My Fall Fashion Trend – Not Well Behaved Apparently

Fall Fashion

This is a Fashionista Event.  I know, I’m as shocked as you to see me participate in a Fall Fashion Trend!
I was given a promotional item to review by to share my opinions about the website.
All opinions are mine. And you know I’m full of them!

Fall Fashion Well Behaved Women | Grandma Juice Blog

My Fall Fashion Trend – Not Well Behaved Apparently

I know! Me doing a Fall Fashion post, shocking. Me doing any fashion post would be shocking, really. But, when you find something that’s full of the awesome, well, ya just have to share. I’m a sharer. You’re welcome! So, here’s the skinny on how this all happened….

Fall Fashion Owl Tank | Grandma Juice Blog

Fall Fashion – How I Shop

As you can guess I’m more of an online shopper. Totally not a ‘In-store, fight the crowd, wait in line to pay’ kind of shopper. When came calling and asked if I’d give their online fashion site a go, I thought, this is my chance! My big break so to speak. Dip my toes in the Fall fashion pool and see if I can pull it off. And ya know what? I think I rocked it out! Look at me up there all Cindy Crawford wanna-be! And also, kinda rocked it out too! They carry seriously cool, indie pieces. All handmade from some pretty talented designers. They get it! It’s difficult for awesome people like me (and you!) to sort through and discover handmade fashion that’s unique, trendy, and not wait in line at all the hipster stores. It’s a multi-designer site. So, that means something for everyone. The designers and styles are always changing. And, the prices? Even my frugal tush can’t say no.

Fall Fashion – My Style

I know, I know. I’m looking seriously cute. So cute in fact, I even let my hubby shoot those pics! I picked out the pink ‘Well Behaved Women’ shirt because, obviously. Totally fit me to a T. (see what I did there?) I’ve gotten more compliments on that shirt than on my purple ostrich Coach bag! Yeah, for realz… And it was only $17! The white Owl tank kinda called my name. The whole owl thing is super trendy right now so I grabbed it. Living in Las Vegas means nearly all year I can get away with wearing it too! My daughter wants to make off with it, so I’m eyeballing my dresser. She got some cute stuff from them as well. Her review is over on the other blog. You should check out her picks!

Everything I ordered was delivered in about a week. Each piece comes separate from the designer. And, there’s way more than just my cute shirts! There’s blinged out cell phone cases and sweet handbags. Next time, I’m grabbing some of their hair accessories to tame that mane. They also have all kinds of unique jewelry and tons more indie clothing lines. like tank tops And  bathing suits and much more. Christmas shopping? I think yes!  Take a peek at the  website and find some pretties for yourself! Also pop over to FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest. Go on! You know you want to!

Now, tell me how cute I am in my new Fall Fashion! 

Now, your turn for a Fall Fashion full of awesome-ness! 3 Winners ($400 Value) 1 $200 Gift certificate and 2 $100 Gift Certificates!! Sweet, right?
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  1. I love both of these shirts, you totally make them both work! I am a big shop online person too.. especially lately. Such a huge time saver! I will have to check our their goods 😉

  2. Don’t ya just love 9thandElm?? I have that hooters shirt!! I love the other shirt you got, too. You look fabulous! 🙂

  3. I’m totally an online shopper too, so much easier!

  4. Grandma Juice says

    Thanks!! 🙂
    I’m thinking though… Cindy Crawford has no worries.
    I do really, really love those shirts!

  5. That first shirt is totally me and I know I would rock it all the time… LOVE the bright color, as well!

  6. Ok, first, I love your shots!! You look awesome. That first photo is my favorite, but I totally love that owl tank too. As for the giveaway, I visited their site and the Shell Casing Bullet anklet in Pink is my favorite.

  7. Love that pink t-shirt. Super cute!

  8. I am cracking up that you got more compliments on 1 $17 t-shirt than on a Coach bag. That is AWESOME!

  9. I am loving the well behaved women rarely make history shirt and the pun totally cracked me up.

  10. I love the Oval Wrapped Wire bracelet The color of the stones remind me of a scarab bracelet and watch I own.

  11. Loved the colors of this giant popa bag- and then to find out it was called “Miami” made me love it more! Sooooo made for Babushka!!

  12. P.S. You look BELLA!!

  13. Love the pieces I’ve received from 9th and Elm, too. Although, I wish the designers told measurements for their clothes as I’m hesitant to order clothing online without knowing.