Buffalo Burgers Recipe: Easy, Lean Summer Sliders

Buffalo Burgers Recipe Easy, Lean Summer Sliders “Oh… give me a home, where the buffalo roam…” Everybody sing!  Ok, you don’t have to sing, but I highly suggest trying buffalo at least once! About a year ago, we were at a fancy, schmancy burger place here on The Strip in Las Vegas. They had buffalo […]

Little Vittles: Buy And Sell Homemade Goodies Online!

Little Vittles Buy & Sell Homemade Food  Goodies Online! CALLING ALL FOODIES!! Have I stumbled into a sweet gem (pun intended) and need to share it with you! Little Vittles is the newest place for all you ‘World Famous’ kitchen creators. Do you have a super secret family recipe that brings the whole family together? Do […]

Recipe: Orzo Summer Salad A Perfectly Nutritious Summer Salad!

Orzo Salad A Perfectly Nutritious Summer Salad! I don’t know about you but here in Las Vegas it is sometimes just way too hot to turn the oven on. I either send Grandpa Juice outside to grill or we stick to PB&J sammies…. (kidding) But I was finding that we were becoming very friendly with the Chinese take-out delivery […]

You Say Tomato: Peel Chop Dry – I say Sun Dried Tomatoes Recipe

Sun Dried Tomato You Say Tomato I say Peel Chop Dry! Buying sun dried tomatoes is expensive! Holy cow! But adding them to a dish can turn an ordinary pesto into a pot of gold. Or, make that bland sauce bold with flavor. I know, that sounded totally corny. But totally true! Did you know […]

Jerky Jeff’s Famous Jerky Is Not Jerking Your Chain ~ Sponsor Spotlight ~

Jeffs Famous Jerky Sponsor Spotlight When my brother and I were young, we’d throw some hot dogs in the microwave and blast them until they were shriveled up twigs and tell mom “We made Jerky” What? They were kosher dogs! Good times… I am a lover of beef jerky. Not only because it’s so yummy […]

Chicken Paprikash Recipe Old Style Hungarian Comfort Food

Chicken Paprikash Recipe Old Style Hungarian Comfort Food Growing up, my mother used to make Chicken Paprika. (only recently have I learned it’s actually called Chicken Paprikash, thanks mom) It was always nice coming in the door after a long, hard day of teenage angst to the scent of warm Hungarian Paprika filling the air. […]

Newmans Own Organics Review – Sponsor Spotlight

Newmans Own Organics Review – Sponsor Spotlight I need to start this post out by saying this review has been an over-all family favorite. We received an embarrassingly large box from the VERY generous folks at Newmans Own Organics. It was jammed packed with so much yummy goodness we did not know where to start. […]

Japanese Green Tea Cheesecake Delicious Dessert In Under 30 Minutes!

Japanese Green Tea Cheesecake Delicious Dessert In Under 30 Minutes! Oh yeah! Grandma Juice totally is going there! DESSERT! We had a version of this Green Tea Cheesecake last weekend at a really nice little Sushi place in Bakersfield, CA. I know, Bakersfield and Sushi really don’t belong together in the same sentence, but it […]

Grandma Juice Vegas Inspired Burgers Grilling Like A Boss

Grandma Juice Vegas Inspired Burgers Grilling Like A Boss Living La Vida Vegas (Is that the correct translation?) does indeed have it’s perks! 24/7 entertainment. Elvis on every corner. The ever present dream of hittin’ it big at the slot machine. And… food! Grandma LOVES to eat! No, for real. I.Love.To.Eat. I think growing up […]

Cinco de Mayo My Baby Turns 25 Chocoflan Dessert Recipe

Cinco de Mayo My Baby Turns 25 Chocoflan Dessert Recipe As the Cinco de Mayo celebrations kick off, I am faced with the age mirror held up to my face. My baby turns 25! It doesn’t seem possible that I have a child that old. Reality bites. But, what’s a mom to do to celebrate […]

Ozeri Digital Kitchen Scale Review Giveaway Apple Pie Recipe

See that… that’s Grandpa’s secret, handed down from generation to generation, apple pie! Normally, no one gets the recipe. Or the ‘secret’ that goes into making it a ‘secret’ recipe either for that matter. He sort of hordes it all to himself. He’s quite well known for his apple pie baking skills… And, I’m about to blow it […]

Guylian Belgian Chocolates Review Giveaway Grown Up Easter Goods!

Now that all the kiddos have their chocolate bunnies and peanut butter filled eggs, I think it’s high time the grown ups get their fair share of the good stuff! But first, let me tell you a little story about a chocolatier named Guy and his wife, Liliane. Guy Foubert was a passionate Belgian chocolatier who made fabulous handmade chocolate […]