Cool Shit I Found On The Internet – July 2013 Edition


Found On The Internet

Cool Shit I Found On The Internet – July 2013 Edition

Yep! It’s time for another wildly popular edition of ‘Best Shit I Found On The Internet’. You know you love it. This is the July 2013 edition, enjoy!

We’re down to the last 3 weeks of Summer break, and all of this quality  quantity time with the kiddos is going to kill me. (kinda dramatic, but whatever)

Shit I Found On The Internet

You know those blogs where moms are posting sickly sweet pictures of fun things they did all day with their kids?  Pictures of  perfect pinterest worthy crafts, picnics in the park, sweet napping babies and stuff?? And, all those cutsie stories about how much they love, luv, lurve all this mushy, gushy, baby puke-y, awesome time with their kids.

Well, this ain’t one of those. And that’s why you love me, right? Keepin’ it real yo… Sure, I love my small fry’s, and sometimes I might get a kick out of spending time with them. But we have spent way too much time together. We’ve reached that invisible line where you go from I like hanging with you to I want to hurt you. Oh, it’s totally mutual. As much as my family is driving me crazy, I’ve made them batshit as well.

Shit I Found On The Internet

Because we live in Las Vegas, it’s *12958873 degrees outside. So we don’t venture outside unless we play ‘who will burst into flames first’. Which, only works once because they see that 1st one go up and no one wants to play anymore.  So, Ethan has friends over, the grand-kids are visiting all Summer and I play Shit I Found On The Internet. Just for you!

In an effort to keep Ethan from watching TV all day, I did plan and execute the Pirate Treasure Hunt and Pirate Party to perfection!  (say that 5 times, real fast) I also sometimes have the genius idea to do crafts with him.  Knowing me, you see how hilarious that is. But, there’s cool shit found on the internet courtesy of Pinterest. Whose superpower is making average mom’s everywhere  look incredibly inept and feel stupid.

Shit I found On The Internet

And also… if you’re able to successfully complete a stupid craft pin you found on the internet via the evil Pinterest, the most you can hope for is about 1 hour of bickering fun bonding and memory making.  That leaves me with approximately 14.5 hours to fill. Every. Day. No parent is capable of this. So, I totally give in. He gets the TV and you get this…

Shit I Found On The Internet – July 2013 Edition

Martha Stewart sexting and having threesomes. Technically this was on TV, but it’s found on the internet too, so I think it qualifies. Martha was on “Watch What Happens Live” with Andy Cohen. The domestic guru denied that she had ever had a lesbian affair, taken a hit of acid or visited a strip joint. But she does get her freak on with the texting. Or sexting. Either way, eewww…

And then there is this shit. It’s almost too weird even for me to write about. Almost. You’re welcome. Or, I’m sorry. Whatever.  Did you hear about the Swede that likes to have sex with bicycles? Apparently, just slashing tires isn’t good enough anymore.

This is what I’ve been pinning to Pinterest! Always awesome sauce over there. (don’t fall for the crafts!) But do check out my amazeballs recipes!

In Celebrity news I found on the internet, Amanda Bynes and her reign of crazy was finally intercepted. After setting a fire in some poor lady’s driveway, cops were called. The lovely Ms. Bynes was picked up on a 5150 hold. One shaved head away from a full blown ” Britney”.

Kim & Kanye popped out a baby! Well Kimmie did, a sweet little girl you’ve no doubt heard they named North West. Supposedly North is the highest point, close to God or something like that and totally not a “K” name that would make people think they are connected to the KKK. (Really??!!) I don’t make this up, 100% legit, found on the internet. If it’s online, you know it has to be true!

Those crazy Royals. Always trying to 1 up poor Kim K. Or, is it the other way around? Whatev’s.. Prince William and his lovely bride had a youngin too! It’s a long name, but at least it’s not going to send the kid to therapy later.

Anthony Weiner and his weiner again. Bla, bla, bla… Hey!! Maybe him and Matha Stewart should… No. Never mind.

This smart guy, tried to rob a gun store. He was using a baseball bat for a weapon. I’ll let that sink in. For a second….. Think he got away with it?

Oh, there’s more! But that’s what I found on the internet when my family wasn’t driving me crazy.

And because I don’t want you to leave this edition of Shit I Found On The Internet without a smile… I give you this.

What’s the craziest shit you found on the Internet lately?



  1. I am so sick of wiener and his wiener.

  2. I love finding weird things on the Internet. My husband finds everything!!

  3. You’re not kidding about the wiener. He is so nasty.
    The pin about the “I took a shower and kept the kids alive” is so true!!

  4. haha – that cat on the roomba is the best. We make a collage of LOL cats for my husband’s mom each year and this is perfect!

  5. That Weiner…ugh!

    And, I’m pretty sure I’m the mom that isn’t doing all of that stuff. Or, I get an idea to do something, it lasts for 0.2 seconds and then I’m like “now what?”

  6. Great collection. Too funny!

  7. LOL! I love this. The Mom picking up the toys one is my life every day….thank goodness one more week until school 😉

  8. This is way too funny! You should link this up Fri on my top five laughs! LOVE IT!

  9. This is why I love you.

  10. Love that last photo… alive is good!

  11. I’m thinking that the racoon doesn’t really want to dance…he just wants the guy to stop humiliating himself on Youtube!

  12. These are too funny!!! Anthony Weiner and Martha Stewart- classic!!!!! Great post!!

  13. Hahaha this post made me LMAO. I love the ecards.