Boobs and Wine A Perfect Pairing Or As My Husband Calls It 1 For You, 2 For Me

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It’s always nice when you get to drink some good wine and talk about boobs. And, all for a good cause ! Thanks to Handcraft Wines for sponsoring this post!

Boobs and Wine A Perfect Pairing Or As My Husband Calls It 1 For You, 2 For Me

So ya’ll know how much I love my wine, we talk about this all the time, right? Well today, we’re going to talk about wine and boobs. I’m going to tell you how to do a breast exam, you’re going to pinky promise to do them once a month. And then, I’ll tell you about a great pair of wines! Win/win, right? What did you think this was going to be about??? Stop it.

Your Monthly Breast Exam – Check Your Boobs!

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But we shouldn’t only be checking ourselves out once a year. Nope. Once a month girls! It’s super easy, so stop with the excuses. I even have a *friend* who gets her hubby to help with this! If you’re lucky to have a helper, go for it! As long as you stay up on a healthy, monthly breast exam, that’s all that matters here! Let’s go over a proper self breast exam!

  1. Get nakie and stand in front of the mirror. Do the girls look normal? And, I don’t mean the pre-deflate days before kiddos. (I too miss those ‘perks’ … moving on) Normal for you now. Notice any swelling, rashes, maybe even some discharge? Not normal my friends. Call your Dr. Looking good so far? Let’s go to step 2 of ye old breast exam!
  2. Time to cop-a-feel! Use your left hand to feel your right side and vice versa. Start at your armpit and work your way up to your collar bone. Feel for anything that seems ‘off’. Maybe a hard little lump, size of a pea? Nothing? Good. Let’s go all the way around your whole breast now! Don’t forget your nipples!
  3. Sometimes, it’s easier to do this in the bath or shower. Wet, soapy hands can slide over skin easier. Totally your choice! It’s your breast exam, right? Just do it!
  4. If you’re wet, dry off… now go lay down. Most Dr’s recommend also checking those boobies lying down. Put 1 arm behind your head and use the other to feel around again. Fingers together and flat… small circles working outward. A bit of pressure since we’re lying down. No! It does not hurt! Stop it.
  5. Ok now, be honest. Did you feel anything ‘not normal’? They’re your boobs, it’s your breast exam, you will recognize what’s normal for you and what’s not. If you felt something that even made you have that tingly bit of wonder, you should ab-so-freaking-loutly get it checked out! And 9 times out of 10, it’s nothing. But don’t be that 1 out of 10 and ignore it. Please??
  6. Now, if you haven’t already, call your Dr and set up your yearly breast exam with them. Also, grab a girly buddy and pick a day you both will do these every month! Boobie buddies are the best! Hold each other to it! And hey! She can also be your wine drinking buddy!

Which brings me to….

wine pairing, breast exam, boobs, health

After A Breast Exam, You Deserve Some Wine!

Since it’s a long Labor Day weekend, we took some time to kick back and enjoy! Lucky for me, I had my wine! I promised if you did your self breast exam, I’d tell you how to get another great pair. I’m holding up my end of the bargain!

HandCraft Artisan Collection wines celebrate the California home and Italian heritage of  winery proprietor Cheryl Indelicato. Cheryl sent me the 2 bottles above. The HandCraft White was a nice light, and sweet wine. Definite aromas of honeysuckle, apricot and green apple. You can taste melon, nectarine and peach with a touch of lemon zest. I drank this alone. No, not like ‘by myself’ kind of alone. I mean relaxing on the couch, watching Dexter and not with a meal kind of alone. Perfect for my ‘after the self breast exam’ reward! You could absolutely pair it with some salad or a nice light chicken dish! I’m not a huge Red drinker but I found HandCraft Red to be a full-bodied red that wasn’t too ‘bold’. Since we had a BBQ with the fam for the holiday, I whipped up some of my amazing Apple Bourbon BBQ Ribs and we had a delicious pairing! This would go great with any red meat. Even a great pasta dish with red sauce! You’ll like it!

And also… I have some love for HandCraft Wines because they are givers! Not only making my beloved wine, they are doing their part for the boobies too!

Breast Exam, Check. Wine, Check. Now For HandCraft Heroes!

Third generation California vintner, Cheryl Indelicato, is passionate about giving back to the community. As a former Registered Nurse, she witnessed firsthand the pain caused by breast cancer – the physical and emotional torment of the patient, the fear and sadness of friends and loved ones. As Cheryl began work on her life’s dream, her own wine portfolio, she knew giving back would be a key facet of her project. In 2012, Cheryl launched the HandCraft Artisan Collection of wines with a personal commitment to donate $100,000 toward breast cancer research, prevention and awareness. In 2013, Cheryl has continued the fight by supporting community based initiatives around breast cancer awareness and aiding those in treatment. As part of this vision, Cheryl has teamed up with Susan G. Komen 3Day National Spokesperson, Dr Sheri Phillips, to create the HandCraft Heroes campaign on Facebook. This initiative seeks to honor those individuals who share their time, talent, resources, and by their actions, inspire others to seek early detection for breast cancer as well as those who support patients who are ill and undergoing treatment. HandCraft Heroes will run from August 19 through September 30, 2013.


Have a hero in your life? Maybe YOU are one?  Three winners will be selected to become HandCraft Heroes honored at a private inspirational retreat hosted by Dr. Sheri and Cheryl in Monterey, California. In addition, Cheryl will donate $2000 to the pink charity of each winner’s choice. Winners will be announced during Breast Cancer Awareness Month on October 15th, 2013.

Have you done your breast exam this month?


  1. HA! I get it! That’s too funny I love your PUN! Yes I think this is great, a good way to remind women to get a check up

  2. How funny–love the title! I did get one done this month!

  3. LOL, I love this post! I am due to have mine done this month. It is so important for us women to make sure we schedule a exam.

  4. We’ve had this wine. It’s awesome!

  5. This is a great reminder. I’m one of those people who tends to forget!

  6. This is such a great way to get women to remember this important task!

  7. I admit that I don’t do tests very often. I should though because breast cancer runs in my family.

  8. catchy title! I didn’t know they go together, maybe because I am breastfeeding! LOL!

  9. Thanks for the reminder. Breast cancer runs in my family, so it’s important to be cautious.

  10. Ronni, You are the best. What a great way to get people to remember breast health and spread Breast Cancer awareness. I had some of the Handcraft Wines Inspiration White this week, and let’s just say the bottle is gone. I am waiting to pair the Inspiration Red with a great steak dinner to bring out the amazing red flavor. Thanks for sharing how to sign up as a Handcraft Hero. It’s always great to see people supporting an amazing cause.

  11. Fun title with a good message. Glad you bought it up, which is absolutely important.

  12. What a fun and funny connection, but yes, I’d probably remember to do this if I got a wine reward after it. Thanks for the reminder because I am a bit lame on remembering.

  13. Awesome! Thank you for the reminder, I have not done my exam this month and I am due for a doctor exam too, looks like I have some phone calls to make in the morning.

  14. This is one exam I never miss. As for your Grandma Juice, my vodka on the rocks is referred to as “Grandma water!”

  15. Funny but important message for all us women. Thanks for the reminder!

  16. When you said boobs and wine, I thought you were hosting a one-on-one special kind of evening….

    How wonderful to combine the all-important lesson and message about breast exams and then following up the chore with some fab wines.

    Thanks for the reminder and the wine tip!

    P.S. My gyno apppointment is next week.

  17. As always, I love this!!! Great and pertinent information and I got a much-needed chuckle 🙂