Digital Scrapbooks Post Cards And Facebook Oh My!

Digital Scrapbooks Made Easy Using Facebook PhotoPad Application Ok, so I’ve made no bones about the fact that I don’t find Facebook apps all that fun or enjoyable. (farmville = snooze fest) So I know you’re going to be completely shocked when I tell you that I’ve just spent the last two hours enjoying  reviewing […]


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$100 AMAZON Facebook Blast Sweepstakes- ENTER & Win!

Welcome to the $100 Amazon Facebook Blast Sweepstakes hosted by Makobi Scribe. HELLLLLOOOO My Juicers!!!! I told you LOTS of cool things were going to be happening this month! And, here’s another one! $100 Amazon Facebook Blast Sweepstakes! We have teamed up with some REALLY great bloggers to get this one up and running for you! See, […]

Grandma Juice Weekend Blog Hop Join & Link Up!

Grandma Juice Weekend Blog Hop Join & Link Up! As my Blog Buddy  Planet Weidknecht says – TGIF!! And since the weekend is finally here, let’s have a Weekend Blog Hop! Join in on the fun and link up your social media accounts! FIRST!!! Enter our giveaway for a ZOOBIE BLANKET PET HERE! Done? Good! […]

Facebook AND Twitter Blast – Blogger Sign-Ups Open

This is an excellent opportunity for those of you bloggers who are interested in gaining new facebook and twitter followers! ***AND!! For our readers and fans, this is an excellent opportunity for you to WIN $100 AMAZON Gift Code!! Sound good? Yeah, I think to too! Makobi Scribe is hosting another awesome event. This one […]

Facebook Bath & Beauty Give-A-Way TODAY ONLY!!

WHOOPS! LOOKS LIKE THIS PAGE HAS BEEN REMOVED! Please enjoy this funny cat picture instead. Oh! Hey! While You’re Here… Why Not Check Out Some Of Grandma Juice’s Current Giveaways!

FREE Sambazon Organic Juice Smoothie or Organic Energy Drink

Right now, Sambazon on Facebook is offering a coupon for a FREE Sambazon 10.5 oz. Organic Juice/Smoothie or 12 oz. Organic Energy Drink (Printable Coupon) when you "Share" with a friend! You can print this twice! Here's how: "Share" with a friend and print.  After you've done that, you can go back to the page and click to "Share" a second […]

FREE!!! Better Homes & Gardens Scented Wax Cubes!

  I don’t know about you, but I LOVE these! (Like, really, I LOVE!! these!!) Do this NOW and "Like" the BH&G Facebook page so you’re ready for this when it goes live! They will announce between 1 & 3 PM EST today. And believe me, THEY GO FAST! Quote from their Facebook announcement: We know everyone […]

Father’s Day Facebook Follow Page 2

Father’s Day Facebook Follow Page 2 You Must Follow All Pages Listed Below By Facebook. Please Don’t Disqualify yourself By clicking Enter Button If You Haven’t. The Entry is Optional, But ALL Must Be Followed. Here’s All The Facebook Accounts You’ll Need For This Event ***Event Is Now Closed, Thank You For your Participation! Please […]

Someone Remind Me

Someone Remind Me   Yeah, I know. Not really a ‘blog post’ Grandma Juice. WTF?? And, did I just see you take your bra off at the kitchen table in front of your laptop through the webcam hidey hole??? Yes, yes you did. The girls wanted out what can I say. Remind me not to […]