Pine Bros Give-A-Way & Scavenger Hunt

WHOOPS! LOOKS LIKE THIS PAGE HAS BEEN REMOVED! PLEASE ENJOY THIS FUNNY CAT PICTURE INSTEAD Oh! Hey! While you’re here Why Noy Take A Look At Grandma Juice’s Current Giveaways!

Facebook AND Twitter Blast – Blogger Sign-Ups Open

This is an excellent opportunity for those of you bloggers who are interested in gaining new facebook and twitter followers! ***AND!! For our readers and fans, this is an excellent opportunity for you to WIN $100 AMAZON Gift Code!! Sound good? Yeah, I think to too! Makobi Scribe is hosting another awesome event. This one […]

TONIGHT!! Amazon Gift Code Giveaway Night!!!

Come Join US!!! TONIGHT!!!! –   9:00 PM (EST) 6:00 PM (PST) ON FACEBOOK!!! (Insert this address into your web browser to be taken to our Facebook Fan page, Click “Like” and you’re on your way!) Amazon Gift Code Giveaway Night!!! 5 bloggers ALL giving away 3 or 4 Gift codes, Scavenger Hunt style!! […]

Enter The Amazon Twitter Blast!!

  Who Doesn’t LOVE a Give-A-Way?? Yeah, I don’t know anyone either… Join Kobiso to win $100 to Amazon!! (she came up with the contest AND…. she came up with the secret word, which is your answer to the 1st entry) = ****MONSTER***** (hint, hint) We’ve teamed up with some excellent bloggers to bring you a […]

Sign Up For $100 Amazon Twitter Blast!!

    WOO HOO!!! More CONNECTIONS!! Looks like we picked a good thing to add to our ‘to do list’ for the New Year! These opportunities keep falling into our laps it seems like! And this one is all about the ‘TWEET’.. Twitter!! And of course, let’s not forget about one of our all time […]