Why Oh Why Do You Do This?

    My in laws were over last night for dinner as they are still in town from the big ‘holiday visit’ (leftovers on steroids?) We were watching the new season of The Bachelor that I had recorded and of course, there’s always that one crazy chick that keeps us watching and waiting for her […]

Q & A With Grandma Juice & … anyone there?

  So… I’ve been thinking. A LOT! Who am I typing to here? Who’s in the little screen there reading this? Anyone? My fantasy is that Tim McGraw is hiding his smexy self behind his screen stalking me for a change, ‘cuz stalking him is getting way harder since he’s in Australia and all… (I […]

Being New And All…

Blog: Being New And All…   Being a ‘newbie’ at this blog, blob, glob stuff, it’s important to make connections. My goal for this weekend is #1 – to finish wrapping presents and get those boxes shipped off to the kiddos and #2 – MAKE CONNECTIONS! The first opportunity to accomplishing goal #2 just came […]