to help his mom.

  5. I love how they cover “girl adhd” vs boy. I was (Finally) diagnosed at age 14 and I think the reason mine went undetected for so long was because I was less “busy” like boys with ADHD tend to – I could sit in my chair through class but but I had a lot of trouble concentrating. Sometimes girls are “busy” too but I think its more common for girls to not turn in homework, be distracted, etc and because thos esymptoms are less “in your face” than being unable to sit still, fiddling with things all the time, etc they are easier to miss.

  6. This is a good read for someone like me, my 10 year old son has been through a lot behaviorally and we always wondered if this was an issue for us.

  7. Thanks for sharing this. I know that having a child that has ADHD is something that helps to know more about. I will share this for all the parents out there!

  8. This is great knowledge to know! While I don’t have a child with ADHD, my friends do, so I will be sure to send them to this!

  9. Thank you for sharing. While none of my kids have ADHD, a few of my cousin children do as well as a few friends. I will be sure to share this info,

  10. Thanks for sharing. My brother had ADHD when he was a kid and my mom had to fight the school because they wanted to medicate him. I think a lot more kids struggle than we know.

  11. Tara Gauthier says

    My son has inattentive type adhd with impusivity, anxiety disorder and developmental coordination disorder. We have found that restricting food dye and sugar do make a difference. Have tried removing gluten with no help for him, although I don’t eat it for digestive problems but notice my moods are better. We also have him on omega 3 fish oils daily and that really helps (sealicious brand). We are also looking into behavioral therapy and will be doing an upcoming session of ABM therapy (Anat Baniel Method). I too am very interested in the alternative methods. Our son is not on any prescription meds.

  12. Excellent info and very comprehensive. Thanks so much for sharing – it makes all the difference!

  13. This is great information! While I don’t have a child with these symptoms, it’s great that you are spreading awareness with resources to help others.

  14. My son has ADHD you mentioned some things I didnt even know about..thanks for the info!

  15. Information is the key, this will help so many people. Thanks for posting!

  16. This is a fantastic article. I think that even though there is so much info on ADHD out there, parents tend to stick with the information that is the most “in your face.” The whole sugar myth, for example. Education means looking deeper and considering other alternatives.

  17. I am so glad you brought up the point about the sugar. I’ve read several articles and seen studies that found sugar does not make any kid particularly hyper. In fact, my friend’s son has ADHD, and she found that sugar-free foods with the artificial sweeteners are like giving him crack! He goes completely bonkers on it to the point where she thinks it’s dangerous because it causes his little heart to race. As for alternative therapies, I’m totally with you on that. I don’t condemn anyone for using medication, but it’s not something I’d feel comfortable with when it comes to my son.

  18. Thanks for all of the helpful information.

  19. This is a great article – thank you for sharing this helpful info! My son is 3 so it’s good to know what to look for!

  20. As much as I Think sometimes teachers just try to label an energetic kid as ADHD just so they can get them on medication and not have to work as much; I do still think that ADHD is real. Just not as common as school want us to think it is. I think the key is a PROPER diagnosis. And knowing about all the myths and understanding what really works. Not every kid that has attention issues needs to be put on a huge dose of medicine that worked for kid #1.

    I love that lifescript has so many awesome articles to help a parent really understand ADHD and to find alternative options so they can really find what works best for their kid.

  21. I have friends that have kids with ADHD, I know it can be a real challenge. I think that natural remedies are always a better choice than medicine!

  22. callista83 says

    As a Girl Guide leader I’ve seen my fair share of kids with attention issues. It’s a struggle not only for that child but also to keep that child from distracting the other children. I’m glad advances have been made in the area of ADD/ADHD and that we are understanding things better.

  23. As a teacher I see this a lot. My friends tell me I am ADD but I can control it so I don’t know if I have a small case or not.

  24. I agree with others – knowledge is the key! As a teacher for many years and a parent and sister for even more, I know how important it is to treat ADHD seriously. Natural remedies are so wonderful if they work for an individual!

  25. I imagine it would be daunting to begin the research, so this is a terrific place to start!

  26. I also read that article about sugar, I don’t know if I’m convinced though that it doesn’t aggravate the symptoms. For now, I cut out all sugars except for natural sugars!

  27. We are trying to find natural ways to help my middle son before turning to medicinal treatments. Great tips.

  28. ADHD can be tough especially sine the first response always seems to be to put the patient on medication. I’m all for using natural remedies because sometimes these prescription medications cause more harm than good in the long run.

  29. Natural remedies are always best in my opinion and I think it helps to talk about it. Our society has placed a stigma on so many illnesses and in the past you didn’t talk about it. Having support can make all the difference in the world to deal successfully!

  30. Thanks so much for sharing this. My son has severe ADHD and had it not been for me paying attention to his habits he might have never gotten the help he needs. This is such great information!

  31. I think back to kids I went to school with who were labeled trouble makers because they were all over the place. I’m sure if people would have been more aware of ADHD years ago, he may have been diagnosed.

  32. I know several people who have children with ADHD. I love that there is so much great information available to help educate parents, families and friends of those who suffer from ADHD. Natural alternatives are also so much better when possible!