International Delight Iced Coffee Making a Wake Me Up Party

International Delight Iced Coffee Making a Wake Me Up Party What’s the coolest way to have the family over on a Sunday morning for some fun, laughs and a little nosh? Throw an International Delight Iced Coffee Wake Me Up Party, of course! I run on caffeine! And, how else am I going to keep up with […]

Wordless Wednesday Zombie Brains – Don’t Eat Them


Deadliest Catch – Sea Monkeys Style Day 2

DEADLIEST CATCH – SEA MONKEYS STYLE DAY 2   As you can see, the photo above is our sea monkeys. Well, our lack of sea monkeys as it’s turning out. Growing our own is more ‘watching the water do nothing’. I’m starting to move from “Do I have to touch them” to… “What the heck […]

Deadliest Catch – Sea Monkeys Style – Crafts For Kids

“Deadliest Catch – Sea Monkeys Style” Otherwise known as “How To Grow Your Own” Our 5 year old small person recently received a “Grow Your Own Sea Monkeys Kit”. Yeah, I know. I said the same thing… huh? He however, was very excited and had to do-it-right-now-please-please-please. Grandma Juice needed more info. Like, do they […]

Wordless Wednesday 1/18

It’s all fun and games until the floor turns into a pool! *Having ALL the grand kids under one roof is SO much fun…. and loud… and messy…   and full of wet sticky kisses….  ….. <3, LOVE, LURVE <3