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Media Kit PR Info For Advertising With Grandma Juice Blog

Interested In Advertising With Grandma Juice? Here’s the media kit and rules.  

I’m amazing at my job! I got your attention, didn’t I?

I don’t pimp out products or brands that are not relevant to me or my audience. Like… cloth diapers, baby gear, none of that crap. I may be a mom, but I’m certainly no ‘Mommy Blogger’. I do and will work very hard for brands that are relevant to me and my audience. You know, the peeps who are too old to have toddlers but not too old to forget we have opinions about the world we live in. I think sometimes the media at large forgets that. We (those age 35+) account for the largest chunk of overall consumer spending; nearly 64%. Why? We have a larger disposable income. We have higher education levels, giving us the bigger paying jobs. We have more life experience guiding what we spend all that cash on, meaning we not only spend more, we spend on higher quality products too!

Media I’d Love To Chat With

I’m tech savvy, I travel, I drink alcohol (the good stuff, none of the cheap crap). I also love food and do quite a bit of home cooking! I’m an entertainment buff. I’m pop culture obsessed and thanks to my dad, I have an ass kicking taste and knowledge of music. Just try and beat me at SongPop. I may love my jammies, but I also dress to impress when I leave the house. Being Botoxed and Juiced doesn’t mean Trampy and Trashy. I have an image to keep ya’ll!

If you work in Media and PR (hence, this media kit) and think you can keep up with me, hit me up. If you’re trying to pimp out potato chips or anything pink, hearts and rainbow shitting mommy blogger-ish… we might not play well together.


Email –

  • Please include your name and company name
  •  Be sure to leave your email and other contact info. Don’t forget to let me know how I can help you.
  • Also cool but completely optional would be the silliest photo of yourself you can find. I like to know I’m chatting with real people!

Grandma Juice Blog was created in 2001. Yes! That long ago! We have been working with advertising and PR reps since 10/11.

Silly Media Wants These #’s, So… Here

Our Klout Score is 68. Our Alexa score is 77,000.  We have over 440 sites linking in.

Twitter – As of this writing, we have 9600+ followers.
Facebook –  We currently have 8100+ followers.
Google+ –  We currently have 19,300+ people in our circle of followers.
Pinterest –  Our boards have a combined following of over 25K!

So, we do get around as they say.

What I will do you ask? I’m an amazeballs Social Media Marketing Specialist. My background in psychology allows me a unique ability to target, capture and speak to an audience (you’re still reading now aren’t ya?) If you have quality tech gadgets, awesome travel spots, fancy, schmancy fashion beauty products, we could maybe talk. I hit up some seriously sweet local Las Vegas events and red carpet premiers. I’ll come check out your hot spot. There better be food and drinks though. Did I mention I love my wine? You should totally send me some! Everyone else does. Think ya got something for me and my readers to drool over, go ahead, send me an email. I accept very limited side bar adverts. Really, VERY limited.

Now for the fine print (some Media genius said I need to ramble this crap off too, sorry) 


This blog represent my own personal thoughts, opinions and content. It is written and edited by Grandma Juice and any approved contributors. This blog does accept forms of  compensation for advertising, sponsorship and paid insertions to help you and/or your company promote your ideas and products.

Media & PR:

I always take the time to thoroughly use and test every product/service I am asked to review.  I always give my honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics or products. So, if I love it, that’s what I’ll write. If it sucks, I’m going to say that as well. I do require a full size ready for consumer product to ensure an accurate review. Don’t even think about those ‘sample sized’ bottles of crap. Also I don’t return reviewed items. Aside from being completely rude to even ask, it’s seriously unhealthy. And. Eeewww. The product reviewed will then become the property of Grandma Juice and can not be returned. You will be responsible for the shipping costs involved. The review will be posted within 30 days of receipt. I will send you an email with the link to the review once it has been posted! Please, for the love of Jose Quervo, don’t email me every other day asking when I will post it. It makes me not like you or your products. I am a professional. You should be as well. If your email starts with ‘Dear Blogger’ or something other than my name (Ronni) I won’t even bother to respond. I do my job and fully check out your stuff, right? You should at least know and call me by my name.

Wanna be my bestie, BFF or party pal after all that? Hit me up!  I’m a ball of snarky, witty, fun. People dig me.