Blog Hop Make Connections In The Blogging Politics Dance Part 2

Blog Hop On Saturday Come Link Up! Blog Hop Make Connections In The Blogging Politics Dance Part 2 Remember the other day when I talked about how making connections was so important when you do the Blogging Politics dance? Didn’t know where or how to start? What to say and who all the peeps in your […]

Why Oh Why Do You Do This?

    My in laws were over last night for dinner as they are still in town from the big ‘holiday visit’ (leftovers on steroids?) We were watching the new season of The Bachelor that I had recorded and of course, there’s always that one crazy chick that keeps us watching and waiting for her […]

Sign Up For $100 Amazon Twitter Blast!!

    WOO HOO!!! More CONNECTIONS!! Looks like we picked a good thing to add to our ‘to do list’ for the New Year! These opportunities keep falling into our laps it seems like! And this one is all about the ‘TWEET’.. Twitter!! And of course, let’s not forget about one of our all time […]

Learning how to “Pimp The Page”

    So… As I travel around the interweb reading all your awesome blog/blob/glob(s) I’ve noticed a trend, or as Twitter would say #trend… CONNECTIONS!!! I talked about making this a priority with the New Year’s ‘to do’ list… and BAM! Another opportunity stumbles my way to make connections. This one is kinda cool too! […]

Being New And All…

Blog: Being New And All…   Being a ‘newbie’ at this blog, blob, glob stuff, it’s important to make connections. My goal for this weekend is #1 – to finish wrapping presents and get those boxes shipped off to the kiddos and #2 – MAKE CONNECTIONS! The first opportunity to accomplishing goal #2 just came […]