About Me, Grandma Juice

I love pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. I’m a bit into yoga. I.am.into.champagne.


Yeah! Grandma Juice!

At the tender age of 37, I became a <shudder> grandma. Having THAT word applied to ME was…. well… not cool. I will spare you all the gory how’s, why’s, Oh NO you did NOT’s, screaming, yelling, etc. Let’s say after 6 years and 2 more of those small, snotty nosed, small people, the word grew on me. They are cute, they say funny things. I have embraced ‘grandma’… what can I say, I wear it well. (Gilf = Thank you Botox!)

Grandpa and I are raising the 6 year old. Our own 4 kiddos have all moved out. (But like in horror movies, sometimes they come baaaaaack) Yes, we are this close <pinching my finger and thumb in that little ‘squish’ thing> to qualifying for a Jerry Springer episode. Not really. Alright, a little.

So, you ask. Why Grandma Juice? Well, I’ll tell you.

4 yr old – “Can I have a drink of that?”

(UV Blue  – looks like Kool Aide, right?)

Me – “No, it’s Grandma Juice”

Him – “When I’m a grandma can I have some?”

Me – “Yep, when you’re a grandma you absolutely can!”


This is my story and I’m sticking to it.

This past summer (2011) we moved from the middle of Nowhere, Arizona back to the ‘burbs of Vegas. And – I. LOVE. IT!! I forgot the simple joy of pizza delivery guys… and sidewalks…. and STARBUCKS! Just 1 tiny glitch. Grandpa had to take a pay cut because like the rest of the nation, firefighter / paramedics can loose their jobs too if they don’t agree to work for 1/4 of what they are worth. So, my new gig is turning my once blog hobby into something more.

The ‘Grandma Juice” mission is a comedic relief view of my ‘unique’ life. Because ‘unique’ sounds better than fucked up. Finding and sharing with others can be better than therapy. And, us psych’s are just as psycho as the rest of you. (probably more, really)  We all make poor parenting choices, take a wrong turn down the wrong path and if we can’t laugh at ourselves, well, others will be doing it for us. Strike first. Fix it and move on. It makes for great blogging fodder too!  Oh how I envy the child free peeps sometimes. But sometimes… I wouldn’t sell mine on the black market. A lot of training went into teaching them to wash dishes and do the laundry.

I love over-sharing my busy home and life, all my boozey recipes, as well as products and brands that are relevant to me and my readers. And wine. It’s all about the wine really. I also totally dig sharing our life living in the suburbs of Las Vegas and cover many local events, eateries, and even our foray into local lux hotels. Because let’s be real. After putting up with this crew, we deserve a staycation at your hot spot! (Mr, Wynn… The Maloof family… , Call me!)

Oh Wait!! Hold up. 1 more blurb…
I am an over-educated, way over-opinionated, much to tenderhearted mother and Grandma (GILF) who has a potty mouth without a filter and a faulty bleeding heart. My friend of over 30 years from Chicago just told me to add that. You know, so it’s all verifiable. Though, I think (think) he read it on the internet (quite likely I just committed blog thievery, thanks) and just said,” Hey, that’s sounds like her too”…  Because he’s not that wordy. But there you have it anyways.

OH! And 1 more thing. If you’re looking to sponsor the coolest brand rep for a conference, or event, maybe just send me some wine… You go right ahead! Check out my Sponsor Grandma Juice page and let’s get hooked up! But please, first read my Media / PR page and let’s just be sure we’re all on the same page. M’kay?


(This is my standard look these days just in case you are wondering what someone on ‘Grandma Juice’ actually looks like)