Spicy Grilled Peach & Watermelon Salsa Recipe

Spicy Watermelon Salsa Recipe | Grandma Juice Blog

Spicy Grilled Peach & Watermelon Salsa Recipe

Ok, check this out! We get a fresh produce box delivered every week. It has local, organic fruits and veggie. Sometimes, I have no clue what to do with it. There’s only so many margaritas you can whip up right? But this week, I was wasting time on Pinterest, because that’s what I do. And I came across this Watermelon Salsa Recipe. My box had everything I needed except… Of course, the watermelon! But it did have peaches! So, I kinda mashed the idea around in my head and came up with this Uh.Maze.Ing spicy grilled peach and watermelon salsa idea. I picked up that watermelon and here’s what I ended up with….

Watermelon Salsa Recipe Ingredients | Grandma Juice Blog

Watermelon Salsa Recipe


  • 3 Cups Diced Watermelon (take the seeds out too)
  • 1 Cup Grilled Peach (cut in 1 in slices, grill then dice)
  • 2 Small Jalapenos (seeded, minced)
  • 1/4 Cup Red Onion (diced)
  • 2 TSP Fresh Grated Ginger
  • 1/2 Cup Cilantro (rough chop)
  • Juice From 1 Medium Lime
  • 2 TSP Orange Zest


I already had my grill on because I was making some Ginger Grilled Flank Steak for dinner. (Go grab that recipe on the foodie blog) But you’ll want to slice the peaches about 1 inch thick and grill for about a minute or 2 on each side. Remove, dice and let cool. Watermelon salsa, well any salsa really, should be cold right? Anyways, now grab a large bowl. Throw everything in it save for the cilantro. Mix all up until well coated. Sprinkle with cilantro. You’ll want to serve that pretty quick. To store, drain any water that’s come from watermelon, cover and keep in the ‘fridge. Should last about 2 days before it’s too mushy too eat. Because mushy salsa… EEwww….

Grilled Peach, Jalapeno and Watermelon Salsa | Grandma Juice Blog

I’m posting a grilled flank steak recipe n the other blog and served this over it. Awesome Sauce! I love grilling season so hard you guys it’s crazy! This would be great with some really crunchy chips or tortillas too! Grab you favorite Summer cocktail and ENJOY!

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  1. That looks amazing! It has all my favorite things together: watermelon, ginger, jalapenos, lime and cilantro – and the peaches look good too! I’m going to try this. I’m a salsa freak.

  2. The things I love about this recipe. Really, really healthy. Really, really tasty. & Really, really easy to make. Love this!

  3. I’m not used to salsa with watermelon but I love watermelons too so I thing I’m gonna like the sweet watermelon taste in my salsa.

  4. This looks so good. Would be terrific for a hot summer evening dinner party. Thanks for the great new recipe.

  5. Yum!I love salsa and never thought to put watermelon in it.

  6. Watermelon salsa sounds great! It sounds refreshing and great with some chips..

  7. Love homemade fresh salsa! The peach, jalepeno, cilantro looks so good!

  8. I’ve had peach and mango salsas before, but never thought about giving watermelon a chance. Excellent idea!

  9. That really look so amazing!!! I love

  10. Your photos are amazing. I am going to make this for my family!

  11. This looks like something that i can replicate thanks for sharing..

  12. That looks delicious. I bet it is refreshing. Great for summer.

  13. spicy! This sounds awesome with chips or on a taco – yummy!

  14. looks like a yummy recipe thank you

  15. This looks like a cool dessert, perfect for the summer season.

  16. I guess the color of the watermelon adds life to the whole recipe. I wonder how it tastes thouh with spicy flavor.

  17. I can see how all those flavors would work beautifully together. Delish!

  18. I love summer because it means watermelon time. And I love recipes that incorporate new ways to use watermelon in them!

  19. That’s really colorful, something you would see on the food network, too bad my family doesn’t like anything except for the watermelon in that, lol

  20. Oohh! Kind of a crazy combination! I like the added ginger, may have to try this! Thanks!

  21. First: your blog name is too cute. Second: Yes to this recipe. I can eat it. Lately every recipe i come across has things I can’t eat

  22. ohh, i can’t wait for watermelon season to try this!

  23. First thought was ooh but I think it would be really good. Thanks for the recipe.

  24. This looks really delicious! I have almost all ingredients, so have to buy the missing ones and give this recipe a try.

  25. How delicious and refreshing! Perfect for the summer!

  26. Oh my! Looks so colorful and I bet taste delicious too! I have to pin this so that I can make it this summer!

  27. I love the fact of including a ginger on this recipe.

  28. Yum! I have never tried watermelon with salsa, but love other types of fruity salsa. Will need to give this a try. Thanks for sharing!

  29. This looks yummy. I love making salsa. Will definitely try it 🙂


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