Shenanigans: Pirate Treasure Hunt and Pirate Party It Totally Happened

Pirate Treasure Hunt Pirate Party Pirate Treasure Hunt Pirate Party

Shenanigans: Pirate Treasure Hunt & Pirate Party It Totally Happened

And if’n ya don’t fancy that, ye can walk that thar plank landlubber. (I imagine Johnny Depp saying that in his smexy pirate voice) Here’s how the Pirate Treasure Hunt went down….

Ahoy Matey! I was tasked with getting Ethan to unplug from all electronics and get out and play. I totally confess to letting him watch ‘his shows’ so I can get work done. I don’t feel quite as guilty about buying him a Nook. ‘Cuz well, that’s reading and cancels out the guilt. So I played the old ‘I’ve got a surprise for you’ card. Don’t judge. Remember when I told you about our trip last Summer to San Diego and his Adventures on The Pirate Ship? Well, it set off a spark of love for all things pirate that’s never burned out. So, I totally used that to plan a Pirate Treasure Hunt. Costume Express has awesome sauce costumes available all year (not just Halloween!) So, I popped over there and did some pirate costume picking. Then, hit up the party shop for some fun pirate themed goodies, went overboard (see what I did there?) and made it an all out pirate party. Because, why not? You can check out those shenanigans over on G+. The best way to tell you how we unplugged for the day and all about our pirate treasure hunt (and pirate party, let’s not forget the paaaartay) is in pictures. So, fair warning: this post is full of some serious ‘AAwww’ photo heavy moments. And, some of my lame attempts to talk like a pirate. Just go with it…. AArrgghh….

Pirate Treasure Hunt Pirate Party

Ye have been warned, Pirate Treasure Hunt

C’mere, me beauty. Follow my well plotted pirate treasure hunt map and ye will be well on yer way to a chest full of loot. A bounty of  yer own. But, ye must be smart and quick! ‘Lest it be stolen by those landlubber (nosy neighbors) who be a spy’n on your stake.

Pirate Treasure Hunt Pirate Party

(We learned pirates freak small dogs out a bit)

Pirate Treasure Hunt Pirate Party

I’m a pirate! That I be!
I sail me ship upon the sea!
I stay up late – till half past three!
And that’s a peg below me knee!

Pirate Treasure Hunt Pirate Party

Yo Ho, my friends I have a tale
of treasure, plunder, sea and sail
my story’s bigger than a whale
it gets so deep, ye’ll have to bail.

Pirate Treasure Hunt Pirate Party

And, that’s how you do a pirate treasure hunt! In Las Vegas, which is a desert and has absolutely no water anyways. But, because I go big or go home, I didn’t stop there with our #UnPlug2Play day. No sir. I threw a whole pirate party too! My grand-kids are in town all Summer. I couldn’t quite talk them into the dress up costumes since I don’t have Batman or Princess ones hanging around. If I had been thinking, I’d have picked those up at Costume Express too. You get free shipping on orders of $75 or more & 15% off if you signup for their emails!

Back to pirate speak. I’m so sorry….

Aye, ye scurvy dog. I be need’n ta hit th’ head. Have a bit of a lie-down before we push on. Alas, t’ sprogs be arrivin’, Blimey… they be full of energy! I put a throw down on our pirate party grub ‘fore I get a flogging.

Ye have been warned, Pirate Party

Pirate Treasure Hunt Pirate Party

Begad if’n I didn’t pillage ye ole Pinterest! Those lassies be some smarties they are! If’n ya be on the look-out for th’ Jolly Roger decor to adorn ya dinghy, head o’re thar.

Pirate Treasure Hunt Pirate Party

Shiver me timbers! It’s time to swab the poop deck! Bein’  I am the Cap’n of this fine vessel, me thinks ’tis time to splice the mainbrace and down ye ole rum punch. Yo-ho-ho….

Pirate Treasure Hunt Pirate Party

Totally worth a day of unpluggin to see those faces, right?? And, I learned a new word. I kept calling the little loot coins ‘Gold Coins’ (silly me) Ethan informed me they are actually called Gold Doubloon. Yeah, I had to Google that too!


  1. SUper cute!

  2. What an awesome party! I love all of the “pirate food”, too!

    • Grandma Juice says

      Thanks!! I pillaged Pinterest for all the pirate decorating ideas. I had NO clue what to do, naturally.

  3. I am sure the kids loved it! Looks like an awesome party.

  4. Soooo super cute! I love the photos and the parrot (I mean dog…hehe)

    • Grandma Juice says

      If you knew the child, you’d know he’s super detail orientated. (mild Aspy) So, he made sure to mention ‘I don’t have a parrot!’… So, Harris the wonder dog served as his stand-in… it worked

  5. well it looks like you had a ship load of fun–sorry couldn’t resist–especially on your blog 🙂 you always give me a smile and chuckle when I read–great photos and the smile on his face is AWESOME–thanks for sharing

    • Grandma Juice says

      hahahahaha… good one!!
      I restrained myself from using the word ‘wench’.. (it was very hard, I’m quite proud of myself) it’s not appropriate in front of small people.

  6. That’s so cute! He looks so happy with his prize, lol! And the food looks awesome!

  7. SO CUTE love the treasure hunt and the hot dog boats!

  8. What a cute party! Love the costume and the pirate boat hotdogs!

  9. Ye Be One Groovy Grandma that ye are- however Cap’n Depp sways on BB’s boat! ; )
    Jehe. Another post for the #JuSoFonii Brigade! BB2U

    • Grandma Juice says

      I was wondering if’n I saw yer mug on my deck since I dragged Cap’n Jack into my fantasy…eerrr… Day of Pretend 🙂

  10. Mary Tarczynski says

    I am planning a pirate party for my son’s birthday next month – perfect timing!

  11. This is a great party set up and that costume is PRIMO! He’s the most handsome little pirate I’ve ever seen! Great job!

  12. Um. You said “smexy.”

    Is that a typo…or are you also watching…Honey Boo Boo?

  13. Jessa Keller says

    Those are some beautiful grandkids you got there! Your lucky to have such an awesome daughter who would bless with such beautiful sweet babies (:

  14. I absolutely love the pirate boat hot dogs!

  15. This is SUCH a cute idea. Definitely stealing it for my middle son’s next birthday.


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