I Still Got A Few More Dances With The Devil….

That’s my favorite line to my man Tim McGraw’s new song “Better Than I Used To Be”. *here’s the whole chorus!! I ain’t no angel I still got a still few more dances with the devil I'm cleanin up my act, little by little I'm getting there I can finally stand the man in the mirror […]

Me & Tim McGraw Have Something To Tell You….

This is me… This is my McBud Tim McGraw…. And we have to tell you something. HIS NEW ALBUM “EMOTIONAL TRAFFIC COMES OUT TOMORROW AND YOU SHOULD BUY IT” !!!!!! Now… we’re not saying this so his wallet can get any fatter. We just want you to know that this new album is HOT. As […]

All I want for Christmas is Tim McGraw!!

You should not be surprised I said that… Grandma Juice LOVES Tim and well… we all know Tim LOVES Grandma Juice!! I sit close enough to touch these!! And this is what happens….    See… a mutual love fest… Anyways… Before I turn this into a “What I’ve done and will do with Tim” post… […]